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1-12-23OrsaGlitter-851-12-23OrsaGlitter-85 There’s a reason many people chose sparkles and glittery outfits for New Year’s celebrations. It screams fun!! It also makes us feel festive and full of joy. A feeling we should carry with us all year, right? So why not do just that with a glitter session at my studio?!

These sessions are for all! Just take a look at some awesome ones I’ve held in the past. These are super popular and fill up quickly, so secure a spot with me here.
Shine-21Shine-21 Pisani-24Pisani-24 GlitterMolly-48 - CopyGlitterMolly-48 - Copy



















You can’t help but smile when you’re dancing, jumping and posing in glitter.

2021Grabiak-362021Grabiak-36 1-12-23OrsaGlitter-381-12-23OrsaGlitter-38 1-12-23OrsaGlitter-611-12-23OrsaGlitter-61


















Bring your child, your bff, your girlfriend or boyfriend. Your spouse, your co-workers or your mom crew! I can’t wait to work with you and showcase the light and love of your family and friends with a little help from our pal, glitter. And even better, I’ll do all the clean up. Haha.

These sessions are $249

*30-minute session at our studio

*10 high resolution digital photos with a full printing license 

How cool would it be to fill your Instagram feed with glitter? Or get a print to hang on your wall  so the feeling of wonder and fun can brighten your home for years to come. As always, I am here to help with styling and picking out the perfect outifts! I can even send you some great links from our favorite online shops! 

Kick off the new year in style and schedule an unforgettable session with me this month. Don't wait because these sessions are only available for the month of January!

GlitterMolly-122GlitterMolly-122 Shine-9Shine-9 1-12-23OrsaGlitter-851-12-23OrsaGlitter-85 2021Grabiak-782021Grabiak-78


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2023 Holiday Photo Sessions In Greensburg|Stacey Louise Photography 10-1-23WonderlingHoliday-2510-1-23WonderlingHoliday-25

2023 Holiday Photo Sessions in our Greensburg Studio

I know that it isn't even Halloween yet, but let's just get scheduling your holiday sessions out of the way right now. 

This year, I am doing things a little bit differently. I am only photographing Holiday Photo Sessions on select dates. There are lots of reasons for this, but the biggest reason is so I can enjoy holiday festivities with my family too. With my kiddo turinng thirteen and time moving at warp speed, I want to savor every, signle moment that we have with him at home.

So, Holiday Sessions will be available on three days this November. Friday November 10th, Sunday November 12th, and Sunday November 19th! 

10-1-23WonderlingHoliday-310-1-23WonderlingHoliday-3 10-1-23WonderlingHoliday-610-1-23WonderlingHoliday-6




















2023 Holiday Photo Sessions at SLP
$299 - Includes 30 minute session on both of our custom, holiday sets, all of your final digital photos (10-15) and a full printing license. 

You can use these for printing, holiday cards, social media posting, holiday gifting and whatever else you can think up! Call me, message me, or book your session online! Once these sessions are booked, that will be it for the season. 
























10-1-23WonderlingHoliday-2210-1-23WonderlingHoliday-22 10-1-23WonderlingHoliday-21mail10-1-23WonderlingHoliday-21mail 10-1-23WonderlingHoliday-2710-1-23WonderlingHoliday-27

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Fall Is Calling|Greenburg Fall Family Photos Fall Is Calling!


If you are ready to ‘leaf’ the hot days of Summer behind and cozy up for a gorgeous family session surrounded by natural light and the beauty of nature, I have a deal for you. 

Fall Short Sessions! 

Hey, we only seem to get Fall for such a brief time here in Pennsylvania, so in looking at the foliage calendar (I totally research this, friends) I handpicked a few dates for optimal leaf elegance and they are, drumroll please..... October 15th and 22st.

There are  5spots open each day at 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30 or 5:00 pm. Secure your date and time right now. Rain date is October 29th, so tuck that date away, too. 

That sweater you’ve been eager to wear, those boots calling your name, the scarves tucked away in a drawer, the hats for your littles, it’s time to get dressed up and create gorgeous fall memories! 

One of my favorite locations in the Fall is Bushy Run Battlefield State Park and *fun fact* I have exclusive permission to take photos at a nearby private residence. Both spots are about as sweet as a pumpkin spice latte when it comes to stunning fall foliage.


Fall Short Sessions

*30 minute session
*15 digital images and a FULL       printing license


YES! Print ANY of those images anywhere you choose and post them all over social media. 


Schedule online (or give me a call) today and I will see you under the trees! 








Fal2020lBrocious-11Fal2020lBrocious-11 Polinsky-58mailPolinsky-58mail

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Micro Mini Sessions|Greensburg Family Photographer 4-19-23Lodovico-544-19-23Lodovico-54

May is for Mini Sessions at SLP

I asked you guys what some of the roadblocks were for scheduling family photo sessions. Some of you answered that you have trouble styling your families, some of you said that you don't love being in front of the camera, and some of you said time. 

This month, I have a solution to all of your problems! For the month of May, I am offering Micro Mini Family Photo Sessions! These sessions are just 15 minutes, you can schedule them after work and before your evening activities. AND the best part is, you still get all of the benfits of a full session. I will still help you coordinate your family's outfits AND I will hold you hand and help you pose and feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

These micro mini sessions are perfect to update your family photos or photos of just the kiddos. We will be photographing these sessions in one of my favorite alleys in Greensburg. This alley is perfect in every way! I love it for all types of sessions. It has the perfect lighting, the perfect amount of personality, and works for just about everyone!

Take a look at what we can do for your micro mini family session in just 15 minutes

4-19-23Lodovico-104-19-23Lodovico-10 We can get all of the kiddos together, even looking like they like each other! Then we will get some great shots of them individually too, because we all know that those school pics just aren't what you want to hang on the wall. 

4-19-23Lodovico-174-19-23Lodovico-17 4-19-23Lodovico-274-19-23Lodovico-27 4-19-23Lodovico-334-19-23Lodovico-33 Not only will you get some fab photos of your kiddos, you can jump in there too and we will get some of the entire family! 


I know what your thinking. What's all of this going to cost, right? Don't even stress, I am offering these Micro Mini Sessions at the lowest price I have ever offered!

Just $249 and here is what's included: 

15 minute session 

10 digtial photos with a full printing license

You can book your session here or give me a call and I can get you scheduled and answer any questions that you might have! 




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Mother's Day Gifts Handled for 2023 Happy Mother's Day from Stacey Louise Photography! 

9-26-22Perri-129-26-22Perri-12 There really is no wrong way to say it. Every year, I plan an extravagant set up for Mommy and Me photos. This year, I wanted to do something different. Why should I decide what your photos look like or what we call them? That should be up to YOU!

I want to capture memories of you and your littles (or not so littles) the way you see yourselves. In the studio, in the park, streets and alleys, maybe even your own backyard.

Make memories and freeze the moments important to you right now. The only thing I need is you and the people you love.

Dads, if you are reading this, you would totally WIN Mother's Day if you booked a session like this for the special mom(s) in your life.

And moms, this is the perfect way to get in those photos! You know you have a ton on your phone, but are you IN them??

Don't worry about a thing. I will help you plan every step of the way. Wardrobe, location, posing, smiling. All you have to do is be your fabulous self and have FUN!

2-11-23Calkins-182-11-23Calkins-18 LindenNewborn-27LindenNewborn-27 Orndorff-81Orndorff-81













I have special Mother's Day pricing for you, too! Here is what you will get:

You Choose: Studio - Local Park - Streets and Alleys

20minute session - 10 Digital Photos - Full Printing License

$249 + tax

This deal is TOO good to pass up, you can email or call me to schedule your session OR you can book it yourself here! Don't wait to book, this special offer ends on 5/7/2023 and available sessions are limited. I can't wait to see you!

Don't want to book a session, but you do what to grab a gift card for gifting? Grab a gift card here! 

mail3-2022Price-29mail3-2022Price-29 MAR2022Douglas-16MAR2022Douglas-16 MillerMaternity-3MillerMaternity-3


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Print your photos|Family poortraits and your child's self esteem  

The Power Of The Photos On Your Wall

Print and Display Your Family Photos


Today (October 10th) is World Mental Health Day, a day to raise awareness about mental health around the world, with the slogan this year being “make mental health and well-being for all a global priority.” states that: “Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.”


I wanted to do something to mark this day and while doing some research, I found that there is actually psychology behind displaying family photos in your home. That is amazing to me! 

Hang Your Photos -3Hang Your Photos -3 Psychologists have found that children seeing photos of themselves displayed in the home can boost self-esteem and confidence. It shows them they are a valuable member of the family. It can also help them develop their identity, keep them grounded, feel a sense of belonging and a stronger connection to their roots. 

Hang Your Photos -16Hang Your Photos -16 I’m sure you’ve heard me say this a million and one times, but I truly love being behind the camera photographing your big moments and special milestones. Something that I love even more is capturing sweet, connective moments during family photo sessions, like your three year old making silly faces and being 100% who they are to your high school senior posing with their sports medals or instruments or their brand new outfit, proud of their accomplishments and ready for the next chapter in their lives. Photos can reflect your family's whole personality and individuality.

And it’s not just children who benefit, psychologists say any of us looking at family photos, or photos with those close to us, can help decrease loneliness, improve our moods, help when we are stressed and even take us back to a moment in time and bring us joy. 

I know I scroll through my phone and look at photos all the time if I am feeling down, so this makes a lot of sense. 

In our home, my family photos are displayed everywhere, as you can see from the photos below. It’s a timeline of our life together and the memories we’ve made. 

My studio walls are also filled with photos, each one uniquely different, each family with their own story.

And I also have a few client walls to show you. I love when people share these special areas in their home. 

Hang Your Photos -14Hang Your Photos -14 Hang Your Photos -9Hang Your Photos -9 Hang Your Photos -5Hang Your Photos -5 Get those family moments and memories up on your wall or even on your fridge or in a frame on your dresser. So many options! Whether they are photos from me, awesome ones you have saved in your phone, fun ones from social media, special photos from generations past and anything in between.

Hang Your Photos -1Hang Your Photos -1


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2022 Holiday Photo Sessions | Stacey Louise Photography 9-11-22WonderlingXmas-99-11-22WonderlingXmas-9

2022 Holiday Photo Sessions! 


*30 minute session - Pick your two favorite sets

*20 digital images and a FULL printing license

YES! Print ANY of those images anywhere you choose and post them all over social media. 

Book Your Session Here

10-5-22KingHoliday-1810-5-22KingHoliday-18 10-5-22KingHoliday-2110-5-22KingHoliday-21 10-5-22KingHoliday-210-5-22KingHoliday-2










This year we have two NEW holiday sets at the studio. How adorable is the Farm Fresh Evergreen Set? Perfect for both the whole fam or just the kiddos. 

10-5-22KingHoliday-610-5-22KingHoliday-6 Next we have something a little less traditional, something a little more modern...

9-11-22WonderlingXmas-259-11-22WonderlingXmas-25 9-11-22WonderlingXmas-399-11-22WonderlingXmas-39 9-11-22WonderlingXmas-509-11-22WonderlingXmas-50 This new set can be photographed without the red for a more sleek and simple look.

9-11-22WonderlingXmas-459-11-22WonderlingXmas-45 9-11-22WonderlingXmas-489-11-22WonderlingXmas-48




















And then of course we have our old favorite, the Bedtime Story set. Bring your matching pajamas and cozy socks.

2021ProudfitHoliday-332021ProudfitHoliday-33 2021ProudfitHoliday-37mail2021ProudfitHoliday-37mail 2021NicholsHoliday-472021NicholsHoliday-47 2021TothiHoliday-242021TothiHoliday-24


















Holiday sessions start November 1st! You can book your session HERE

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FALL Photo session SALE & 2022 Holiday Sneak PEEK-GreensburgPhotographer Fall Photo Session SALE

from Stacey Louise Photography!

Fal2020lBrocious-11Fal2020lBrocious-11 Hey there friends! It's been a minute since I have sent you all an update, you have been keeping me busy all summer! I have had such a fab time with all of your families, milestones, babies, and high school seniors! Anyhow, I have something exciting for you! I am offering a weekday deal on fall photo sessions. I don't normally discount sessions during busy season, but this year I thought we could all use a little bit of break! Schedule your session on a Tuesday or Wednesday from now until November 10th to take advantage of this special deal! Here is what I have for you:

Fall Short Sessions *$299

*30 minute session

*25 digital images and a FULL printing license

YES! Print ANY of those images anywhere you choose and post them all over social media.

This deal won't last forever, to take advantage of this offer, schedule your Fall Week Day photo session before November 10th. Availability is limited! Now is the time, grab that sweater you’ve been eager to wear, those boots calling your name, the scarves tucked away in a drawer, the hats for your littles, it’s time to get dressed up and create some beautiful memories! Click HERE or give me a call to get your session scheduled

2021KesterFamily-109mail2021KesterFamily-109mail Fiedler-17mailFiedler-17mail 2021PriceFamily-102mail2021PriceFamily-102mail Confer-2mailConfer-2mail Darazio2020Fam-72mailDarazio2020Fam-72mail                                     Now, for the 2022 Holiday Session Sneak PEEK! 

Two New Holiday Sets and Returning Favorite

Book Your Holiday Session HERE

9-11-22WonderlingXmas-99-11-22WonderlingXmas-9 9-11-22WonderlingXmas-399-11-22WonderlingXmas-39 9-11-22WonderlingXmas-509-11-22WonderlingXmas-50 This new, contemporary, and modern holiday set can be photographed two different ways! With your holiday joy just BURSTING out of the photos, or clean and sleek on the the Christmas Green.

9-11-22WonderlingXmas-489-11-22WonderlingXmas-48 9-11-22WonderlingXmas-459-11-22WonderlingXmas-45

















For something a tab more traditional we have this adorable Farm Fresh Evergreen Set.

10-5-22KingHoliday-2110-5-22KingHoliday-21 10-5-22KingHoliday-210-5-22KingHoliday-2






















10-5-22KingHoliday-1810-5-22KingHoliday-18 And then we have an old favorite, our Holiday Bed Time Story Set. I bring this back every year for those of you who are big fan of Christmas Jammies! 

2021NicholsHoliday-472021NicholsHoliday-47 2021TothiHoliday-242021TothiHoliday-24






















Don't wait, you can book your holiday session NOW! Holliday Sessions Start November 1st! Click HERE or GIVE ME A CALL!  



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7 Tips To Style Your Next Family Photo Session|Greensburg Family Photographer  

7 Tips To Style Your Next Family Photo Session 


You made the call and scheduled a family photo session! Congrats on keeping memories alive. 


But if you’re like a lot of my clients, there is a feeling of overwhelm when trying to figure out how to style your session. Have no fear, friends. I’m here to take you through some of the common questions I get and share some of my best tips to style a session that not only fits your personality, but makes everyone feel confident and excited to get the cameras rolling. 


  1. Start with the wardrobe for one person. 

2021Bankosh-162021Bankosh-16  If someone in your session knows they want to wear a yellow dress, or a green hat, etc. you can start there and then work around that color for everyone else. Usually, there is one person in the family with an idea right away of what they want to wear. That’s a fantastic place to start if everyone else is kind of unsure. In this family, they started with their youngest son’s nice and colorful plaid shirt and then each family member picked one color from that shirt for their own outfit. How cool is that? 


  1. Bright colors make for beautiful photos.

And that goes for anytime of the year. The photos above were taken in the summer, but can you imagine a backdrop of fall leaves or even a wintry wonderland?! 

Brownfield-1Brownfield-1 One thing to remember when choosing bright colors is that each person in your session should choose a different color, or a variation of colors, so not everyone looks like they match. You are choosing a color palette, so think about when you go to find new paint and hold all those little swatches of colors to see what looks good together. Essentially, you are doing the same thing with your clothes.

  1. Pattern mixing is okay…sometimes.

Pattern mixing can be tough to navigate. Plaid and stripes? Leopard and polka dot? While I think mixing patterns can work, it’s best to stick with one big print and then a few tiny prints. Multiple big prints usually do not photograph well. 

Scalise -25Scalise -25 I suggest laying out the pieces of clothing on a bed or floor from each person’s outfit. That way, you get a great visual of your overall color theme and pattern mix. You can even send me photos and I will let you know what I think. I am always here for your questions so when you get to the session, you feel super prepared. 


  1. Layers are always a good idea.

2021Bankosh-282021Bankosh-28 You see above in one photo, mom is wearing a cute denim jacket over her dress and in another, she is not. What a great way to get a totally different look with one small shift. This can be done with jackets, blazers, open button downs, you name it. It could be a great way to add a pop of color, too. Just be careful of anything bulky or oversized. While it might look fab in person, the angles of certain photos could make it look unflattering. If you are unsure on any of your choices, just check in with me and I am happy to offer my opinion! 


  1. Think from head to toe.

Accessories and footwear are a big part of your overall look. That great necklace, that fun purse, the chunky heels. Whatever screams your personality should be included. 

Scalise -50Scalise -50 The pictures above give you a great idea of how to mix patterns! I love the way this was styled and fun fact, this family even matched their outfits to the decor in the room where they planned to display the photos. That is next level planning and I absolutely adore it. 

Maybe you have a really colorful frame, or piece of art, in your home that’s a true centerpiece. It would be pretty neat to have a family photo session with similar colors to really create a cohesive look for your room.  


  1. Stick with your family’s true style.

You don’t have to wear something because it’s trendy right now or because you think you have to “dress up” for photos. 

Wear what you feel great in, what makes you feel like you and what you feel the most confident in. This not only helps during the session, since you will already feel comfortable, but you are going to be looking at these photos for a very long time and you want to capture that organic moment and special time in your life. 

Fiedler-136Fiedler-136 This family totally rocked their session with leather jackets, chucks, knee high boots and a great color palette. 

These ladies were crushing it in their band T-shirts and this family looks stunning in a casual look, including ripped denim and shorts. Dressing up is not what makes a photo great. It’s the smiles, the laughter and the fun we have during our time together and when you dress like you, the results come through. 

Swanson-11Swanson-11 2021McNealFam-482021McNealFam-48

A monochromatic color palette can also work if you are styling it with interesting fashion choices and the shades are all totally different/and or include prints. Note the different blues for this family, including prints and Mom in that uber cute romper. 

MooreFamily-28MooreFamily-28 You can also go for a whole vibe like the kids above who did a super fun and artsy session in the woods.

2021FallDeMario-182021FallDeMario-18 7. And last but never least, try everything on before the big day! 

Kamerer-33Kamerer-33 We’ve all been there. We buy a great pair of shoes and we try them on quickly in the store, but we haven’t walked around in them. If we are doing a session in the city or even out in the park, you and the fam might be walking around a bit, so you want to ensure everyone has comfy shoes.

And it’s not just shoes. Whether it’s a new dress, pants, a jacket, and you, or your family member, hasn’t worn it yet, try it on and leave it on for a few minutes. Test all the zippers and buttons. See if the collar is how you want it, check if the straps are how you want them, see if sizing is good, etc. 

Confer-36Confer-36 Your family photo session should be low stress and lots of fun. I hope these tips help you style one incredible session. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. If you want to book a session with me, you can do that right here. 

2021Polinsky-762021Polinsky-76 Fiedler-1Fiedler-1




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Spring Blossom Sessions | Greensburg Family Photographer 2021MomMe-Smith-232021MomMe-Smith-23

Greensburg Spring Blossom Sessions

Even though it was just snowing yesterday, springtime is here! LOL That's just how it is here is western PA, right? I have been seeing these pink and white flowering trees with emerging buds all over town. That means we are just a week or so away from them springing open! Sessions with these trees are basically the definition of spring time. And, they are perfect for just about any occasion: family photos, maternity, sibling photos, mommy and me photos, college announcements or just because photos.  HenryMaternity-3HenryMaternity-3 HenryMaternity-42HenryMaternity-42

IMG_1037IMG_1037 BuchholzSenior-49BuchholzSenior-49 2021MomMe-Smith-302021MomMe-Smith-30




















The best part is that Stacey Louise Photography is running a special springtime pricing for these sessions. AND I have a few favorite spots all around town so hopefully there won't be a shortage of blooms, pink and white. Check it out! 

Session Special $199

Downtown Greensburg with the Blossoms

20 minutes - Digital Photos and Printing License

Click Here to Book Your Session Now!

Have some questions? I am here for that! You can email, text, or give me a call! Contact me here! I will see you soon! Keep an eye on your inbox for what I have up my sleeve for April and May! It's pretty exciting and I know you will love it! 

IMG_0974IMG_0974 IMG_1040IMG_1040


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Dancer Photo Session|Greensburg Photographer Dancer Photo Session with Holi Powder

FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-62FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-62 I really like to do at least a few photo sessions every year that are just for me, for fun, to fill up my creative heart. I try to come up with something that is relevant and interesting, but also give myself a challenge too. This year, I decided that I wanted to do a photo session with a dancer and we were going to throw Holi Powder at her! LOL 

So I gave my girl, Molly, a call and hoped that she would trust me enough to jump in (who am I kidding, pun totally intended) and go for it with me. Luckily, she and her mom always seem to be up for my crazy ideas! A quick back story on Molly, I have been taking her photos since she was 9 months old. She and her family have been with me from the very beginning of Stacey Louise Photography, and she has kind of been my muse ever since! You can check out my Creative Projects, Molly has been a part of so many of them beginning with my signature Glitter Sessions! 

I always start these creative projects with like one piece of an idea, and then I roll from there. This one actually started with the idea of body paint on a dancer. The more I thought about it, that just wasn't where I wanted to go. I wanted to convey movement in these photos, and the body paint just felt static to me. I thought of maybe throwing paint, but then I didn't want that mess in the studio (I really didn't know what I was getting myself into with the Holi Powder, IYKYK). So I landed on this idea of tossing the Holi Powder. 

Molly has been a dancer for quite sometime, so I relied on her to come up with some fun poses and movement to do. I had her mom and my studio assistant tossing the powder. Have you ever thrown a fist full of powder in the air? For some reason, I thought it would go up and then straight back down. That was for sure NOT the case. Even though I thought I was being proactive by covering a few areas with plastic sheeting, that powder coated everything in the studio! My assistant, Jillian, and I spent about two hours after this session trying to clean up the mess, and I am pretty sure there are still things that have a coating of Holi powder of them! LOL 

It was totally worth it though! We came up with some totally awesome images that I am super proud of! 

FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-3FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-3 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-18FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-18 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-26FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-26 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-31FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-31 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-38FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-38




















I likely won't be throwing any more Holi Powder around the studio, but I am so happy that I did it at least this one time. 

FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-39FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-39 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-36-3FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-36-3 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-53FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-53 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-70FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-70

I am always down to try something at least once. Do you have a crazy, fun idea for photos? Call me up, let's do it! I am game! FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-74FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-74















































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Hello Spring!|Greensburg Family Portrait Photographer Spring Photo Session Specials at 

Stacey Louise Photography

FEB2022Svetkovich-9FEB2022Svetkovich-9 It's about that time. The days are getting longer and the sun is shining more, soon the leaves and flowers will be blooming! Spring is upon us! That means it is time for awesome photo sessions specials! Why not celebrate the sunshine and warmer weather with a fun photo shoot of (or even with) your favorite people!


I have a new session special to share for the next three months! But for now, let's get right down to business and talk about what we have going on for March.

For the month of March, Stacey Louise Photography is offering short, March into Spring Studio photo sessions! These sessions can be for just about anything that you want. You pick your favorite backdrop color, I will help you style and coordinate wardrobe to match, and we will make some super fun photo memories! Do you need a new family photo that isn't holiday themed? Did you just shove your kiddo's school photos in a drawer instead of handing them out to family? Did your little just a have a birthday, get a cute hair cut, loose a tooth? Are they starting to grow out of their favorite spiderman t-shirt? Whatever the reason, it's always a good reason for a photo session. 

Special for spring, I have a rainbow of backdrop colors for you to choose from! 
1-11-22LohrFamily-551-11-22LohrFamily-55 SinnamondBTS-13SinnamondBTS-13 Molly-Yellow-29Molly-Yellow-29 AX9A5198AX9A5198 FEB2022Hutchison-43FEB2022Hutchison-43 2021KLinden-312021KLinden-31   1-12-22Henry6mos-451-12-22Henry6mos-45 LC2021Jan-41LC2021Jan-41




I literally have every single color of the rainbow! And, if bright colors aren't your thing, I have a few options for that too! 

Hall-38Hall-38 FEB2022Hutchison-23FEB2022Hutchison-23







1stBdayKoronowski-271stBdayKoronowski-27 MD2021Breisinger-6MD2021Breisinger-6  







See, I have something, for just about everyone! Let's get your family scheduled. This session special starts RIGHT NOW and runs through the end of March. Are you ready for the details? Here they are! 

March Into Spring Session Special

Studio Session - One Backdrop - 20 minutes

Digital Photos and Printing License

Click Here to Book Your Session Now!

Have some questions? I am here for that! You can email, text, or give me a call! Contact me here! I will see you soon! Keep an eye on your inbox for what I have up my sleeve for April and May! It's pretty exciting and I know you will love it! 

SinnamondBTS-19SinnamondBTS-19 RandSr-120RandSr-120 FEB2022Svetkovich-11FEB2022Svetkovich-11 MD2021Breisinger-42MD2021Breisinger-42


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Valentine's Day Short Photo Session | Greensburg Portrait Photographer Valentine's Day Short Sessions at Stacey Louise Photography


This time of year is a slower season for the studio. So I get the chance to get a little creative and come up with new and fun ideas for photo sessions. Sometimes they are a hit and I want to share them all with you. I had this idea for a simple, kind of contemporary idea for a Valentine's Day set. It turned out even cuter than I had imagined, so I thought I would throw it out there for all of you! Let's face it, a lot of us didn't get it together to send out Christmas cards or New Year's cards. So here is your opportunity to send out a super cute Valentine's Card to all of your friends and family. 

1-22-2022WonderlingVday-101-22-2022WonderlingVday-10 1-22-2022WonderlingVday-491-22-2022WonderlingVday-49

These sessions are perfect for siblings, Mamas with their kiddos, you with your fur baby, or just about anyone that wants to share their love! Boys, girls, dogs, cats...I have even had a bunny come out to the studio for photos! Take this opportunity to force a little sibling love or grab a cute photo of you and your favorite furry valentine!

So, don't be shy, book your Valentine Session today!

1-22-2022WonderlingVday-121-22-2022WonderlingVday-12 1-22-2022WonderlingVday-301-22-2022WonderlingVday-30 What's the catch? The only catch is, this custom backdrop is made of balloons. So it has an expiration date. These sessions are only available until February 8th! Which is perfect, because then you have plenty of time to get your Valentine's ready to send out to your favorite people. Book Your session online. Choose the best day and time for you before February 1st. CLICK HERE to Schedule! If you don't want to schedule online, you can shoot me an email or give me a call! 

1-22-2022WonderlingVday-361-22-2022WonderlingVday-36 1-22-2022WonderlingVday-531-22-2022WonderlingVday-53 1-22-2022WonderlingVday-441-22-2022WonderlingVday-44













Valentine's Day Short Sessions - $99

15 minute session on Custom Balloon Backdrop 

with Valentine themed props

5-10 digital photos with full printing license




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2021 Holiday Sessions at Stacey Louise Photography - Greensburg Photographer BlogBoard-1BlogBoard-1

2021 Holiday Sessions at Stacey Louise Photography

This year you have a few options for your holiday session. 

Option 1:

Holiday Studio Sessions - $249+tax

*30 minute session at the studio

* all of your digital photos with a full printing license

*TWO Holiday sets 

*Wardrobe Styling consultation

*These sessions are ONLY available 

November 1st through December 10th

2021ProudfitHoliday-152021ProudfitHoliday-15 2021ProudfitHoliday-6-22021ProudfitHoliday-6-2 2021ProudfitHoliday-20-12021ProudfitHoliday-20-1 2021ProudfitHoliday-342021ProudfitHoliday-34 2021ProudfitHoliday-482021ProudfitHoliday-48 2021ProudfitHoliday-422021ProudfitHoliday-42 2021ProudfitHoliday-432021ProudfitHoliday-43 2021ProudfitHoliday-612021ProudfitHoliday-61 Option 2:

Holiday Micro City Sessions - $225+tax

*Family Pose, Siblings Together, Kids Individually, 

Mom & Dad Together, a few Interactive Photos.

*Holiday Wreath and Banner available to add in as props.

*Photos taken in one of my favorite alleys in Downtown Greensburg.
*Wardrobe Styling Consultation

*all of your digital photos with full printing license

*These sessions are available for ONE day only! November 11th 2pm-4pm (rain date November 13th 2pm-4pm - you MUST be available for your chosen time on BOTH dates)


Either of these session options are PERFECT for your holiday cards and gifting! 

So, how do you schedule? Email, phone call, text, Facebook message? All of the above, or you can just click HERE! That's right, you can book your appointment online! Evening and weekend dates go pretty quickly and don't forget that I already have some scheduled. But don't worry too much. I have weekday day appointments available too! So what are you waiting for? Call me today and schedule those holiday photos!




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Mommy And Me Your Way| Greensburg Photo Studio MeloyMommyandMe-27MeloyMommyandMe-27

Mommy and Me, Me and Mom, Ma and Me, Mom and me and mini me...


There really is no wrong way to say it. Every year, I plan an extravagant set up for Mommy and Me photos. This year, I wanted to do something different. Why should I decide what your photos look like or what we call them? That should be up to YOU!

Do you want to do your session in the streets and alleys of Greensburg? You got it! 
Giles-15Giles-15 How about some photos out in the green fields of nature? Done.

SmithMomMe-8SmithMomMe-8 Peddicord-57Peddicord-57




















Want to come into the studio and pick a colorful backdrop? I have almost every color of the rainbow, so I’m in! Plus, we don’t even have to worry about the weather. Rainy day outside, sunshine inside!
Douglas-9Douglas-9 Owen8-2016-7Owen8-2016-7 LindenNewborn-27LindenNewborn-27




















Want to take a photo with your mom and your siblings all together? Let's do it!


And if you’re local, how about taking photos in your own backyard? Your tree out there blooming right now is probably perfect. I am so there.


I want to capture memories of you and your littles (or not so littles) the way you see yourselves. 

Make memories and freeze the moments important to you right now. The only thing I need is you and the people you love. 

Dads, if you are reading this, you would totally WIN Mother's Day if you booked a session like this for the special mom(s) in your life. 

And moms, this is the perfect way to get in those photos! You know you have a ton on your phone, but are you IN them?? 

Don't worry about a thing. I will help you plan every step of the way. Wardrobe, location, posing, smiling. All you have to do is be your fabulous self and have FUN!

I have special Mother's Day pricing for you, too! Here is what you will get:  

You Choose: Studio - Local Park - Streets and Alleys

20minute session - 10 Digital Photos - Full Printing License

$199 + tax 

This deal is TOO good to pass up, you can email or call me to schedule your session OR you can book it yourself here! Don't wait to book, this special offer ends on 4/30/2021 and available sessions are limited. I can't wait to see you! 




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Champagne or Cake? 30th and 1st Birthday photo sessions! Champagne or Cake?


I love celebrating milestones in photo sessions. When this fabulous Mama inquired about doing a photo session to celebrate her 30th and her son's 1st, I was so excited! She came to me with a pretty clear vision of what she wanted, she sent me over this awesome photo of what she had planned for them to wear. So, I took her ideas and ran with them. You can see my session sketch below.

IMG_0664IMG_0664 IMG_0667IMG_0667

Right away I knew that I would be getting some gorgeous balloons from my girl, Kassy at & Many More. She totally came through with these adorable bunches to match their outfits. Gold, navy, white, and cream. They added just the perfect pops of color to their photos. How cute is this fella, with his mom and dad?

1stBdayKoronowski-91stBdayKoronowski-9 1stBdayKoronowski-101stBdayKoronowski-10




















I also love putting little people in BIG chairs. I decided to throw in the balloons to keep with the celebration theme. Seriously, I don't think it gets much cuter. 

1stBdayKoronowski-211stBdayKoronowski-21 1stBdayKoronowski-191stBdayKoronowski-19 1stBdayKoronowski-241stBdayKoronowski-24



















Then it was time to celebrate mom and her turning the Big Thirty! When we discussed this session we talked about how fun it would be to pop a bottle of her favorite champagne. She totally deserves it! She has survived the first year of motherhood, in a pandemic no less, AND is celebrating her own birthday as well!  1stBdayKoronowski-381stBdayKoronowski-38 Before she popped the cork we talked about how sometimes it is so hit or miss with how it happens. Sometimes it is super anticlimactic and there are no bubbles and other times it's a full on geyser of bubbles. Thankfully, we landed somewhere in the middle with this bottle, and that made for some pretty fantastic photos! 

1stBdayKoronowski-431stBdayKoronowski-43 1stBdayKoronowski-451stBdayKoronowski-45 1stBdayKoronowski-471stBdayKoronowski-47


































Of course Icouldn't resist getting both mom and kiddo in a photo together! First and thirtieth birthdays are a pretty big deal after all! 

1stBdayKoronowski-641stBdayKoronowski-64 Anytime I have a whole family together at my studio for any occasion, I make sure to grab a few "everyday" photos of them as well. I did a few casual family poses for them before we moved on to some more photos of just the little guy. 

1stBdayKoronowski-261stBdayKoronowski-26 1stBdayKoronowski-301stBdayKoronowski-30

1stBdayKoronowski-651stBdayKoronowski-65 1stBdayKoronowski-701stBdayKoronowski-70




















1stBdayKoronowski-721stBdayKoronowski-72 For all first birthday photo sessions, I encourage my clients to bring in their kiddo's favorite stuffed animal, toy, blanket, books...whatever totally describes them right at that moment. Right now, Carter loves to read books and snuggle with his giant stuffed puppy. Look how totally adorable he is with his favorite things. 

1stBdayKoronowski-781stBdayKoronowski-78 1stBdayKoronowski-801stBdayKoronowski-80 1stBdayKoronowski-841stBdayKoronowski-84












Remember when I said there would be cake? Well, here it is! most of my clients choose to bring along a smash cake for first birthday photo sessions. Carter's Mommy made this fantastic cake for him to dig into!  1stBdayKoronowski-1171stBdayKoronowski-117 He was very gentle with his cake smashing, but there was no shortage of yummy noises! LOL He was super into enjoying every little piece that found it's way into his mouth. 

1stBdayKoronowski-1151stBdayKoronowski-115 1stBdayKoronowski-1051stBdayKoronowski-105 1stBdayKoronowski-1201stBdayKoronowski-120 1stBdayKoronowski-911stBdayKoronowski-91




















If you have a big milestone coming up, why not celebrate with a photo session. We can totally customize your session to be exactly how you want it. Champagne or cake? It's totally up to you! Just give me a call, shoot me an email, whatever works for you!  I am ready for you! 









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Celebrating 20 years as a portrait photographer|Greensburg Photography Studio Celebrating 20 years as a portrait Photographer

Friends, 20 Years. 

I’m celebrating 20 years as a portrait photographer! That is so crazy to type. 

DSC_4743DSC_4743 I remember being 15 years old and picking up my first camera and I’ve never really put it down. Creating images was a new world for me. Asking my friends to pose, taking photos at holidays with the family. I loved the people in those photos and I wanted to capture memories for, and with, them. It puts a fire in my heart to this day.

In college, I studied Art History and even though I went in a different direction, art is still a huge part of my life. I eat up any information I can on art, design, colors, architecture, styles and it filters into my work as a photographer more than you might realize. The creativity and elegance in art is what I strive for in my sessions. 

A building’s columns might be purely functional, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also extremely beautiful. It’s the same with photos. Often, people take them out of obligation (we need a holiday card photo or we need a photo to send to Grandma, etc.) but my goal is for you to want to take pictures. Your own special masterpieces that stand the test of time, just like a beautiful building. 

When I was 19, I got my first job as a portrait photographer at a studio inside the mall. I was hired for seasonal Christmas help, but it ended up being the start of my forever career. I was there close to a decade, even going back after we had our first son, but at some point I decided I needed more quality time with my husband and son, so I made the choice to go out on my own.

Clients I had worked with at the studio called quickly. I didn’t realize the power of the relationships I had built from my years at the studio and how they would remain in effect at my new gig. There really isn’t a bigger thrill than photographing a family for years and years, watching them grow and expand. Getting to know the kids from the baby stage, through the toddler stage, the big kid stage, the teen years and beyond. 

At the beginning, I only shot on location, since I didn’t have a studio. In fact, I did Christmas minis out of my living room with my own Christmas tree! I would send Brent and Brody away for the day, move my dining room table out of the way, pull out the props and lighting from the basement and start my day! It wasn’t ideal, but I was doing what I loved, on my own terms, and I don’t think I would have had it any other way. It’s always going to be a fond memory. 

This obviously wasn’t a feasible long-term solution and I found my first studio space about a year later. I was terrified about adding a rent payment into our lives. Was I going to take money away from my family rather than bring it in? I took the risk and it paid off. I grew because my clients talked and shared and sent new clients my way. My business is almost 90% referral based to this day. It all came down to the relationships and it continues to be that way. 

image4image4Screenshot 812620_651589091527507_1124724265_o812620_651589091527507_1124724265_o Years and years passed and I had the opportunity to move to a studio much closer to home, which also (bonus) was on a highly traveled road, so I took a leap again. I moved in November of 2020. Talk about timing. The pandemic hit a few months later and I used the downtime to get my new place decorated and organized. While being off for so many months was challenging, I embraced what I could do and was so ready to welcome new clients in late Spring. 

Molly’s mom was one of the first people I called. You see, Molly was my first client at Stacey Louise Photography. I’ve known her since she was just a baby (from the first studio at the mall) and she was the first client I did a creative session with back in 2014. 


The infamous Glitter Session!




















I felt inspired and I knew I wanted to do something different and showcase that pictures could be taken any time and for any reason. The glitter session was so much fun, still one of my favorites ever and I’m sharing some photos from that session above and below so you can take a peek. 2021 seemed like a good time to bring those creative sessions back into view, so here is Molly again! A little more grown up, updated glitter session this time, with the addition of florals to bring in a different element of style. There’s the art lover in me coming out again! 

MM2021Jan-157MM2021Jan-157 MM2021Jan-107MM2021Jan-107 MM2021Jan-111MM2021Jan-111 MM2021Jan-113MM2021Jan-113 MM2021Jan-114MM2021Jan-114 MM2021Jan-125MM2021Jan-125 MM2021Jan-132-2MM2021Jan-132-2




















If you have an imaginative or original or clever idea for a session, let me know! If I put glitter all over my studio floor, you know I am game for just about anything. 

Take Ryder, a Michael Jackson superfan that came in for some rad photos the other day. Fun fact, I went to highschool with Ryder’s mom and we have been friends for longer than I’ve been taking photos.

He has been watching and learning dance moves from MJ the past few months and I didn’t even have to pose this kid! He rocked it, dancing while I blasted music and took photos. It wasn’t his birthday or a special day, he was just in his element and now he has lasting memories of this really cool time in his life. Check out the session below! 

DemarioBTS-42DemarioBTS-42 DemarioBTS-58DemarioBTS-58





















DemarioBTS-98DemarioBTS-98 DemarioBTS-94DemarioBTS-94




















You don’t need a milestone or a special occasion to have a session.

I’m offering a special right now - 30 minutes of studio time for $299

*one outfit

*one backdrop

*10-15 digital photos with a full printing license

 Schedule online right now

Not much is going on. The holidays are over, winter is hanging around, so let’s have some fun! Glitter, optional. :) This special will only run for the month of March. Contact me with any questions, I am here for you!


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Branding Photo Sessions at Stacey Louise Photography|Greensbug, PA  



Branding and creative shoots are some of my fave sessions in the studio. I’ve done a few recently and wanted to share a blog about how I can help you (even if you aren’t sure what your brand is) from start to finish.

Consider me your brand consultant. Whether you’re a real estate agent (like Amy) a writer (like Tara) an owner of a coffee shop or a fitness trainer - you have a brand.

Fauth-16Fauth-16 2021LetsMeetForCopy-452021LetsMeetForCopy-45




















Amy and Tara both came in wanting photos for their business. Amy needed the standard headshots, but she also wanted some casual shots she could use in her marketing.

Tara is in a creative business and does a lot of social media posts, so she wanted visuals that covered not only headshots, but fun shots to use in her marketing efforts. She collects vintage typewriters and she wanted some of those ladies on display!

2021LetsMeetForCopy-1412021LetsMeetForCopy-141 Now, Tara is one of my closest friends, so I know a lot about her and her business from our friendship, but we can be perfect strangers before your session and through my consultation, questions and chats before you ever even come into the studio, we’re totally leaving as friends. We are partners and I’ve heard every question, so please bring yours! Just a few of what we cover before you even come in include: 

Outfits and styling

Hair and make-up

Colors and backdrops

Your business and brand identity

Poses you want

Photos you need (headshots) versus photos you want (for social media, casual, etc.)

63262038700__0E0576B2-D8E3-44DF-B101-2289306C4C4763262038700__0E0576B2-D8E3-44DF-B101-2289306C4C47 IMG_0596IMG_0596 I actually sketch out posing ideas before ALL of my sessions. Check out the one I did for Tara and then the actual photos that came from it. Pretty spot on, eh? I love when a vision comes together. 

At the beginning of my career, I worked inside portrait studios and I had a fixed amount of time with clients. We can spend as much time as you need together, no pressure. No one is coming in to shorten your session or tell you the next person is in line. This is YOUR session.

Want to book an hour? Want two? It’s up to you. Tara booked two hours because she had multiple outfit and backdrop changes and with the props she brought, we knew there would be set up involved.

Amy only needed an hour. She changed up her outfits, but mostly just top changes and added and changed accessories. This is a great tip. A different shirt or necklace makes all the difference. 

Fauth-51Fauth-51 Fauth-44Fauth-44 Fauth-1Fauth-1













Tara brought a hat which changed up her look, too. A simple prop or addition of an accessory really changes the whole look. 

2021LetsMeetForCopy-1132021LetsMeetForCopy-113 2021LetsMeetForCopy-1312021LetsMeetForCopy-131




















When you get to the session, I want you feeling relaxing and prepared. And don’t worry, I’m not going to put you on a backdrop and tell you to go. I have extensive posing knowledge to present you best. Every time I would tell Tara to put her chin down or turn her head a certain way, she’d laugh and say, “This feels weird but I know it’s going to look great.” I always say if it doesn’t feel weird then it doesn’t look good. You are the star of your session, but I won’t make you feel awkward or ask you for ideas. I will have a list of everything you want and ideas of my own to get you a huge variety of photos you can use for anything and everything!

2021LetsMeetForCopy-792021LetsMeetForCopy-79 This action shot of Tara with the typewriter was in my mind and when I brought it up to her, she loved it! And can I just tell you how much fun we had doing these? We were trying so hard not to laugh, as I was climbing over a couch to get the perfect angle and Tara was trying not to pop a heel as she was leaping into the air. 

2021LetsMeetForCopy-752021LetsMeetForCopy-75 2021LetsMeetForCopy-772021LetsMeetForCopy-77





















Think about what you might need photos for. Tara does a lot of posts with words on them, so she wanted to use the typewriter and paper as her canvas. She can now pop this image into Canva and write right on that paper and use it in marketing. We took a lot of her pointing in different directions, too and she can put words all over her image. 

Amy wanted poses and photos that made you feel like she was inviting you into her home. She is a realtor and her clients need to see that she is approachable, someone you could see yourself working with. Fauth-74Fauth-74













I can help you determine what shots you might need and how it will work for you.

My studio has a vibe. We play music (your playlist or mine). We talk. We laugh. Photos are supposed to be fun and I love making my clients feel super comfortable and at ease. Headshots are great and needed, but if you’re here anyway, why not get some shots you’re going to love. As adults, we don’t get a lot of photos of just us. Celebrate you! Your success, this time in your life. Get creative, bring props, do you. I’m here for all of it - including group sessions. If you need photos for your whole team, I’d be happy to work with you and create a consistent campaign that stands on brand with your company but also captures your team’s unique personalities.

If you want to get on my calendar, you can book online right now! Branding sessions are always available and I can’t wait to hear your ideas. Contact me today.  2021LetsMeetForCopy-1462021LetsMeetForCopy-146


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Valentine's Day Shorts | Collaboration with & Many More 2021 Valentine's Day Short Sessions


Hey there friends! It's a new year, and I can't wait to share this super fun collaboration I did with & Many More.  Kassy from & Many More created this gorgeous, ombre balloon wall at my studio for a shoot that we planned for social media content. 

After photographing our models, and seeing how totally adorable it was, I decided to throw it out there to you guys too! Let's face it, a lot of us didn't get it together to send out Christmas cards or New Year's cards. So here is your opportunity to send out a super cute Valentine's Card to all of your friends and family. 

HutchisonVDay-39HutchisonVDay-39 HutchisonVDay-84HutchisonVDay-84




















These sessions are perfect for siblings, Mamas with their kiddos, you with your fur baby, or just about anyone that wants to share their love! Boys, girls, dogs, cats...I have even had a bunny come out to the studio for photos! So, don't be shy, book your Valentine Session today!

BrociousVDay-153BrociousVDay-153 OrsaVday-78OrsaVday-78 OrsaVday-76OrsaVday-76




















What's the catch? The only catch is, this custom backdrop is made of balloons. So it has an expiration date. These sessions are only available until February 1st! Which is perfect, because then you have plenty of time to get your Valentine's ready to send out to your favorite people. Book Your session online. Choose the best day and time for you before February 1st. CLICK HERE to Schedule! If you don't want to schedule online, you can shoot me an email or give me a call! 

Valentine's Day Short Sessions - $199

20 minute session on Custom Balloon Backdrop 

with Valentine themed props

15-20 digital photos with full printing license



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2020 Holiday Photo Sessions at Stacey Louise Photography|Greensburg Photographer Stacey Louise Photography 2020 Holiday Sessions

Here it is! The moment that you have been waiting for! 2020 Holiday Photo Sessions with Stacey Louise Photography! I am really SO excited about this year's sets. They are so much fun and I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces in front of them.  These sets are so versatile. They are great for families, kids, fur babies...just about anyone! 

The first set that I want to share with you is brand new. I am calling it the Cozy, Christmas Corner. It features a cozy, tufted settee, a gorgeous tree with twinkling lights, a warmly decorated fireplace, and a peek-a-boo window with a winter scene. 

2020Wonderling-12020Wonderling-1 This is a classic holiday set that will work with so many different holiday color palettes. You can go formal or casual with this set and it will totally look fab for your holiday card. 

2020Wonderling-152020Wonderling-15 2020Wonderling-192020Wonderling-19 2020Wonderling-62020Wonderling-6




















The second set that I want to share with you today is another new one. But it's a new spin on an old favorite. If you have been an SLP client and fan for a while you know that one of my favorite things is SPARKLE! I can't really make it through a season without incorporating some kind of glitter or sparkle. So here is this year's dose. It's a simple, but still sparkling, red sequin backdrop. 

2020Wonderling-232020Wonderling-23 2020Wonderling-272020Wonderling-27

I also got a bunch of new Santa hats that you can incorporate into your session with any of the backdrops.

2020Wonderling-212020Wonderling-21 2020Wonderling-282020Wonderling-28




















This is another set that you can go formal or casual with. It would look amazing with your holiday best or even your favorite holiday tee. 

This last set is an oldie, but definitely a goodie. One year I didn't do this set and you were all so sad! Stacey Louise Photography's Holiday Bedtime Story set is always a favorite! Because who doesn't love holiday pajamas? I seriously can't even handle the cuteness most of the time! 
2020Wonderling-512020Wonderling-51 2020Wonderling-392020Wonderling-39

I know that you are probably ready to give me a call and get your holiday photo session on the schedule and I can't say that I blame you! I have already got a few on the calendar and I don't want you to miss out on your spot! All of these holiday sessions will take place at my studio, 1606 Broad Street in Greensburg. Let me tell you about the Holiday session package options that you have. I know you have been scrolling away in search of prcing, so here it is! 

2020 Holiday Photo Session Packages


*30 minute session

* all of your digital photos (15-20) with a full printing license

*TWO sets (you get to pick!)

*Wardrobe Styling consultation

*You can add on additional sets an session time (15 minutes per set) for $99 each. This add on price also includes all of your digital photos (10-15) and a full printing license.

So, how do you schedule? Email, phone call, text, facebook message? All of the above, or you can just click HERE! That's right, you can book your appointment online! Weekend dates go pretty quickly and don't forget that I already have some scheduled. But don't worry too much. I have weekday day and evening appointments available too! So what are you waiting for? Call me today and schedule those holiday photos



(Stacey Louise Photography) 2020 Holiday child photography family family photography greensburg Greensburg photographer holiday photo sessions kid photography kids Pa photography stacey louise photography Mon, 02 Nov 2020 15:16:55 GMT
2020 Holiday Sessions are on their way | Greensburg Family Portrait Photographer Demario-132Demario-132 Hey there friends! I can hardly believe it, but it is just about time for holiday photos! Like Christmas season is coming in HOT! It's totally true that 2020 has been a little cray, right? Like, whoah, but let me make holiday photos super duper easy for you this year. You get three sets to choose from, a quick and easy 30 minute session, AND you will get your digital photos and full printing license. Before I go into more detail on those, I really want to share this creative, holiday inspired, photo shoot that I did back in January. I have been DYING to share these images for MONTHS, and I can't wait for you to see them. 

This look was definitely inspired by the Australian singer-songwriter, Sia and her recent holiday album and album artwork. It is easily one my most favorite collection of holiday songs. If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor and give it a listen, you can check it out on her YouTube Channel. My favorite track is probably Snowman, but followed SUPER close by HO HO HO! You will have to let me know what your favorite is.

Demario-127Demario-127 I have been taking holiday photos for almost 20 years of my life, and no matter how creative I get building sets and coming up with new and fresh ideas, it can get kind of monotonous for me. So I wanted to create something that was completely out of the norm of what I would photograph for most clients for their holiday cards. I wanted to do something a little edgy and totally non traditional. 

Demario-98Demario-98 I always still try to make any of my creative project relevant to my business too. Portraiture is my business, so even in this creative project, I am telling the story of my subject. Just like when I photograph your families. 

Demario-88Demario-88 Demario-94Demario-94



















Demario-119Demario-119 I knew the perfect model for this session. Her mom and I grew up together and just happens to be the most fabulous hair stylist and makeup artist (Jaqueline Demario Hair and Makeup). I gave her free reign on coming up with the makeup for this look, I told her my vision and she ran with it! I love the look that she came up with,  it kind of reminds me of gingerbread and candy canes and my favorite claymation holiday special. SO perfect! 

Demario-67Demario-67 Demario-76Demario-76




















You can  see the full gallery from this creative project here. 

Let me tell you just a little more about this year's holiday sessions, I know that is why you scrolled all the way to the bottom of this blog! LOL This year's holiday sessions will be AWESOME! One of our sets has a fireplace, a 9 foot Christmas tree, and a pretty window overlooking a winter scene. We have another that sparkles! You won't be disappointed. The third and final set is an oldie, but goodie. We updated the holiday bedtime snuggles set. I can't wait for you to see it! I will be releasing photos of these VERY soon, but you can book your session now! These sessions will take place indoors at our studio. Your session fee ($249.00) includes a 30 minute session and your digital photos (usually about 10-15, usually a few more) with a full printing license. Stay tuned for photos of all of the sets, I will be posting them soon! Don't wait to book your session, I expect evenings and weekends to go FAST! I can't wait to see all of you! 


(Stacey Louise Photography) 2020 family family photography holiday holiday photos photography stacey louise photography Wed, 28 Oct 2020 16:11:12 GMT
Photo Session inspired by Stephen King's It | Greensburg family photographer Smith(IT)-5Smith(IT)-5 I have the coolest clients! I got a text a few weeks back from a client, who also happens to be a good friend, with a link to another photographer's post that was a Halloween (the movie) inspired photoshoot and a message that said, "I would love to do something like this, but with a clown."

Her family, much like my own, is super into Halloween. When they do costumes, they really do costumes! So, I was super excited to work on a project like this with them. We texted back and forth for a while working on wardrobe and costume inspiration. If you haven't had a session with me yet, you should know that I love the styling part almost as much as I love taking the actual photos. We shot links back and forth from Amazon, thank goodness for amazon! Once she had found all of the perfect pieces, we picked a session date and waited. 

Usually, I am hoping for sunshine and just a few clouds but for this session I was wishing for a cloudy day. It totally happened and was PERFECT for this photo session inspired by Stephen King's It. I didn't want to totally copy everything from the movies, and we put our own little spin on it. Of course, the biggest difference being that the main characters in our story are girls! 

Smith(IT)-12Smith(IT)-12 Smith(IT)-6Smith(IT)-6 Smith(IT)-18Smith(IT)-18 Fun fact about the Clown in our session. He is Dad to these two and has 13 clown tattoos! So, this was the perfect Father/Daughter photo session for them. 

Smith(IT)-21Smith(IT)-21 Smith(IT)-22Smith(IT)-22




















When we were talking about where we should do these photos, I knew that there were a few spots in my own neighborhood that could easily mimic the look from the original movies. 

Smith(IT)-23Smith(IT)-23 Smith(IT)-27Smith(IT)-27 Smith(IT)-29Smith(IT)-29

I love that the cloudy day adds to the spookiness for this fun (and a little scary) Halloween photo session. 

Smith(IT)-36Smith(IT)-36 Smith(IT)-47Smith(IT)-47 Smith(IT)-49Smith(IT)-49 Smith(IT)-57Smith(IT)-57 I love getting to do something outside of my regular portrait photography box. I love it when my clients come to me with big ideas and I LOVE getting to bring them to life. Do you have a crazy, fun, outside of the box idea for a photo session? It doesn't have to include costumes or a theme. If it is your idea and you love it, I want to help you bring it to life! Call me, text me, send me and email. I want to hear about it. 

You can check out all of of my creative projects here. I try to do one or two a year that are just for me, to fill up my artist heart. 


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Back To School 2020|Greensburg Family Photographer Lucy2019BTS-16Lucy2019BTS-16 Hey there friends! I think that most of us are back to school by now and I know that it looks very different for all of us. Some of us have decided to go back to school fully in person, following the restrictions and guidelines. Some of us have chosen to do a hybrid plan where the kids meet in person half the time and virtually the other half. Some of us are fully virtual with cyber or home school plans. Whatever choice that you made for your family, I know it wasn't an easy one to make. I know that I struggled for weeks over what we were going to do, and finally we decided that going with our district's cyber program was the best option for our family. 

Martin-70-2Martin-70-2 With so much crazy going on in the world, I want to give you a little piece of normal to hang onto. School photos. School photos are like a back to school staple, right? You get dressed up in your favorite, back to school outfit and show off your best back to school smile. This year, with so many unknowns, there might not be back to school photos at school. That might be because you chose cyber or home school or because the school's aren't allowing outside people into the buildings due to Covid restrictions.  Don't worry! I've got you! You can get your Back to School photos at Stacey Louise Photography! 


I have the cutest Back to School backdrop and set for your littles AND a cool, chic backdrop and set for your older kiddos who are too cool for school. I also have created a special session price that won't break the bank! 

Lucy2019BTS-1Lucy2019BTS-1 Lucy2019BTS-19Lucy2019BTS-19

Back To School Photo Sessions $99+tax 

What do you get for that price? I am glad that you asked! You will get:

15 minute session

10-15 Digital Photos

Full Printing and Use license

(that means you can print your photos at your favorite photo lab as many times as your want and whatever size you want. You can also post them all over your social media and brag all about how totally adorable your kids are!)

This package is designed to photograph one kiddo, but you can totally bring in all of your kids! It's just $25 extra per additional kid, but that also gets you an extra 10 minutes of session time AND about 5-10 more photos! This special is ONLY good for the month of September, so don't wait! Call me, message me, email me,  or text me right now! Or you can book your session online, right here! You don't want to miss out on this deal! Covid has take so much away from us, don't let it rob you of awesome Back To School photos too.

McMahonBTS-17-2McMahonBTS-17-2 TruscelloBTS-7TruscelloBTS-7 TruscelloBTS-14TruscelloBTS-14




















These sessions are so much more than just Back to School photos too. Unlike traditional school photos where each kiddo gets about 10 seconds to show off their best smile, you get the whole SLP experience. I will help you coordinate your outfits just like always. I will spend time with your kiddos to make sure that they really are showing off their best smiles and expressions. This isn't a "Next in line" kind of photo session.  Remember, these sessions are ONLY available for the month of September. Don't wait to schedule. Hit me up right now

QProudfit-45QProudfit-45 QProudfit-66QProudfit-66




















Martin-38-2Martin-38-2 RCLeary-22RCLeary-22

(Stacey Louise Photography) 2020 back to school back to school photos child photography covid kids photography stacey louise photography Tue, 01 Sep 2020 16:42:57 GMT
We Can All Use A Little Ice Cream Right Now| Greensburg Portrait Photographer MollySprinkles-60MollySprinkles-60 Sometimes I get inspiration in the craziest of places. But I guess that is just really how inspiration works, right? Back when we were all confined to our homes and only allowed to socialize with the people that lived within those four walls, I was spending a lot of time scrolling through Tik Tok. I know a lot of us where there, it's ok you don't have to be embarrassed. What I found on Tik Tok was this amazingly creative and positive community. It was a place where people shared dance, drawings, painting, hair and makeup artists, singing and comedy. Tik Tok is FULL of art! 

One day while I was scrolling, I came across a 60 second video of a makeup artist using rainbow sprinkles on her lips. Not a totally new concept, I have seen similar things over the years, but for whatever reason it sparked an idea for me. What if I styled a photo session around sprinkles? Using them in the conventional way and also unconventional ways. I LOVE COLOR. Sprinkles are just tiny bits of color all mixed together. Why not do a creative project all about sprinkles? 

When we were finally allowed to be around people again, I called up my girl Molly. I have been photographing her and her family since she was 9 months old. She is going to be 12 in just a few days! She is always down for just about anything and her Mom is equally as awesome (not hard to figure out where Molly gets it from). Molly has been a part of many of my creative projects, including my very first one (Glitter Sessions) and one of my all time favorites (A Visual Adaptation of Alice in Wonderland). I knew that she would be perfect for this new idea that I had, so we headed to the studio to make my Tik Tok inspired idea something real.

MollySprinkles-17MollySprinkles-17 MollySprinkles-32MollySprinkles-32 MollySprinkles-34MollySprinkles-34




















When I got this idea, my vision was bold, bright colors and FUN! That's always my goal with these creative projects, fun. I want to express my creative heart, and make something fun and beautiful. After quarantine and during this pandemic, I figured that we could all use a little ice cream! 

Molly totally brought her A game too. She was so excited about the session that when we were done she said, "That's is? We are done already?" 

MollySprinkles-23MollySprinkles-23 Every year I try to do at least one creative project, to fill up my artist heart and do something just for me. The funny thing about them is that occasionally, they turn into ideas for sessions that people want to book! My Glitter Session and Red Photo Project turned out that way. I guess what I am saying is that I am willing to try just about anything at least once. Photo sessions are supposed to be fun and exciting. I know that I say it all of the time, but my number one goal when photographing clients is to showcase their personalities and true self. So if you have an idea for a photo session, even if you think it is crazy, lay it on me! I bet together, we can come up with something amazing! We can all use a little bit of ice cream right now. That can mean actual ice cream or something else totally fun that can distract us from all of the crazy that is going on in the world today. Whatever it is, I am here for it. I want to hear all of your ideas. Let's make some crazy, fun, beautiful memories together! 


If you want to see more ice cream and sprinkles with a cherry on top, you can find that here!

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Senior Pictures….More Like Style Pictures|Greensburg Photographer  

Senior Pictures….More Like Style Pictures 


Individual style is super important, especially for high schoolers coming into their own. This is the time of their lives they are truly discovering who they are, what they want to do, their passions and their personal style. Senior pictures should represent a senior’s personality and represent a beautiful time in their life as they transition to the next chapter. 


At Stacey Louise Photography, my goal is to listen. 


If the senior in your life is dreaming of an outdoor session with bold, colorful outfits, they deserve it. 


In fact, I happen to have a permit to take photos at Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve in Latrobe and the backdrop is extraordinary.


Myers-71Myers-71 Leonard-63Leonard-63 AAnderson-38AAnderson-38


















If the senior in your life wants a city feel with industrial backgrounds, we can head to downtown Greensburg. 

The alleys and streets provide endless opportunities for photos. We are lucky in this area to have really iconic old buildings and gorgeous gems around every corner.  


CLong-11CLong-11 AX9A3187AX9A3187 Fichner-28Fichner-28 AX9A3414AX9A3414 Hoffer-3Hoffer-3 Salvatore-109Salvatore-109 PeregoSenior-65PeregoSenior-65 CLong-124CLong-124

If the senior in your life wants a mix of nature and city, we can add St. Clair Park and the Art Museum into the mix. 

Rush-113Rush-113 Rush-101Rush-101 Who said you have to pick just one style? Standing underneath a giant tree with the sunshine showing off their fantastic new hairstyle will completely compliment the shot in front of the art studio showing off their new sneakers. 


If the senior in your life craves a studio session, I have various options for backgrounds, some you have probably never seen before. 
Hnath-31 (1)Hnath-31 (1) Hnath-39Hnath-39 Murren-72Murren-72 Murren-80Murren-80



























Salai-59Salai-59 KacyWilliamsKacyWilliams MRygg-35MRygg-35 Hooke-25Hooke-25

















































Studio sessions are great because weather is never a factor and you can bring in all your props and outfits and enjoy the brand new studio! I’ll put the coffee on. 


Rush-22Rush-22 Rush-28Rush-28 Rush-27Rush-27

We can also do a combination of studio time and outside time. And there is no time limit. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, whatever your senior wants, we make it happen. 

You know when you find a pre-made dessert tray and you just don’t want half of the things in there, yeah, I’m not a fan of that either. 


All senior sessions are completely customizable. 


These are pictures you will get printed, hang on your wall, pass out to family and friends. These are pictures you and your senior will cherish. 

If you and your senior want to get the conversation started, head on over to my contact page and send me a message. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with and I am here to help turn vision into reality. 


(Stacey Louise Photography) greensburg high school senior photographer Photography senior photo session senior photographer senior photos senior year stacey louise photography Mon, 13 Jul 2020 14:40:49 GMT
Back to work+Specials for Grads, Prom and Mommy and Me DSC_6064DSC_6064 Getting Back To Work + Specials for Grads,Prom and Mommy & Me!


With our county being in the yellow phase for almost two full weeks, and the number of new COVID-19 cases decreasing, it is time for me to get back to work! 

I can't wait to see all of you and start capturing your memories again! A lot of you have missed out on a ton of really fun milestones. I want to help missing out on those things seem just a little bit better, so I am offering some sweet deals. 

Do you have a GRAD in the house? Any kind of grad, pre-school, high school, or college. I know that you all got your cap and gowns, so let's make some memories in those. Here is the deal: 

  • $99 for 15 minute session outside (let's come up with somewhere fun together) 
  • All of your high resolution, digital photos with a full printing license. Perfect for sharing on Instagram 

What about Prom, right? I know that many of you have those gorgeous prom dresses with no where to go. Grab your prom date or your best friend and let's get some amazing photos that will make missing out on prom seem like no big deal. Want the details:

  • $149 for a 30 minute session outside (again, we can pick out a cool spot together) 
  • Up to two people (add in more pals for just$25 per person) 
  • All of your high resolution digital photos with a full printing license. Perfect for sharing on Instagram! 

Don't think that I forgot about Mommy and Me Sessions! I have a special all worked out for this too! It looks a little different than it has in years past, but we can still make some pretty special photos of Mom and her kiddos. Let me tell you all about it:

  • $199 for 30 minute outdoor session (we will find the perfect spot together)
  • We will focus on lots of fun photos of Mom and her kiddos, making sure to grab the sweetest moments.
  • You get all of your high resolution,digital photos with a full printing license. Also perfect for sharing on Instagram and Facebook!

The best part about all of these awesome specials is that they you can book these now and through the end of June! I am going to make it even EASIER for you. You can book these sessions right now, from your phone, just by clicking HERE! What are you waiting for? Go book your session now! 


(Stacey Louise Photography) child photography COVID-19 family photography Grads kid photography kids Mommy and me photography prom stacey louise photography Fri, 22 May 2020 15:09:05 GMT
Re-opening after COVID-19|Greensburg Photography Studio Re-Opening After COVID-19 - Greensburg Photography Studio

Hey there, everyone! It’s been a minute since I have checked in, but there hasn't been a moment that I wasn't thinking about all of you and your families. I hope you are all doing your best navigating these crazy times. We have all had to turn on a dime and reorganize our lives and adapt to what a lot of people are calling the “new normal.”


I want to thank all of you for your support.  A lot of you have purchased gift cards for future sessions, placed print orders, sent texts and phone calls to check in on me. ALL of that is so appreciated. I can't even express how much it means to me. 

Per Governor Wolf, businesses like mine can re-open once Westmoreland County enters the yellow phase. Some of our northern and middle Pennsylvania counties were given this status and allowed to reopen as of May 1st and 4th.I am hoping that all of our efforts to stay home will have helped us to successfully flatten the curve and allow us, here in Westmoreland County, to do the same very soon. We have not been given any concrete dates on when this will be, and information has been changing daily. So we just need to keep doing what we are doing, so that we can all be together sooner rather than later. I am closely following all of the updates, and will let all of you know as soon as I know anything new. 

I want you to know when I am able to get back to photographing your families, safety and health will be my top priority. 

Here are a few things that you can expect:

*All bookings will be done online or via phone, as always!  

*All sessions will be held outdoors for the months of May and June. This is great news, because Spring is giving us some gorgeous flowers and greenery! 

*I will remain at least 6 feet from you and your family, as well as wear a mask during your session. (Don't worry, my eye for detail will make sure your hair, jewelry and clothing are still in the perfect places! I will simply instruct you on adjustments from a safe distance)

*If you feel sick, or any member of your family is feeling sick, let's reschedule! I promise to be honest with you and do the same if I am not feeling well.

*Just like before, all galleries will be delivered via email. All digital photo products can be downloaded via your online gallery. We can do your proof and ordering session via FaceTime, Zoom or a Facebook Messenger call. Any physical products, such as prints, albums and canvases will be shipped directly to you from the lab. 

I want to do everything I can to keep all of you safe, healthy and happy while capturing your milestones and memories. So, while our time together may look a little different when we are allowed to get back to it, I will still be there to help you make these memories last. 

You can book your Mommy and me session right now. We will pick an outdoor location, spend 20 minutes together and get some great shots of moms and kids. We all know how important a hug is these days. I know you will be holding your little ones tight as I freeze this moment in time. All digitals and your printing license is just $199!


(Stacey Louise Photography) child photography covid-19 family family photography kid photography mommy and me mommy and me photo sessions re-opening stacey louise photography Tue, 05 May 2020 14:33:53 GMT
Spring Family Photos in Greensburg| Family and Child Photographer IMG_1032IMG_1032 Usually this time of year I am photographing gorgeous mommies with their adorable kiddos for Mommy and Me sessions. Because of the COVID-19 quarantine, that isn't happening. But don't worry! I would never skip out on some of my favorite sessions of the year. Once the quarantine is lifted...We. Are. Doing. Them. They might look a little different than in years past, maybe we can get outside with no fear of snow or cold temps. Wouldn't that be awesome? 

I am really missing photographing all of you amazing people and their littles, so I have been getting my guy in front of the camera a little more than I have been. When he was little, I probably took photos of him daily. I am not exaggerating. I would just follow him around with my camera and take pictures of him all day. Which is probably the reason he rolls his eyes and lets out a great, big sigh when I tell him I want to take some photos of him. I guess that you could say he is my original muse. Even though I was a portrait photographer long before he was around, he is the reason I started my own studio. 

When I saw this gorgeous, flowered tree down the street from our house, I knew that I had to take some photos with it. I knew that Brody had just gotten this awesome, gingham shirt from a Stitch Fix Kids that came right before the shut down. I had planned for him to wear it on Easter. But, that didn't happen because we all ate Easter dinner in our pajamas! I came inside from my walk, and asked Brody if he would let me take a few photos of him with this amazing tree. He jumped right up and said, "Ok!" This quarantine must really be getting to him. He got dressed and we walked a block from our house to where the tree stood. 

IMG_1009IMG_1009 IMG_1008IMG_1008




















These are some  of my favorites. I love that silly face he is making and those bracelets he insists on wearing.  It is the perfect snapshot in time of my 9 year old, my third grader, my little boy who isn't so little anymore. Usually he refuses to wear jeans. Stitch Fix for the win there, those jeans feel softer than sweat pants! He said that he would actually wear them again! 

IMG_1037IMG_1037 How about this face? If this isn't a pre-teen face, I don't know what is. His hair. Well. #quarantinehair is about all I can say about that. I will say that he pulls off this shaggy look quite well. 

IMG_0987IMG_0987 IMG_0988IMG_0988
















Usually he is pretty silly when I try to photograph him these days. Making crazy faces and sticking out his butt. He ends up giving me one or two genuine grins and smiles and they make my heart sing. My own child is the hardest for me to photograph. Give me your grumpiest two-year-old and I have no trouble, but trying to get my own kid to not stick out his tongue and roll his eyes is a challenge. 

IMG_0980IMG_0980 The are we done yet face. LOL Ok, just one more...and then he ran all of the way home. I am SO ready to be photographing your families and your kiddos when this is all over and we can safely be together again. We might miss out on these spring family blooms for your family photos, but it will be just in time to take advantage of more sunshine and for all things to be green again. If you are ready to get out and make some memories with our family, or need birthday photos, or want in on the Mommy and Me sessions that will be happening, let me know. We can get something on the calendar for late May or early June. I am also still running a special on gift cards. Grab one for yourself or the special Mom in your life. For every $100, I am giving your $50. You can get yours here!  

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Making the Best of Covid-19 Quarantine|Greensburg Family Photographer IMG_0922IMG_0922 Making the Best of Covid-19 Quarantine


Raise your hand if you have cooked more meals, read more books, binge watched more Netflix series, and crafted more projects in the last two weeks than you you have in the last year. 

This quarantine. This quarantine, it is something. I don't really even have words to express exactly how I am really feeling. The fist week of this craziness had me mostly in tears. Tears for so many reasons. The second week, I was like, I got this. I am just going to make the best of this. Stay creative, keep on going, FaceTimed all of my friends and family to stay connected, I even attended a Zoom birthday party! This week, we started getting real assignments from school, I am applying for government grants to keep my business a float, and all of my son's extra-curricular activities have moved to virtual classrooms. 

I am so grateful for this technology. It has been so great to be able to FaceTime and stay connected and to access zoom and log into a dance class or acting class. But every time my son logs into one of his Stage Right classes, I find myself welling up. Tears flooding my eyes. I miss all of the people. Do you miss all of the people? I know that some of us are introverts and maybe this isn't so bad for them, but I am an extrovert and I love being social. My heart gets filled up with each connection that I make while I am out and about throughout my day. A smile and nod at the grovery store, lunch with a good friend, running my kiddo to his many activities and chatting with my stage mom friends. I miss all of that so much! 

IMG_0924IMG_0924 We are keeping busy and doing our best to stay productive. There have been so many resources offered up, and that has been so lovely. My son is participating in a cartoon drawing class from a local artist, Joe Wos, and we are totally loving it! I have loved seeing all of the drawings that he comes up with. We also worked on a project, just the two of us. His talent show was cancelled, so we made a music video and did a photo shoot. If you are a fan of Little Shop of Horrors, you can check it out here. We have also been hanging out with the neighbors across the street, them on their side and us on ours. Nerf battles, chalk drawing, and good conversation, it was almost just like normal. My husband and my son are recording a song together, My husband is playing guitar and my son is singing and playing some violin. I do love that this has given us the time to fall back into doing some creative, passion projects. Today we decided to paint the front door. I saw on a Facebook post that you could mix washable paint with some dish soap to get a translucent look for your paint. I taped it off, and my son and I both painted it. I painted the top half and he painted the bottom half. 

IMG_0935IMG_0935 IMG_0939IMG_0939 IMG_0942IMG_0942




















How are you guys doing? What are you doing to keep busy? How are you handling the transition to online learning? I want to hear all of it! 

IMG_0951IMG_0951 I am still running a sale on gift cards, if you are thinking about a late spring, summer, or even a fall photo session you can check those out here! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy! 

(Stacey Louise Photography) covid-19 family family photography kids photography quarantine stacey louise photography Tue, 31 Mar 2020 19:23:33 GMT
Surviving Covid-19 Quarantine|Greensburg Family Photographer Surviving the COVID-19 Quarantine

Hey there friends. This is some crazy SH**, am I right? I never thought that I would see a day when we were shutting down theaters, arenas, stadiums...the NHL, NBA, Broadway. Mandates from our governor, asking us to close the doors of our small "non-essential" businesses to the public in the interest of public safety and "flatten the curve". You can't find a single roll of toilet paper ANYWHERE! Guys, what are you all doing with all of that TP? hahaha I am sorry, if I don't laugh I will for sure start to cry. 

In all seriousness, I am straight up worried. If this is just two weeks and we successfully flatten the curve and can leave our homes and start working like normal, GREAT! But what if that isn't what happens? What if we are stuck being non-operational for MONTHS? I can't even wrap my mind around those consequences. I can only imagine that they will be catastrophic for some and devastating for others. This. Is. Crazy.

But today, today I decided I was going to just keep creating. I don't have all of you to help me with that like I usually do. Photographing your babies, kids and families. But what  I do have is my 9 year old. He was, after all, my inspiration to start this business. So I am going to take it back to my roots. I am just going to keep shooting. I am going to get back to photographing our everyday life, work on creative projects with him as my subject, teach him to edit photos (he has literally been begging me and we havent had the time), I am just going to create to create. Making my art is what is going to help me stay sane during all of this. So I thought no time like the present. haha I am not short on time, all I have is time! Just like the rest of you, right? 

It is no secret that my kid is a theater kid. I have written about it on here a few times. You can find those stories here and here. If you know me at all, you know that Brody spends at least three days a week at Stage Right, more if there is a show going on. He has been attending class there since he was 6, and he will be 10 in the fall. This year, he was SO EXCITED because he could finally be in the talent show at school. He chose a song from his favorite musical, Little Shop of Horrors. Unfortunately, he won't get that chance. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, school and all school functions have been cancelled and closed down for at least the next two weeks. 

This gave me an idea! What if we made a video? We could share it with all of our family and friends and he could show off his hard work. Not quite as good as the talent show, but better than nothing. Right? I was planning for a photo shoot of him anyhow, in the costume that I so painstakingly put together. Amazon Prime, Goodwill, and Target. You know all the regular places. Anyhow, that is what we did today. He got into his Seymour costume, we got our tiny Audrey II plant (Thanks Stage Right!), and we headed over to my studio. 

We took a few photos first.

LittleShop-20LittleShop-20 The funny thing about this is that his favorite character in this musical isn''t Seymour, it's Audrey II. He has always loved the villains in stories. 

LittleShop-1LittleShop-1 I have to say, I am pretty proud of this costume! I have always had a thing for dressing up and creating the perfect costume. I have written about that before too, if you want to check it out! I found those pants at Goodwill in Latrobe. That vest, it used to be a jacket, I cut the sleeves off hemmed the edges. That piece is also from Goodwill in Latrobe. The shirt. I had the toughest time coming up with the perfect shirt. I did pick up a beat up, old flannel from Goodwill but it wasn't quite right. Afew days later I happened to be at Target, and this one caught my eye. Now, if you have ever watched the movie, Little Shop of Horrors, you would know that Rick Moranis' Seymour is by far the best ever. The costuming for that movie is definitely iconic too. Wait until you see the side by side.

LittleShop-19LittleShop-19 How totally cute is my kid though? This is why I knew I had to do this project today. These missed moments due to COVID-19 and this quarantine, we wont get them back. So we have to make the best of what we have and make them happen in our own way! We both had so much fun working on this together. That is what I am going to focus on, and how I am going to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. 

side by sideside by side Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but i feel like I kind of killed this costume. Right? Ok, so enough about me. I really want to show off how awesome this kid of mine is. He has been working on this song for weeks. At home, and at private voice with Christopher McAllister at Stage Right.

So check him out! Here he is, singing "Grow For Me," From Little Shop of Horrors. 

Brody-GrowForMe3-17-2020  I hope that this has given you a ray of sunshine during this dark time. I have lots of ideas, and plan to keep sharing what we are working on. Hang in there friends. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay happy! 

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Save BIG on your spring and summer photo sessions|Greensburg Photographer Get Ready for Spring and Summer...and SAVE BIG!


I don't know about you guys, but I am ready for Spring. Like the real spring, when the birds come out to sing and the sun shines, and we are DONE with jackets.

I am so ready for spring that I am running a HUGE sale on gift cards and they can be used any time on any session! Family sessions, birthday sessions, senior photo sessions, newborn sessions, you name it. 

AAnderson-51AAnderson-51 Brownfield-1Brownfield-1










For every $100 that you buy in gift cards, you get $50 as a gift from me! That's right. Now you can use that extra money any way you want. You can keep it for your own sessions (hey, no judgment here!) or you can gift it to a friend. 

This sale is only good until March 31st so don't wait and get yours today! 

P.S. Hey Dads! This is a great way to get on top of your Mother's Day Shopping! Moms, send this email over to Dad as a little hint to what you would like for Mother's Day! 

Click here for this awesome Deal! 



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Personal Branding Photography Session|Greensburg and Latrobe Photography studio Fauth-67Fauth-67

In the world we are living in, the way you present yourself on social media is so important. You want to have images and photos that send a clear message about who you are and what your business has to offer. Recently I had a client send me a message asking me if I could help her with some new photos. She said that she was changing up her brand and needed some new images that represented her new style and professional mission. 

Before photographing a personal branding photo session, I go over a list of questions with my client so that I can have a clear picture of what their vision is for their brand. Here are some of the questions that I ask:


1. What kind of business/brand are you building? What does your company offer? Who is your target market?

2. What will you be using these photos for? Social media, print, advertising, website, email signature, etc.

3. Are there specific colors that represent your personal brand? 

4. What outfits are you planning to wear? Do you need help styling and coordinating your wardrobe?


These are just a few of the questions that I run through with my personal branding clients to make sure that their photo sessions are a success. I always work hard to represent the individuality and true personality of all of my clients. I want to make sure that your photos show who you are, especially with a session like this. Often, these photos are the first thing that potential clients come into contact with. It is so important that when they see your photo, that is shows what you and your business is all about. 




When I asked all of my questions to this client, one of the first things that she said to me was..."I LOVE purple! It is one of my favorite colors AND it is one of the colors for my new business logo." YAY was one of my first thoughts, because I love color. I think that it can be one of the best ways to keep continuity with your branding images. 

When I asked her how she would be using her photos, she basically told me all of the above! If you can use a photo for it, she was doing it. Social media, website, print ads, mailers, and more. So when photographing her session, I took all of this into consideration. I made sure to use a white backdrop in addition to this purple one. Why? White backdrops are great when choosing photos for your website. It makes it easier for your web designer to cut the backdrop out if needed. Same goes for mailer and print ads.

Discussing your styling and wardrobe choices with your photographer is one of the most important parts of planning your personal branding photo session. Your wardrobe can make or break your session AND your clothing and accessories are one of the best ways to express yourself!

It is important that you choose pieces that scream out your personality, but is equally important to make sure that what you choose looks good on camera. How do you know what looks good on camera? That is what I am here for. I have been behind the camera for almost half my life and have photographed tons and tons of individuals. I can help you choose the best outfits for your body type and help you choose things that will help you stand out. 

Accessories are often forgotten about when people are choosing their wardrobe for a photo session. I always tell my clients that accessories give you a chance to further express your personality and style. I recommend changing your accessories with each outfit, right down to your shoes. It doesn't have to be jewelry. Scarves, fun scoks, cuff links, glasses or sunglasses, the perfect pair of shoes, or even a hat can be a great way to make your personal branding photos stand out from the crowd. 























I always suggest bringing at least three or four different looks for a personal branding session. Even with an extensive consult, you sometimes can't always predict the way certain fabrics and patterns will show up on camera. So if you have three or four different outfits to choose from, you will be safe with a few backups. 

Fauth-71Fauth-71 Fauth-51Fauth-51 Fauth-65Fauth-65




















It's also a good idea to bring a couple of different layers that work with several of your outfit choices. In the case of this client, she brought a cardigan and a blazer that was interchangeable with a few of her looks. This gives you even more variety to choose from. 

I know that my clients are using these photos for a wide range of things. So I try to capture photos that I know will be engaging on social media and that will pop off of the page of their website. I want to make sure that when you see their photo at the bottom of their email that they sent you that their personality and professionalism comes through. When you get their mailer in your mailbox, I want you to feel like your best friend just dropped you a post card to say hello. That's what a personal branding photo session is all about. 

Fauth-74Fauth-74 Fauth-84Fauth-84








Are you trying to update your brand? Refresh your business, social media presence, or your professional head shot? Are you having trouble finding the right photographer to help you get photos that represent who you are to your potential clients? I would love to be that person who helps you infuse your personality and style into the photos that represent your business and brand. These days, you are your brand and your photos need to show that. 

You don't have to go at this alone! I would love to chat about colors, styles, wardrobe and accessories. Give me a call or shoot me an email. Let's make things happen! 

I am currently working with a few friends that can really help push your personal branding above and beyond the competition. Tara, a copywriter and Rene, a web designer and email marketing specialist. We are calling it the 90 Minute Refresh.  Perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs on a budget, for $279 you get 30 minutes with each of them. You’ll walk away with a professional digital headshot that matches your brand, ideas to improve your website and tips on writing engaging and authentic content. The event will be held on Friday, March 27 at my studio in South Greensburg. Secure your spot and learn more at

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Love This Moment Sessions|Greensburg and Latrobe family photography studio “Love This Moment” Photo Sessions: Let’s Start 2020 with a HUGE Special 

You hear the expression often. I wish I could slow down time or freeze this moment with my child. Well, now you can with my “Love This Moment” session specials running until the end of February. Come check out my brand new studio and let’s capture your child just as they are right now. 

What are they into? What do they love? Avid reader? Getting into fashion? Writing music? Juggling? Acting? 




















Do you have photos that showcase the true personality of your kids as they enjoy these hobbies? Photos can be all smiles, but they can also show determination, silliness and fun!

Here’s what it’s all about: 

-10-15 minute session (it’s cold and we are all short on time, I get it)

-Choice of one of three backdrops (gray, white brick or blue)

-Wear your favorite outfit (that sparkly dress, those red sneakers, that trendy hat)

-Bring a favorite item (your lightsaber, your film slate, your books)

-You get 5 high-res digital images to share anywhere you want (and options to buy prints at a 20% discount)


You pay JUST $99 (price is per child) and can buy additional digital photos for $20.20 (Happy New Year!)




















If that base package sounds great, but you want to do a little bit more, for only $149 (per child) you get...

-5 more digital images 

-10 extra minutes

-More backdrop choices (like sparkles and textures)

-An additional outfit change or favorite item 





















If you want in, schedule your session online right here and feel free to call or email and ask me any questions you might have. 

I can’t wait to see you in the studio. 

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Extended Family Photos|Greensburg Family Photography Studio Extended family photo sessions are among my favorite kinds of sessions to photograph. Most of the time, there is someone that is part of the group that I have been photographing for a long time. Then they send me that email or give me a call and ask if I could photograph their entire family. Their brother or sister and their kids, sometimes aunts and uncles, and even grandma and grandpa. The answer is always, YES. I really love working with large groups.

Just like with any of my sessions, I love to be able to show the personality of the family. Of course I want to also give them a great photo that they will be happy to display in their homes, but I want to also give them a photo that shows who they are! I love to get everyone snuggled in and loving each other. I tell them, "Get cozy. You all like each other, right?" It always gets a laugh and everyone starts to get comfortable. 

 Let's back up a step here. One of the things that I always tell my clients when they book their photo session (any type of session) is, "Please let me know if you need help coordinating and choosing outfits for your family." Maybe some of you are wondering why that is. The reason I do this, is because styling and outfit choices can really make or break your photos. Don't stress, I can totally help you find things that are in your closet to wear. You don't have to go shopping to have fabulous photos. I still want you to show up in what makes you who you are. Your own style, but let's choose something that will look great on camera too! The most important part of styling your family for an extended family photo session is choosing a color palette. You want to choose colors that compliment each other and work together, you don't want to choose colors that work against each other. This asked about doing black and white for their color palette. Black and white is an awesome color palette to work with. I just warned them that too many people in solid white or solid black could make everyone look like floating heads, so I recommended choosing a color pop and to not be shy about using patterns. They did an awesome job putting these looks together and I love how each person's outfit represents their own personal style as well. Cohesive, but not too matchy matchy. That is always the goal.

I have several Pinterest boards created ready to send over to you that can help you choose a color palette that works for your family. I will also encourage my clients to send me photos of their outfits if they are unsure. This way I can help you rearrange and swap things out that may not photograph well. My goal is always to make sure that you are 100% comfortable in front of my camera, and the first step in doing that is helping you feel confident in the clothing that you chose for your session. I do this for any type of photo session that you schedule with me.

Let's get back to some of my other favorite things about extended family photo sessions. Of course the main goal of this session is to get some great images of everyone together. That's why you are all here, right? I also like to break the group down into their individual family units and other special groups too.

That means, all of the kiddos together...

Each individual family...


Each kid on their own...

Granparents with the grandkids...

And of course, the two that are responsible for them all...

Extended family photo sessions are fun! They can be photographed in my studio, an outdoor location, or even in your own home. I have photographed extended family photo sessions in so many different places. As long as you are all together, that family portrait will be perfect. If it has been a while since everyone in your family has been in the same place at the same time for a photo, give me a call. Let me help you make some memories that you can put up on the wall. I can't wait photograph your extended family photos! 

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Stacey Louise Photography's First Christmas in Greensburg|Gbg family photographer Hey there friends! I am wrapping up my first Christmas season here in Greensburg and it has been so awesome that I can't wait to share it with you! I am LOVING the new studio. It is still somewhat a work in progress, but we are up and running for the most part. I am working with Blue Sky Sign to get an awesome sign and some BIG photos for the front windows. 

I hit the ground running at the beginning of November with Holiday Sessions, so I still have a few boxes to unpack and lots of decorating to do and a little bit of painting. All of that will get done during my slow season. I want to have an open house and invite you all, please stay tuned for that! Right now, I want to tell you how awesome it was to be in Greensburg, and how much I am loving working in the new studio. 

I was able to fit all four holiday sets in the new space, and had the most fun photographing your families' holiday photos this year. I can't even pick a favorite and they all seemed to be such a big hit! I went through all of your sessions and picked just a few of my favorites from each one. 

The Gold Sparkle Backdrop seemed to be a favorite this year. I can't say that I blame any of you. There is never too much sparkle as far as I am concerned and I love that is can transcend the Christmas season. You can leave that up all year and it won't seem "too holiday" during the rest of the year. 






















































Can you even stand the cuteness? It is just too much. I am sure these made all of your holiday cards SPARKLE! I also had a Rustic Holiday set, with an old, wooden door and some trees lit with twinkle lights. It was perfect for families and siblings. Here are a few of my favorites with that set. 














































































There are just way too many adorable photos! I wish that I could share each and every one of them! 

One of the sets that was the biggest hit was the "Holiday Baking" Set. Every one had so much fun with this. Once you see some of these photos you will know why! 





























So much fun was had and so many cookies were eaten! Sprinkles were everywhere! Flour too! This set made the best photos and I know they had to make some SWEET holiday cards. 

Our last set for this year is one that I get requests for every year. That is why I keep bringing it back. There really is nothing more adorable than Christmas pajamas and snuggles! Here are a few of my faves from that set this year. 














My first holiday season in Greensburg was a HUGE success and I have all of you to thank for that! Thank you so much for following me from Latrobe to Greensburg or coming to see me for the first time! It means the world to me that you choose me to help you make memories with your family. Thank you! I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for me! I have some great ideas for January and February, check back for some great winter session specials! I want to wish you and all of your families a wonderful holiday season and very, happy new year! 
















(Stacey Louise Photography) child photography christmas photos family family photography First Christmas Holiday photo sessions kid photography kids photography stacey louise photography Wed, 18 Dec 2019 17:15:08 GMT
2019 Holiday Sessions|Greensburg and Latrobe Family Photographer Here it is! The moment that you have been waiting for! 2019 Holiday Photo Sessions with Stacey Louise Photography! I am really SO excited about this year's sets. They are so much fun and I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces in front of them. I know that I have shared a sneak peek already, but let me show you a few more. These sets are so versatile. They are great for families, kids, fur babies...just about anyone! 

I love the simplicity of this one. It is perfect for a dressy, holiday look or just throw on your winter jacket and some cute ear muffs and that looks awesome too! 













It's even perfect for siblings!Like I said, coats, hats, earmuffs, dresses or bow ties. You really can't go wrong choosing this one.   We have one more brand new set at Stacey Louise Photography for holiday photo sessions this year. If you haven't seen it yet, I have to let you know that it is pretty sweet! Wait until you see it. You will see what I did there! hahaha 

Did you get my pun? Sweet. Like cookies. Ha! I know, so easy, but I had to. I love this set so much too. I have never done anything like this before at the studio. I know that all of you are going to LOVE this one. It's tons of fun and will be PERFECT for your holiday cards. 

If these two fabulous sets weren't enough, I am adding TWO more classic holiday sets to choose from. We have used them for past holiday seasons, but they are always favorites and I get requests to bring them back year after year. You will totally see why once you see them! 

Stacey Louise Photography's Holiday Bedtime Story set is always a favorite! Because who doesn't love holiday pajamas? I seriously can't even handle the cuteness most of the time!  So cute, right?! And there is more where that came from....Holiday jammies are an endless supply of adorable. Families, siblings or kiddos. This backdrop is always a favorite. 

The fourth and final choice for the 2019 Holiday Photo Sessions with Stacey Louise Photography is a simple Holiday Sparkle Backdrop. One of the reasons that I love this one is that it isn't specifically HOLIDAY. It is one that can be kept on the walls all year long but also give your holiday card that little something extra with all of the sparkle. 

This is one of my favorite backdrops to use and I actually try to sneak it into to almost every photo session! haha! It is perfect for holiday photos and you wouldn't be disappointed if you choose this one. It is so versatile that you can use just about any color combo for styling your family and it will look amazing. 


I know that you are probably ready to give me a call and get your holiday photo session on the schedule and I can't say that I blame you! I have already got a few on the calendar and I don't want you to miss out on your spot! I have just ONE more thing to tell you. If you have been to my studio before, you know that I have been in an old elementary school building in Latrobe. My BIG NEWS is that I am relocating to Greensburg! My new space is being renovated specifically for me and I can't wait to show it to you. All of these holiday sessions will take place in the NEW STUDIO! You guys will be the FIRST ones to see it. I will now be at 1606 Broad Street in Greensburg. It has an adorable little store front and I can't wait to get in there. I will have tons more to share about this crazy journey VERY soon. But for now, let me tell you about the Holiday session package options that you have. I know you have been scrolling away in search of prcing, so here it is! 

2019 Holiday Photo Session Packages


*30 minute session

* all of your digital photos (15-20) with a full printing license

*TWO sets (you get to pick!)

*Wardrobe Styling consultation

*You can add on additional sets an session time (15 minutes per set) for $99 each. This add on price also includes all of your digital photos (10-15) and a full printing license.

So, how do you schedule? Email, phone call, text, facebook message? All of the above, or you can just click HERE! Let me know what dates and times work for you and your family. Weekend dates go pretty quickly and don't forget that I already have some scheduled. But don't worry too much. I have weekday day and evening appointments available too! So what are you waiting for? Call me today and schedule those holiday photos! 

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2019 Fall Photo Sessions with Stacey Louise Photography|Grensburg & Latrobe family photos

2019 Fall Family Photo Sessions

It is that time of year again! The air is cool and crisp and the leaves are beginning to change. I know you have all been waiting for this exact moment to schedule your family photo sessions with me! I can't say that I blame you, it is a totally gorgeous time of year and it makes for some of the most gorgeous photo sessions ever! 



















Fall photo sessions are filled with the gorgeous colors of the leaves, and some of the most beautiful and flattering light. I also love the fashion that comes with fall, gorgeous jewel tones, boots, scarves, hats and vests! It really doesn't get much better. Well maybe a pumpkin spice latte comes close!

 I have been doing my research so that I can make sure we schedule your fall photo sessions when the leaves are at their best. According to the PA fall foliage calculator, the leaves in our area will be the most beautiful between 10/12 and 10/21. Because we have such a limited time with these colorful leaves, I suggest that you contact me soon to reserve your family's session time. These limited sessions will go quickly, so don't delay in booking yours. 

My favorite location to photograph families in the fall is Bushy Run Battlefield state park and a private residence nearby that I have exclusive permission to bring clients. Both spots have gorgeous color in the fall and really beautiful foliage that will give your session a unique and beautiful look. 




















You can't go wrong booking your Fall Family Photo session with Stacey Louise Photography. If you haven't had a session with us, now is the time to try it out. Stacey Louise Photography is offering an exclusive Fall Offer. For the first time ever we are offering Fall Short Sessions, AND including all of your digital photos with a FULL printing license! Contact Stacey This offer will be limited to 15 sessions only.

  Fall Short Session with Stacey Louise Photography

October 12th, 13th, & 20th - Only $299


*30 minute session

*25 Digital Photos

*Full Printing License

Contact Stacey to schedule your Fall Short today! 


(Stacey Louise Photography) child photography fall family photos fall photos family family photography kid photography kids photography stacey louise photography Mon, 09 Sep 2019 16:13:46 GMT
Back to School Photos|Greensburg and Latrobe family photographer It is that time of year again! I can hardly believe that we are already talking about going back to school. It is kind of a fun time though. Buying new school supplies and a few new outfits to get you started out fresh for the new school year. Kids go back next week! They will be climbing on those busses or out of the cars in the carpool line and headed in to meet their new teachers and find out which of their friends are in their classrooms. Not long after that you will be getting that dreaded school photo form. I don't know about your school, but I know that our school's fall photos are never anything to write home about. Just a simple head and shoulders shot on a grey backdrop. Most of the time my kiddo's hair is a total wreck and his smile...if you can call it a like something that you might see him do when he is eating a big pile of spinach. hahaha Anyone else? 

So this year, I have decided to bring back our Back To School Sessions! These are quick 15 minute sessions. Bring your scholar out in one of their new favorite outfits with their backpacks and let me capture some photos of them that you will actually WANT to hang on the wall! 

How cute is this set up? I love the fun colors and the classic school room vibes!

It's even great for siblings! These kiddos are headed to Preschool and 1st Grade!



















This backdrop can be paired with just about any kind of styling. I can't wait to see all of your fun back to school outfits! 

Big or small, these sessions are perfect for any age from preschool to 5th grade! 




















These back to school sessions will be available now through September 12, 2019. I know that you don't want to miss out, so contact me today and we can schedule yours right away! 

Back to School Sessions - 15 minutes - $99

Includes your 15 minute session and 5-10 Digital photos with full printing license.

Call or email Stacey to schedule yours today!

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Summer Photo Sessions | Greensburg and Latrobe Family Photographer

Summer Family Photo Sessions

I know it is August, and I know that it feels like summer is just FLYING by! Believe me when I say this because I was waiting for summer to get here all year and now it seems as though it has flown by in a blink. We have been trying to pack in as much summer fun as we could. We did our annual family trip to Cape May, New Jersey, we have swam more days than I can count, my son did a 3 week summer theater program at Stage Right, we have gone on Nature Hikes at our favorite Nature Reserve, AND we just came home from a quick trip to Baltimore and Washington D.C. It has been a whirlwind. I am sure it has been the same for all of you and your families, I just want you to know that it is NOT TOO LATE to squeeze in a summer photo session of the fam! 

This is my favorite time of year to photograph families at Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve. I am one of the few photographers in the area that is permitted to use these ground to photograph my clients. August is such a gorgeous time for this location. There are beautiful flowers in bloom, everything is green, and that golden, summer sun gives it just the right light. 



















I still have some openings for you to schedule a family photo session with me. I would love to help you show off that summer, sun-kissed glow and your favorite sun dress. 

Outdoor family photo sessions are perfect for the kids. They can just kind of run around and be who they are. These sessions can be a bit more relaxed and carefree, so their true personalities really start to shine through






































I promise you that you will not regret squeezing in a fun, family photo session as part of your summer bucket list. Just give me a call, I will get you in before school starts! I can't wait to see you! 








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NOT Your Cookie Cutter Head Shots|Greensburg and Latrobe Photographer I have been so lucky to get to meet the most awesome people through my own kiddo. I have met and made some of the best friends of his school friends'mom and also my stage mom friends and now his violin teacher. I would like to introduce Miss Amber. She is an amazing teacher AND person. We got her info from my friend Tara, who also happens to be an incredible boss lady. I have written a few blogs about her and you can find them here. Her son take piano lessons from Miss Amber, and when I mentioned to her in passing that Brody was wanting to take violin lessons, she immediately told me who I needed to contact. 

Miss Amber is a recent graduate from Baldwin Wallace, and I am pretty sure that she has been playing the violin for what seems like half of her life! She is so kind and caring and she has what it takes to be a teacher of young people. She is patient, but firm. Firm is what my kiddo needs to be able to learn. Brody started taking lessons from her last March. We were testing out the waters with a borrowed violin and lessons just every other week, but by May he was playing Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle for a community service event, Miss Amber encourages all of her students to use their musical gifts to entertain the community. My husband and I were so impressed with what she was able to pull out of Brody in just a few lessons. Needless to say, we love her and think she is a gem of a teacher. 

Then Miss Amber came to me and asked me to update her head shots. I was so excited for the chance to work with her. I love getting to photograph new and different kinds of photo sessions. Some of my absolute favorite photo sessions are for fellow boss ladies. I really love being able to show off other business owner's personalities as well as their professionalism so that they can use their head shots confidenty to represent who they are and what their businesses are all about. So, I asked Miss Amber what she wanted her photos to say about her. She told me that she wanted photos that showed that she was a professional violinist, but also show off her fun, energetic, happy, loving life person that she is. She said, "I don't want the cookie cutter head shots." Good! I got you girl! Hahaha 

I never want to give anyone just a cookie cutter photo. I want your photos to show off the person you are. Not only in my work with children and families, but also when I am photographing you for your business head shots. I want your photos to show your clients or potential employers who you are. That is what all head shots should do. The person that you are should jump right out of the photo at them! 

Miss Amber decided to do a combination studio and outdoor session. So we did about 30 minutes in my studio and 45 minutes outdoors. Just take a look at how awesome she is! 







































These are just a few of the gorgeous photos that we got in the studio. Then we decided to head outside to one of my most favorite outdoor locations, Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve. Since I am an approved and permitted photographer to use these grounds, I knew that this would be a perfect place for Miss Amber to show off her fun and energetic personality. 

Not only were we at my favorite place, but also at my FAVORITE time of day. GOLDEN HOUR! Seriously guys, when I tell you that golden hour is worth the late session time, I am not joking! 

I had a total blast photographing Miss Amber's head shot session. If you or someone that you know needs some head shots for their business or profession, let me know! I want to help you and make sure that you are not a victim of the "cookie cutter headshots".  And if you or your kiddo wants piano or violin lessons, hit me up. I will get you Miss Amber's info. 

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Baby's First Year|Greensburg and Latrobe Newborn and Family photographer

Baby's First Year Photo Sessions

One of my most favorite things about being a family photographer is that I get to watch all of your kiddos grow up. I have clients that are now turning 16 and 17 years old and I have been photographing them since they were brand new. It is so hard to believe, mostly because I don't want to admit that I am getting older, but I just love getting to be a part of your family's special moments. 

This little lady just had her First Birthday and it made me take a look back at her newborn and 6 month photo sessions. Most of my clients like to order a custom designed album that showcases photos from the newborn photo session, the 6 month photo session, and the first birthday photo session. I love creating these, because then I get to take a look back and see how much these kiddos have grown and changed.  It's hard to pick a favorite kind of session when it comes to Baby's First Year photos. When they are newborns, they are all squishy and sleepy and new. So totally sweet, right? When they come in for their six  month photo sessions, they are just starting to sit up on their own and finding their voices. I love a sweet baby babble! At the First Birthday photo session they are beginning to walk and move around more, some of them have a word or two they are working on and ALL of them have their own personality to show off!  Documenting your baby's first year in photo sessions is such an important thing to do. We capture each of those milestones and then you can keep them forever. From squishy newborn phase to the babbling phase and right on through to the toddling stage. A few of my clients will bring in a special item for each of the photo sessions to be photographed with their baby. This sweet girl's mama brought in the most adorable elephant and we incorporated it into all three sessions. I love this idea because it really helps to show how she has grown and it gives a personal touch to her photo sessions. I love when you guys bring in special items from home to be photographed in your photo sessions. These milestone photo sessions aren't JUST for baby! No way! I love when we can add in siblings. Look how much both of these little ladies have grown in just one year.  I love when we get to the First Birthday Photo sessions and we can show what big kids they have become. Their personalities really start to shine around this age and it makes for some really gorgeous photos! I always try and get them standing up, either on their own or holding onto something to keep them steady. 




















If you or someone that you know is having a baby, I would love to chat! Let's talk about setting up your newborn photo session. Or if your sweet baby is older, let's talk about 4 or 6 month photos, or even that first birthday session. It is never too late to start documenting their first year. You can hit me up here. I can't wait to hear from you!  


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Mother's Day Special 2019|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer It is May! The month for moms, mothers, grandmas, nunnies, mamas, or whatever name that you like to give them. The ladies that hold it down everyday. This is the month that we celebrate MOMS! The calendar only gives us one day to celebrate these fab ladies, but I want to celebrate all month long! (let's be honest, we should be celebrating them all day everyday) I want to celebrate by offering a special that will run for the entire month. I have a beautiful, custom designed set all ready for you! 



















I say it every year, but moms can never have enough photos with their littles. Think about it, really think, moms are always the ones behind the camera taking the photos of just the kiddos, or the kiddos with dad or grandparents. Maybe you might have a few silly selfies. Those have their place in the memory book too, but I want you to have really gorgeous memories with your kids. I want to capture you snuggling their sweet, little faces and smiling into the camera. I want to capture you loving them and them loving you! Moms, do this for yourself, call and make an appointment for you and your littles, bring grandma along too. Dads, this is for sure going to get you a win for Mother's Day. Gift Certificates available. Just contact me and I will get them to you! 

Here are the details:

Where: Stacey Louise Photography Studio

When: NOW through 5-31-2019

20 minute session-2 High Resolution Digital Photos-$150

Contact Me now to Book your session

724.493.7165 or [email protected]








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In Studio Family Session Special|Greensburg and Latrobe family photographer This family recently came into the studio for some new family photos and I can't wait to share some of them with you. I wrote blog last week about my top 3 favorite things about photographing families in the studio and this session checks all three boxes! 

Family photo sessions in the studio really are just as great, if not more so than outdoor sessions. They can be a lot more intimate and personal than sessions photographed outside and that helps us create some really special memories. I love them so much I am running special pricing for the month of March on in studio Family Photo sessions. Skip to the end if you can't wait to read the details. 

When your family has a photo session in the studio it takes out some of the distractions that can happen outdoors and we can really focus on creating special moments between you and your kiddos. I love these adorable kissy moments here between Mom and son. 

I love that they range from a sweet moment and grow into a silly one, capturing the realness of their interactions and personalities.




















I love that you can see the sweetness in this snuggly moment between these two. Just being comfortable with each other, and you can totally see that little ladies ornery spirit coming right out of her eyes! 

Not to be left out, these guys were totally adorable together as well. Even though he has his Mama's hair, he is definitely his Daddy's mini. You can really see that they love to have fun together. 

And they both have the same exact smile! 




















I loved photographing this family so much in the studio that I want all of you to come out to the studio for a family photo session too! Because these sessions are so much fun I am going to run a special for the month of March!

$100 off any in studio family photo session through 3/31/19!

Book a family photo session at my studio now through the end of March for just $225! All studio session include a custom consultation call where we will plan your session, choose the perfect backdrops and props, and I can even help you coordinate your family's wardrobe. Your in studio session will also include a $200 credit to put toward your order. I believe that your family's photos need to be out where you can enjoy them, not on some flash drive or disk. You can use your $200 credit to order prints, canvases, albums, and so much more (even digital photos if that is what you really, really want). 

Contact me today to schedule your session. I have weekday morning, afternoon, and evening as well as weekend session times available. I can't wait to see you all!  

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Studio Photo Sessions|Greensburg and Latrobe family photographer I know that we all love photo session in gorgeous flower fields and in the fun alleys of Greensburg, but there is something to be said about an intimate studio photo session for your family. There are so many things that I love about studio photo sessions for kids and families but I am just going to highlight my top 3.


1. We don't have to worry about the weather!  

Here in southwestern PA we have some crazy weather. As I type it is 50 degrees in February with 50 mph winds going on! CRAZY! But when you have a studio photo session on the books, you don't have to constantly stalk the weather report wondering if it might rain or be too cloudy for a gorgeous photo session. The temperature is always comfortable, not too cold or too hot. The only thing that you have to worry about is getting yourself and your family to my studio. There is always good light there, I create that myself, and plenty of backdrops an props to work with. Which brings me to my next point...

2.  Tons of options for backdrops and props!

At my studio, I have hundreds of backdrops that we can use to customize your session exactly the way you want it. I have so many different kinds of chairs from vintage to contemporary that can give your photos just the right pop of color. I even have outfits for newborns and toddlers, gowns for expecting mother's, and lots and lots of other props that can add just the right touch to your photos to make them unique and special. Unique and special is always what I strive to give my clients when they come to the studio for a photo session.  


3. Studio sessions are really about you!

I really love photographing families in my studio because the session really becomes about who your family is. A studio session becomes much more intimate in the fact that we don't have to walk around finding the right spots with the perfect light outside. That gives us more opportunities to catch real interactions within your family that create some very special photos. I always work hard to catch those moments during any session, but when we are in the studio it sometimes happens a little more naturally because there are less distractions. 

Studio photo sessions can be one of the best ways to nudge all of those special little moments along. Sometimes when we are outside for sessions the kids are easily distracted by their surroundings. At the studio there isn't a ton happening outside of the interactions between the people in their family, so it is much easier to capture genuine moments like these ones.

Have you been thinking about updating your family photos? There is no better time like the present! I would love to help you grab up some of these sweet moments with your kiddos in a studio photo session with Stacey Louise Photography! Just shoot me an email or give me a call. I will help you with all of the tough decisions about styling your family and choosing backdrops and props. It will be tons of fun and we will create some really gorgeous memories for you to hang on your walls! 

You can take a look at a few more studio photo sessions here, and here, and here! The possibilities for studio photo sessions really are endless!



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Life of a Stage Mom|Greensburg and Latrobe family photographer Hey there, everyone! I feel like I am returning to you all after a loooooong hiatus. I mean, I guess that I kind of am. I haven't posted a blog since Halloween, but I promise that I have a good reason. Fall and Christmas are two of my busiest seasons here at the studio AND my son was involved in two big theater productions in December and January. That is what I wan't to tell you all about. If you have been following me for a while, you might know that my son started taking classes at a local performing arts school a few years ago. If you missed that blog, you can check it out here, he was the MOST adorable Captain Hook that I have ever seen.  

Last November he was cast in his largest role to date in Stage Right's production of A Christmas Story the Musical as Randy. He was beyond excited and his dad and I so proud. This was his first major role in a professional show with Stage Right. Quickly my life became about running lines song with him and getting him to and from rehearsals. He and the rest of the cast rehearsed for three weeks before they opened December 7th at The Lamp Theater in Irwin. They had two sold out shows that weekend, and everyone in the cast totally killed it. 

There he is, this person that I created, up there on stage singing, dancing and acting. If you aren't familiar, my son Brody is the one the in the blue plaid shirt. He was so fortunate to have such an awesome on stage family, Nick Lenz (as The Old Man), Savannah Bruno (as Mom), and Wesley Heverly (as Ralphie). They all took such good care of him and helped him so much since it was his first big role. 

Because it was his first big role, I made the decision not to take ANY pictures during his performances. I wanted to be present and soak it all it. Luckily there is a dad, Doug Estok,  ho happens to take great photos at all of the shows. I asked him to make sure to get a few great photos of my guy and he totally delivered! Thanks Doug! I am so glad that I got to just sit in the audience and take in his performance! 

Here are a few more from those iconic moments from this story. See that snowsuit? I made that! Yup! From scratch I created that snowsuit! Can you believe it! 

Brody really impressed me. He had so many lines to learn in addition to songs and choreography. For just being eight years old, he looked like a professional up there! 

Fast forward a little to January and he landed the role of Took, the smallest dwarf, in Stage Right's original production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Stage Right's take on snow white is a little different from the Disney version that we all know. The dwarfs were all small and snow white had a sister but there was a prince, an evil queen, and an apple! I think it was the perfect choice for the Student Company show this year. This show is performed by all of the students at Stage Right, ages 4 to 18. Preschoolers to High School Seniors are all on stage together creating these productions. What they accomplish with these children is nothing short of amazing! Tony and Renata Marino with their team really pull the best out of these kids.

Since there were two weekends of this show, one at the The Lamp Theater and another at the Science Hall Theater at Westmoreland County Community College, I took some photos of my own. I sat and watched the show a few times and soaked in the moments and then the second weekend I brought my camera along to get a few photos.

In one of the Dwarf numbers called "Chores" he had a little solo part where he rocked out into a feather duster! He slid to the front of the stage on his knees singing, Ta-da-DUST, Ta-da-Dust throwing in a few Ows and Woos! 

One of the things that I love most about Brody being involved in Stage Right is the community that they have created. All of the older kids mentor and look out for the younger ones. Brody has made some really special friendships with so many of them, they have become a second family to him and Stage Right is like a second home. They call it the Stage Right Nation and I really do feel like we have become a part of it.

Brody has so much fun performing with his friends at Stage Right. I have seen so much growth in him over the last year there. He takes it seriously and puts so much effort into learning and improving. I have to say it really showed when he was up there being Took. I know I have said it so many times, but proud is just an understatement. 

This is my favorite photo that I got from the show. It is the Finale number. I love seeing him with the entire cast. You can see just how much fun they are all having and I love the intensity on Brody's face. I feel like I can see him passion for what he is doing just coming right out of him.

If you missed Brody in these two awesome productions by Stage Right, don't worry there are plenty more where they came from. Next up on the agenda, Stage Right is preparing to break a World Record! The Current World Record for the fastest theatrical production is held by the Sharpe Academy of Theater Arts in the United Kingdom, they set the record at 15 hours. Stage Right will attempt to break that record on March 9, 2019 with a goal of 14 hours and 30 minutes! I have to say, after being a Stage Right Parent for the last three years, I know they will accomplish this goal. I have seen them pull off some really awesome things, and this will be no exception. They will find out at 5am that morning which musical they will be doing and everything will have to come together from there. Everything will be happening at The Palace in Greensburg and open to public, so you can stop by and see what is happening and you can even buy your ticket to watch the show! This is one you won't want to miss! 

So that has been my life as a stage mom over these past few months. I am working on some new and different ideas for spring and summer sessions. Please keep you eye on our Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop! 


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Harry Potter Halloween|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photography Halloween is my most favorite time of the year! I love the idea of getting to be anything and anyone that you can dream up. This year my little (ok, not so little anymore) guy wanted to be Harry Potter. But not just Harry Potter, Harry Potter if he were in Slytherin house. You see, this kid of mine is all about the villains. So we go the wand, the glasses, and the Slytherin uniform. 

After getting to dress up in fun costumes, my next favorite part of Halloween is getting to take my kid's picture in said costume. There is a guy that lives a few blocks over creates the most awesome Halloween display. He hand ties these spider webs all around his house and over the sidewalk in front of his house. We have been taking Halloween photos over here for the last few years. It is the perfect backdrop for this kind of photo session. 




















I love that Brody likes to get into character. It really makes for great photos. 




















These Haloween photo session are so great. I love that I get a chance to document this moment in time, and show off the costume that he chose this year. I feel like his costume choices always tend to reflect his current obsession at the time. When I look back, I will know this was the year he discovered and really got into the Harry Potter books and movies.



















After I posted my favorite photo from this session of my kiddo on facebook, I got a text froma friend that said he daughter was dying to get some cool wizard photos too! So we met the next day over at the neighborhood spider webs and did a fun Halloween photo session! 




















I love that I am able to make some wizard dreams come true just spending a little bit of time with my camera and photoshop.



















I guess that sometimes you don't need a wand to make magic! 

I wish you a safe and happy Halloween from Stacey Louise Photography! 




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2018 Holiday Photo Sessions|Greensburg and Latrobe Family Photographer I am so unbelievably excited to share this year's holiday sets with you! I spent the day building them all and getting them ready! This year, all three sets will coordinate so that you can mix and match multiple photos from multiple sets for your holiday card. 

The first set is brand new, featuring some brand new prop pieces for Stacey Louise Photography. This set is white, gold, and a mix of classic and contemporary. You can literally wear any color, style your family in traditional holiday wear or trendy, contemporary outfits and you will look amazing on this set. 

We can photograph the entire family on this set or just the kiddos. Either way this set will give your holiday card a chic and unique look.

Our second set this year is one that I am bringing back to compliment the new set. It is timeless and classic, simple gold sequin with a tan settee.













With this backdrop, you get that holiday sparkle without it screaming holiday at you! You can pair this gold sparkle with just about any wardrobe choice and it matches seamlessly with our new holiday set! I always say that you can NEVER have too much sparkle, and I think that your holiday card will agree with me! 

Our final holiday set for this year's holiday photo sessions is one that I am bringing back by popular demand. It seems that matching, family pajamas are all the rage. I mean, they are pretty much the most adorable things I have ever seen AND they are totally amazing for your holiday cards, so I am on board for sure! So, I am bringing back the holiday bedroom set this year! 

There will be twinkle lights, and I have just about every color blanket that you can think of to accent your matching pjs! I love this set for so many reasons, but I think my favorite thing is how it really brings out your family's personality. Something about jumping on the bed really brings out the giggles and smiles. 

It is perfect for entire families, cousins, kiddos, babies, and just about anyone who wants to rock out their holiday pajamas!




















We won't have the big red stars this year, but that just means that you are the stars in the photo! I can't wait to see what this holiday season bring for Holiday Photo Sessions at Stacey Louise Photography! I love seeing everyone in their holiday best, I love getting to see all of the excitement that this time of year brings for the kiddos, and most of all I love helping you make these holiday memories that you can share with all of your friends and family on your holiday cards! 

I hope that you love all three of our Holiday Photo Sets this year here at Stacey Louise Photography! This year we are doing things just a little bit differently for Holiday Sessions. Usually I pick a weekend and only offer holiday session pricing on those dates. This year, I am offering holiday session pricing for the entire month of November! That's right, you are not limited to just one or two days! You can choose a date and time that works well for your family during the month of November. This year I am also including all of your photos from your session as high resolution digital downloads with a full printing license in the price of your session. No more being limited to just two photos, this year your will get them all! This is a great way to check off all of those holiday gifts for family. With your high resolution digital photos, you can print as many photos that you would like in any size that you would like.

These sets are up and ready for you! Check out the new holiday specials and contact me today to reserve your session! 

2018 Holiday Photo Special Rates

*Rates below apply only to studio holiday sessions in 2018 for 30 & 45 min sessions. 




HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU NEED? Ask me! I can estimate what I think I'll need to photograph your family and how many sets we can do in that time frame or you can follow the general guidelines below.





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Family Photo Session|Greensburg and Latrobe Child and Family Photographer I have been photographing this family for a few years, so when Christina called me and asked if we could do a session at her childhood home I was totally game. I love getting to photograph families in new locations, especially if that location means something to them. It makes the photo session just that much  more special and meaningful. 
I was excited when I arrived on location and saw just how adorable this house was too. It was the perfect backdrop for this session! I loved the architecture and the stone and wood details. 

Christina had a few things in mind for their session at her childhood home. She asked me to take some photos with the front of the house in the background and also some photos on the bridge. The entrance into this home is a small bridge that leads you into the driveway. I am telling you that this is seriously the most adorable house in Greensburg! 

The sun came out from behind the clouds at just the right moment as I was photographing them on the bridge. Aren't they totally perfect? I love it when the sun comes out to play during family photo sessions. It helps me create really unique memories for the family. I love how their shadows become a part of the portrait too!

The house had this little stone patio with a stone half wall that I thought would be perfect to take a few photos of just the kiddos after we were done on the bridge.

How totally adorable are these two? Their big, brown eyes are completely swoon worthy!   




















I know it seems like all of my photo sessions go smoothly and everyone is always cooperative and smiley. But let's be honest...that just isn't real life. Am I right? We all know that a session with an almost one-year-old and a three-year-old can't happen without a few tears.













Sometimes these crying photos are some of my favorites from a session. Their wrinkled up faces are just too adorable! And though these days may seem long, they are only this little for so long and they won't be making those wrinkled up crying faces forever. I just can't help but capture a few photos when they start to cry! 

Of course those tears are never too much of a match for some Mommy snuggles! 

I love capturing a few sweet moments with Mommy and her kiddos during a family photo session. Often times the moms are always the one behind the camera and we only have silly selfies with our kiddos. So I do my best to make sure that I grab some with just her and the kiddos. 

I am so glad that Christina asked me to photograph her family at her childhood home this summer. We were able to create some really beautiful memories for them to look back on for a lifetime. If you have a special place that is meaningful to your family, I would love to photograph your family there. Contact me today and we can chat about your custom family photo session. 


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Gorgeous Mommy and Me Session|Greensburg and Latrobe family photographer I just have to share this absolutely gorgeous Mommy and Me session that I photographed last weekend. I love every, single image. Seriously, every one is more beautiful than the last. I love when that happens, but what I love even more is when I can tell your story through photos. When I was finished with this session and I uploaded the gallery and could see all of the photos together, I could see the story of this beautiful Mama and her kiddos. I feel like their relationship and love really shine through these photos.




















I have been photographing this family since their oldest was 6 months old and he will be heading to Kindergarten in the fall. My favorite part of being of family portrait artist is that I get to build such a special bond with all of my families. I get to see you all on your most special moments and help you make them memories that will be around forever.  




















This boy is such a total sweetheart.  Then came along baby sister. She is a little feisty, just as any almost three year olds are! I would love to tell you that every kid that steps in front of my camera is super excited to be photographed and just looks at me and smiles, but that isn't always the case. BUT we ALWAYS get some really great photos even if they aren't smiling and laughing at the camera right away. Sometimes it actually helps me capture those REAL moments. We all know that motherhood isn't all smiles and giggles right? 

Sometimes motherhood is this. Trying to convince your stubborn, almost three year old to take a pretty picture with you. Right? But it is still a gorgeous photo. It helps tell the story. 




















I love telling your stories! 

This story of a strong, loved, wonderful mother is one of my favorite stories that I have had the privilege to tell. I absolutely LOVE getting to know the families that I photograph.




















I would love to meet your family and help you tell your story! Give me a call or drop me an email and let's talk about customizing a family portrait session for your family!

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Rainbow Babies|Greensburg and Latrobe newborn, child and family photographer I love to hear that anyone I know has a baby on the way. I even get excited when a newborn session inquiry hits my inbox from someone that I don't even know. It is such an exciting time, preparing for baby and then the arrival of new little person into your home. It is all so much fun. 

When my friend Elizabeth told me she was expecting, I was over the moon excited for her and her family. I was extra excited for her because she had to weather a few storms before this little baby started to grow. She had gone through a few losses and had been trying for quite some time, so when she finally told me there was a new little one on the way it was hard to contain my joy for her! She was finally getting her rainbow.

"Rainbow Babies are babies born following a miscarriage or infant loss. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better..." 

Of course when any of my good friends are expecting, I instantly start planning their maternity photo sessions and their newborn photo sessions. I had the perfect theme in mind for Elizabeth's maternity session! I couldn't wait to get started. We started sending ideas back and forth on wardrobe and then she sent me a picture of this gorgeous, hand-made, rainbow floral sash. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect! 

Just a subtle rainbow touch to celebrate this sweet little rainbow that was about to burst into this world. 




















Let's take a quick second to talk about how absolutely stunning my friend is. Isn't she gorgeous? Big Brother and Dad are quite handsome too!  

Of course, my wheels are always turning on how I can link together maternity photo sessions and newborn sessions. I immediately started planning for a rainbow baby newborn photo session. I found the sweetest rainbow floral crown from Lucky Crickets on Etsy. It was perfect and dainty! Not too much, just the perfect amount of rainbow. 

Isn't it just the perfect nod to this sweet, rainbow baby? Just resting on a soft cloud of white, being her adorable, little self. I also had the idea to create a subtle rainbow backdrop with the millions of newborn wraps that I have in, you guessed it, every color of the rainbow. 

I was so excited about how these turned out. 

So the next thing I started thinking about was how I could tie together this rainbow theme to this little one's First Birthday photo session. Inspiration hit one day while I was scrolling through Instagram and an artist that I follow, @jesiii, posted this awesome photo of her in front of a rainbow that she made out of balloons! BALLOONS! As soon as I saw it, I knew that we had to do something similar for this sweet girl's first birthday photo session. So I called up my girl Kassy from & Many More and asked her if she could make something like what I had found on Instagram. She said that she was totally in for collaborating and I knew she wouldn't disappoint. When it comes to crazy, awesome balloon arrangements, Kassy is who you want on your side. 

You guys! Isn't this the most adorable thing that you have EVER seen? I mean...That rainbow, the confetti, this sweet girl's smile! Come ON! I am just overwhelmed with cuteness overload here! Kassy totally nailed this balloon rainbow. It came out perfect! I don't think there was a better way to celebrate the First Birthday of this rainbow baby than with this totally fab rainbow photo session.





















I love linking milestone photo sessions to each other with a continuing theme, prop, or outfit. I think it makes it fun to watch your family and your kiddos grow over the year and see how they change in comparison to something that stays the same. 



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Spring Photo Session Extravaganza|Greensburg and Latrobe Child and Family Photographer




















Hey everyone! Happy Spring???? Maybe??? haha I know it is snowing out right now, but I know I am about over this crazy weather we have been having. I am ready to see some constant sunshine and green grass and pretty flowers, what about you? I am so anxious for "spring" to actually arrive that I am going to offer what I am going to call my Spring Session Extravaganza!  

What is a Spring Session Extravaganza? It is a way for you to customize your spring photo session. I have FOUR different sets that I can offer you for spring. Four sets! And you can pick which ones you want to use. Don't wait to reserve your sessions because these are only available for a limited time. This Spring Session Extravaganza pricing will only be available until the end of May!  

With this Spring Session Extravaganza, you have the freedom to customize your own Session Package. You can choose to do one session, two, three or all four! Here is how it breaks down:

    Choose any ONE of the 4 custom sets at Stacey Louise Photography 

    Your session fee includes up to a 30 minute session AND 2 high resolution digital photos with a full printing license
    Choose any TWO of the 4 custom sets at Stacey Louise Photography

    Your session fee includes up to a 40 minute session AND 3 high resolution digital photos with a full printing license
    Choose any THREE of the 4 custom sets at Stacey Louise Photography

    Your session fee includes up to an hour session AND 4 high resolution digital photos with a full printing license
    Use all FOUR custom sets at Stacey Louise Photography

    Your session fee includes up to a 90 minute session AND 5 high resolution digital photos with a full printing license

There will be special pricing available for purchasing additional digital photos, prints, canvases, albums, and all other photo products for all of these sessions. Don't forget that this special offer is available NOW through May 31st! Contact me right away to reserve yours. 

Just take a look at the FOUR gorgeous sets that I have created for you this spring. I can't wait to see all of your kiddos smiling faces this spring!

Dreamy Cloud Set








There are two options for these cloud sessions. You can have it all white or with a fun springtime rainbow effect. I have been looking atthese photos for two weeks now and I still can't decide which style I like better. 






















These Dreamy Cloud sessions are perfect for little girls and big girls alike. Everyone wants to sit on a fluffy cloud in a pretty dress, don't they?




















Foral Swing Set




















I loved photographing these sessions last spring. That's why I want to bring them back. I don't think there is a better way to encourage spring back than to do some more of these sessions. 




























































Rockstar Set

These Rockstar sessions are so FUN! Geared toward the toddler age group, ages 1 year to 4 years old, you can bring your little rockstar to the studio to pund on the drums, ring their heart out or tickle the ivories. 





















































Mommy & Me

These mommy and me sessions can be done inside the studio or on the studio grounds. Either way we will capture some sweet moments between you and your kiddos that you can treasure forever. 

Remember, this special pricing is only available through May 31, 2018. Contact me today to reserve yours! 

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Spring Happenings at SLP|Greensburg and Latrobe photographer Spring is here! 

Finally, right?! I have been waiting and waiting for spring to get here and I don't think we are totally out of the woods yet, the sun is shining today and I am excited to share so many exciting things with you! 

The Semi Annual Reorder Sale is Here!

Every year I have to move sessions over to external storage to make room for this year's sessions. What does that mean for you? It means that I offer you a super duper discount to buy up those canvases, metal prints, albums, and even digital photos you had your eye on but didn't purchase. 

This sale is perfect to pick up beautiful wall art featuring your family for the Mom's and Grandma's in your life for Mother's Day. Your gift will totally bring happy tears to their eyes if you order it from me! Can't you just see it now? Grandma opens up a gorgeous custom album from your last family photo session, she won't be disappointed! Or what about Mom, opening up canvases of the kids for that blank wall in the house that she has been dying to fill up. Tears of joy! I am telling you that you can't go wrong with ordering photos of the kiddos and family for Mother's Day. 

Moms, you don't even have to wait for someone to buy them for you. You can even call me up and treat yourself! Then you can graciously accept the bright yellow pants, or foot bath, or that darling macaroni necklace with a smile knowing that you bought yourself exactly what you wanted! 

So here is the important information that I know you are dying to know. How much, right? Make sure that you are sitting down, these prices don't come around that often!  All portrait products (that's gift prints, mounted prints, canvases, metal prints, and albums) are 35% off regular pricing. All digital products are 60% off! That's right over half off all digital files. That is $40 per image or your entire session for just $240. All digital photos come with a full printing license. That means that you can print them any size from your favorite photo lab as much as you want AND post to social media all that you want. 

Guys, I am telling you, if there is anything that you had your eye on at your last session, buy it now. This is the LOWEST that prices will ever be! How do you order? Give me a call, drop me an email, text me and let me know that you want to reorder. I can re-activate your gallery so you can look through and make your choices. Easy as pie!     

Our canvases are another fantastic way for you to display your photos at home. Whether you go with one large canvas or a grouping you can't go wrong showcasing your memories with this timeless classic.


Our canvases are another fantastic way for you to display your photos

at home. Whether you go with one large canvas or a grouping you can't

go wrong showcasing your memories with this timeless classic.



Really take advantage of the sale by ordering a grouping of metal prints

to display your memories in your home! I can help you come up with a

unique grouping to hang. We can create beautiful wall art featuring your family!



Mini accordion albums are a fantastic gift item for grandparents, aunts and uncles!

They are also an awesome way to show off your kiddos on your desk at work! The perfect

choice for those last minute Mother's Day gifts. 



As always, your print order  will be delivered in our custom, archival boxes. These boxes are a great way to store any prints that you might be replacing on your wall. You don't have to keep them behind the new ones in the frames anymore. Just put them in these boxes and then a safe and dry place at home.  




The Semi Annual Reorder Sale isn't the only exciting thing happening this Spring at Stacey Louise Photography! I am also working on celebrating all of my fellow Lady Bosses with a fabulous deal on Headshot Mini Sessions. I am teaming up with my girl, Jacki, for hair and makeup. You don't want to miss out on this! 

I am hosting a day at my studio for all lady bosses to come in and get new headshots for their businesses. It doesn't matter what kind of business you are can be  a corporate lady boss, a stylist, a writer, a graphic designer, in direct sales, all boss ladies are welcome. If you are a woman and in business, we want to offer you this super, fab deal. We want you to feel confident putting your face out there to represent your business with a fantastic headshot.  

Jacki is offering to do light hair and makeup to get you feeling confident and I am going to take some really awesome photos for your social media, website, business cards or whatever you need them for. All of this is included for the low, low price of $100! This is the lowest price for a mini session that I have EVER offered and I am so excited to share it with you all. All you have to do is give me a call or email me to book your session! 724.493.7165 or [email protected] 

I promise you that you don't want to miss out on this deal! 





As if the reorder sale and headshot mini session day weren't exciting enough...there is even  more that I want to share with you this spring. have to hang on for just a little while longer. I will give you a tiny peek at what I have up my sleeve, but not before I give you just a few details about what will be going on. Spring Mini Session Extravaganza! What is that? Sounds crazy, right? It is kind of crazy, and I know I have been saying this, but I have never offered anything like this before. You will be excited and you won't want to miss out. That is about all I can say right now, but make sure that you keep your eye on facebook, instagram, and this blog! Big news is coming! 

















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How Does a Moment Last Forever|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer You guys, I was watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast with my family a few nights ago and I had a profound moment. It was one of those moments that just hit you. You know, like take your breath away, and make you realize that life's moments are fleeting. Slipping through our fingers like sand on the beach.

I was sitting on the couch snuggled up with my two favorite guys when this moment really hit me. I have to share with you what it was that hit me like a ton of bricks. There is a scene where Belle's father, Maurice, is working on building a music box and he sings a song called "How Does a Moment Last Forever?" I mean when he started singing and the flashbacks started happening I seriously almost started crying right there in my jammies. 

While Maurice sings and asks us,"How does a moment last forever," images of him painting the figures inside the music box flash by and then a close up of a painting of his wife holding an infant, Belle. Then images of Belle surrounded by sketched of her face as a child. This is when I had my moment. You have to see for yourself, I know you will have a moment too...


Am I right, guys? Did you start thinking about how fleeting our moments are? Time is just passing us by. But as Maurice is singing and wondering about how we can make a story never die, guess what I noticed? All around him are portraits. Paintings, figures, sketches...that's how he has made his moments last forever. As I was weeping on the couch in my jammies thinking about how life is flying by, I also thought about one of the things that makes me love my job the most. I love that I get to make your moments last forever and keep your story moving on and on. Even though I can't actually stop time. I can make these moments last forever. I know that gave me some comfort. It made me grateful that I have photos on all of the walls in my home. Seriously, I even have photos in my bathroom! I am not kidding, stop by sometime and I will show you. 

I love that I get to be a part of your life's greatest moments and that  I help you keep these fleeting milestones forever. I love that the moments that I capture can live on your walls and in your albums for your children's children to see. So if you are like me and you are devastated at the warp speed that life is flying by and you are desperate to make these moments last forever, give me a call. Let's update those family photos, let's get some new photos of the kiddos, let's grab grandma and grandpa and make them join in on the fun too! There is never a better time than right now!

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Mother's Day|Greenburg and Latrobe child and family photographer It's almost Mother's Day. I know you don't already have a gift planned for your wife, or even your own mom. How do I know that? I haven't even thought about what to get my Mom either! Dads, listen to me. I totally know what your wife wants this year. She wants a good photo of her and the kids. Again, you can ask me how I know that. How do I know that she wants a GOOD photo of her and the kids? I know this, because I am a mom. I know this because the only photos I am ever in are selfies, and off center blurry photos that someone else took for me when I handed them the camera asking for a photo of me and the kiddo. So when I say that I know your wife wants this, you can trust me. I know that she would love and treasure a photo session that is dedicated to getting a GOOD, no GREAT photo of her and the littlest members of your family. 













I know that she would love a photo session for her and the kiddos because I always hear the same thing from Moms when they call me to book a session. I ask them what they are looking for and they always ask if they can get one of just them and the kids. I know because I have gotten to see the joy and appreciation on their faces when they see the photos after their session. Believe me when I tell you that your wife wants this for Mother's Day.  

Moms! I know this is what you want. It is what we all want, but we settle for selfies and those blurry, off center photos that someone else takes for us. Don't settle, you don't even have to wait for Dad to hang you a gift certificate for your session. You can give this gift to yourself too! Treat yourself to photo session that will remind you why you love being a mom. We will capture memories that you can look back on when they are too big to fit in your lap anymore. 

We all say it, time goes by way too quickly, they are growing up too fast, isn't there a way we can keep them little forever. YES! Well, sort of. I can stop time and freeze these fleeting moments for you.













Don't wait. We can do a Mommy and Me session in the studio or outdoors. The only thing that matters is that you get in the photos with them.  Snuggle them, tickle them, kiss them, or read your favorite book together. Just get in the picture! 
Moms, I want to help you get some GREAT photos of you and your kiddos. Dads, I want to help you make your wives happy this Mother's Day. I will be creating an one of kind photo set with the amazing, Kassy from & Many More, for some Mommy and Me Sessions in April. I will be releasing more information on those next week. I am really excited about what we have up our sleeves for all of you. 

I want you all to start thinking about getting in the photos with your kiddos...I am so passionate about Moms being photographed with their littles. So much that I am going to offer special Mommy and Me Session Packages for the ENTIRE month of April. That's right, usually these types of sessions are only offered on specific days with specific sets, but this year I really want to encourage ALL of the moms to get in the photos with their children. I can't wait to see all of you soon!!! Contact Stacey for full details or to purchase a gift certificate for these special Mommy and Me session packages!  







(Stacey Louise Photography) child photography family family photography kid photography kids memories mother's day mother's day gifts photography stacey louise photography Tue, 06 Mar 2018 19:37:32 GMT
Little Rocker Sessions|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer These long winter months get my wheels turning about what kind of fun and exciting things I can offer to all of you. Inspiration struck as I was cleaning out my son's playroom. We made the tough decision that he is too big for his drum set and piano that he has had since he could walk. He wasn't ready to donate them or give them to anyone, but he did agree to let them go live at my studio. That was when I thought I should do some little rocker sessions! How fun, right? Plus, I know that the kiddos will have a blast playing the instruments.








































I have this super awesome drum set for all of your little rockers to bang out and create some really fun and edgy photos.

I also grabbed this fab microphone for all of your little singers out there. I love the vintage look of it, and it adds great style for these sessions. 

We also have this gorgeous red piano that your kiddos can play. I love creating dramatic and edgy photos with creative lighting and this red piano totally pops and makes the perfect prop for these sessions. 



















These sessions are going to be a blast and I can't wait to see all of your little rockers at the studio. Give me a call or shoot me an email for more details on these sessions. I can't wait to make gorgeous music and photos with your kiddos!

(Stacey Louise Photography) child photography kid photography kids little rocker photography rockstar stacey louise photography styled sessions toddlers Mon, 26 Feb 2018 15:41:50 GMT
Bath time photo session with a twist|Greensburg and Latrobe child & family photographer Last year I was lucky enough to meet Kassy of & Many More, a local balloon and party decor shop. Since meeting her, we have collaborated on a few projects and we have BIG plans for 2018 together. 

Before knowing Kassy, I had no idea that so many amazing things could be done with balloons. She recently opened my eyes to a popular new trend that is taking the world by storm, organic balloon arrangements. She has shared so many gorgeous and amazing ideas with me, and together we landed on trying out a bath time photo session with a twist!

I love this idea of creating "bubbles" with balloons. The pop of pinks that she used combined with the white and clear balloons make the set so much fun. Kassy created these beautiful, organic balloon arrangements for this photo session at my studio. She came with all of her supplies and ready to work! BTW did you know that you can hot glue balloons together? Yeah, neither did I! Working with her really inspires and charges up my artist's spirit and gets all of the creative juices flowing.




















How gorgeous is this set?!? I just can't get over how awesome the balloons look AND how they really look like bubbles. Bath time photo sessions are one of my favorite sets to use for babies that are anywhere from 6 months to 1 year old. They are a fun way to show off their adorable baby chub! 






































I have to brag a little about my model for this photo session! She is 8 months old, and the most adorable and fiery, little lady. I have the best friends that allow me to photograph their kiddos when I have a crazy ideas that I want to try out. Isn't she such a doll? She was the perfect model for this bath time photo session with a twist! 

I can't get enough of her beautiful blue eyes and red hair! Sometimes, I feel like I am the official photographer for ginger haired children. I swear that half of the kiddos that walk through my door have red hair! I love each and every one of them too, I am so lucky to have such gorgeous clients! 

If you have a little one 6 months to one year old and would love a bath time photo session with a twist like this one, I would love to hear from you. Contact me and we can get you on the studio schedule. If you are having a party, celebration, or just want some fab balloons to brighten someone's day, contact Kassy at & Many More. I know you won't be disappointed! 

(Stacey Louise Photography) & many more 6 month old baby baby photographer baby photography balloons bath time bath time photo session child photography family family photography one year old organic balloon arrangement photography pink stacey louise photography Tue, 30 Jan 2018 03:06:44 GMT
2017 has been a great year| Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer 2017 has been a great year!

2017 has been such a wonderful year. I have been so lucky to have met so many new clients and to have seen many familiar faces return to me for photos. I often think about how lucky I am to get to do a job that I love. I know that that isn't something everyone gets to do. Not only am I given the gift of a job that I love, but I also get to spend my time helping you and your families make memories. I get to be there for some of the most special times in your lives. I get to meet your brand new babies just days after they are born, I get to be there for countless birthdays, and milestones throughout the year, I get to be there when the whole family gets together, I get to be there for high school graduation...I get to watch your children and families grow, I get to be a tiny part of your family's story, and for that I have one thing to say. Thank you! 

I can not say thank you enough. I love each and every moment that I get to spend with each of you and you are all so special to me. 2017 was full of new babies, 1st birthdays, graduating seniors, extended families, and so much more. Thank you for choosing me as your family's photographer. I can't wait to see what 2018 brings! Before we get started on that, I want to take a look back on this year and share with you some of my favorite moments. 

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Christmas at my house|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer

Christmas At My House

We have developed quite a few holiday traditions over the years, like we always put up our tree and decorate the house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I started this tradition years before I became a Mom when I was working at a retail portrait studio and the day after Thanksgiving was basically the ONLY day I had off from the beginning of November until Christmas day. I know, crazy, right? I am so grateful that is behind me and I am able to have my own studio with the best clients around! We also try to hit up the local, holiday light display, Overly's Country Christmas, we bake and decorate sugar cookies, and we decorate a gingerbread house. 

Today I want to share with you our gingerbread house decorating and a new tradition that we started this year. This year, Brody wrapped the gifts that he purchased for everyone at school all by himself. I was super impressed with how well he did, and he never even lost the tape or scissors once! I am going to have to take notes next time because I always seem to lose one or the other in between each gift that I wrap. 

Brody and I have been decorating gingerbread houses together since he was probably two years old. It's usually just a lot of him eating the icing and the candy decorations with some decorating. This year we decided to split the house in half and each decorate a side. It was a lot of fun teaching Brody how to make icing icicles and watching him try to do it. I think he really enjoyed that too because that ended up dripping tons of "extra" icing that he quickly scooped up and ate. 













Decorating the gingerbread house is always so much fun. It really is one of my most favorite holiday activities to do with Brody. I love seeing his creativity and imagination come out.

I love how he has become so intentional in where he places the decorations and wants to try and do the icing on his own. In years past there was a lot of just random candies everywhere and icing every which way. I guess that is a sign of him growing up.



















We still have some randomness, but that makes it special! haha It's just for fun and we did have lots of that!   

Last year Brody started Kindergarten and it was the first time that he was able to shop for his family all by himself. At his school they do a holiday gift shop that the kids can purchase gifts for their friends and family on their own. I think it is so fun to see what he comes home with for each person on his list. We made a list of who he will shop for, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, PapPap, Nunnie, and Pappy, and we gave him a set amount to spend. This year I gave him $30, or $5 per person. He did a great job selecting presents for everyone and he even brought home $10! Again, I am going to have to take notes from him because I am always OVER budget when shopping for gifts! 

I asked him if he would like to wrap his gifts this year, and I would show him how. He immediately told me that he, "probably already knows how to wrap because he has always watched me." I helped him cut some paper to the appropriate size for his gifts and let him at it. I was really impressed! He really was doing an awesome job for never having done it before. I joked and said, "I think you might be better than Daddy at wrapping!" With which he replied, "I probably am!" Always confident, this kid...always confident. 

There was some slight frustration with the tape dispenser...but you can't win them all, right? Those pesky tape dispensers can really be a pain! 

Look at those corners! 

He really seemed to enjoy wrapping the gifts that he selected for his family all by himself. He kept saying how fun it was and he wanted to wrap more when he was finished. I am so glad that I thought to grab the camera and take a few photos of this moment. I love the determination on his face to try and get he paper folded just right, and I love seeing his little hand placing the tape and writing the names on the tags. I know next year that his hands won't be so little and maybe that look of determination will be different. 




















What are some of your holiday traditions? Do you build and decorate a gingerbread house, wrap presents together, or something else? I hope that you have enjoyed this little peek into my house at Christmastime! I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season with your families and hope that you have tons of fun together! 

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Christmas Time at SLP|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer Hey! In case you didn't already know, it is almost Christmas! While I am wrapping up Christmas sessions at the studio, I decided that I should share some of my favorites from this year's holiday photo sessions. 

This year was extra fun! I did two totally different set ups for Holiday Mini Sessions. The first set was OUTDOORS! That's right, I did an outdoor holiday set up for the first time ever! I got SUPER lucky with amazing weather! No rain,and it was only a tiny bit cold. Well, if you live in south western PA, you know that 32 degrees is practically summer weather! haha I had a lot of awesome families brave the chilly temps in their winter gear for some fab, holiday photos with this amazing vintage truck.



















Everyone had a great time. I loved seeing everyone's best winter fashions. Hats, scarves, earmuffs, and fabulous coats...I saw just about every piece of winter clothing there is for these holiday mini sessions! 

I also LOVED the location for these. I was given special permission to use this private property lined with HUGE evergreen trees, and one of my amazing clients allowed me to borrow their vintage truck. I couldn't have asked for a better backdrop for holiday photo sessions! It was a dream come true! 

Isn't that just the perfect Christmassy vibe? I thought it was just perfect. Talk about perfect, check out this family's outfits! Amazing! They look like they own this truck!

The vintage truck, the pine trees, and the snuggly blankets made for the perfect set to cudldle up and show some love! I am so glad that I got to offer these adorable holiday mini sessions this year! 

I also designed an indoor holiday set that was the complete opposite vibe of these cozy, casual truck sessions. I have been calling them the RED sessions, because they are just that...RED. I got some inspiration while browsing Instagram one day and decided that I was just going to go for it. I loved the modern and contemporary look of an all red set, and thought to myself, "What could be more perfect for the holidays?".

Right? I was a little shocked myslef when it all came together in such a totally amazing way! I first photographed my son and a friend's kiddos to test out my idea. You can check all of those out, here. Once I shared those photos, all of you seemed to be just as excited for these RED sessions as me! I encouraged styling with black, white, and red formal wear. Let me tell you, you guys did NOT disappoint. I loved getting all of your texts with your wardrobe finds, and I had fun helping with the search too! 


















Just check out some of these wardrobe combos. These families really killed it! I am in love with each and every on of them. 


















Another one of my favorite things about these sessions is that I got to partner up with my favorite balloon girl, Kassy of & Many More, again! I love, love, love working with her. She helps bring my visions to life with her amazing and unique balloon arrangements and ideas. 





































Don't these balloons add the PERFECT touch of festiveness? Festiveness, that's right, I made it a word. I just love how the balloons shine and just really say FUN! Even without the balloons the red set is so fun! I love how everyone just POPS right off of it. 

Ummmm...Hello fabulous! Am I right? She is amazing! 

I just can't tell you enough how much fun I had photographing your families on the RED set! I LOVED IT! LIKE, SO MUCH! haha Really though, this red set it one of my favorite things that I have done in a while. I loved that you guys all embraced it and loved it too. I can't wait to see all of those fab holiday cards pouring into the mailbox! If you happen to have an extra holiday card, don't forget about me! I would love to see them! You can send them right to the studio: Stacey Louise Photography 314 Loyalhanna School Rd Suite 650 Latrobe, PA 15650 

I hope that you are all ready to spread holiday cheer and spend some fun holiday time with the fam. I know that I am totally ready for that. We have some great holiday activities and parties to attend in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to the blog, I will be sure to share a peek into what it looks like at my home for the holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & Happy New Year from Stacey Louise Photography! 


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Indoor Holiday Mini Sessions|Greensburg and Latrobe family photographer You guys! I was going back and forth about doing an indoor round of holiday mini sessions, and I just couldn't decide on a solid idea for a set. Then one day, I was browsing Instagram and inspiration hit! You can all thank Gwen Stefani and her new holiday album, because that is where I got my inspiration from! 

RED! I have always LOVED shooting monochromatic images and I couldn't resist building a RED set for the holidays this year! I can't wait to share it with all of you. It is fun, it is modern, it is unlike any other holiday set that you have seen from other photographers. This year's Red Holiday set at Stacey Louise Photography will be sure to provide you with unique photos for your holiday cards this year!









































I am so exited about this set and the awesome photos that came from it. I can't wait to see all of your families and kiddos in there holiday best. What kind of wardrobe is best for this set? My vision is black and white formal wear with pops of red. Don't be afraid to pull out those fab red party dresses either! Check out this amazing Dolly by Le Petit Tom Waltz Dress in red that I rented for this shoot from The Borrowed Boutique. As an added bonus,the lovely ladies over at The Borrowed boutique would love to offer you 15% off any rental $35 or more for these sessions! Check out all of the RED options they have, for girls AND boys. Be sure to book your session with me before renting so I can get you your exclusive discount code! 













I can't even tell you how amazing it is! I LOVE the red on red! So cheery, so joyful, and so fresh! 

I also teamed up with the amazing Kassy Augustine from & Many More to make these RED sessions even more memorable and amazing. As always she totally delivered with these gorgeous, red,  jumbo balloons.








































I love how the balloons add movement, excitement and fun to the photos. They add just that perfect something special to make your holiday photos extra festive. 




















Have I told you how excited I am about this set? Just in case I haven't, I AM SO EXCITED! I am excited to be able to offer you something unique and modern set for your 2017 Holiday photos. And honestly, they don't just have to be for the holidays! If you love bold color and modern ideas, THIS is the set for your family photos! 

What are you waiting for?

Contact me today to reserve your RED Holiday Session! These will only be offered for a limited time so you don't want to wait too long. 





















That's right! Call me, email me, or message me right now! These are too fab to pass up! 




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Now Booking 2017 Holiday Mini Sessions|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photos

2017 Holiday Mini Sessions

You guys! I am so excited about our Holiday Mini sessions this year. I Have been wanting to do sessions like these for a while. I got so lucky that one of my most amazing and generous client's owns this amazing vintage truck AND is willing to loan it to me for a few hours to photograph your adorable kiddos and families on it for Holiday Sessions! 

Just take a look at this awesome set up! Vintage truck, buffalo plaid, soft blankets and pillows...just add your adorable families and it is perfect! 

I can't wait to see everyone in their fun holiday outfits. Think creams, greys, and black with pops of red or green. If you are someone that has trouble styling your family for photos and coming up with coordinating outfits, you are in luck! I have created an entire Pinterest board full of wardrobe and styling inspiration for you! You can check that all out here

These sessions will be outdoor, so please keep that in  mind when choosing outfits for yourself and the kiddos. We all know that the weather here in good ole south western Pennsylvania can be unpredictable, so it could be freezing cold or it could be sunny and warm. Be prepared for the cold with coats, scarves, and warm hats. Those are all great ways to accessorize your outfits with color. 

I know you are all excited so I am going to get right down to the details! 

  • November 11th 10:00am-1:00PM and November 12th 12:00pm-3:00PM
  • The location for these session is a private property that we have special permission to use. You will be given the address upon booking.  
  • Make sure to arrive on time and dressed in your outfit for the session (sorry there will not be time for outfit changes)
  • These are abbreviated sessions, but we will still get plenty of amazing photos for you to share with your friends and family on your holiday card. Typically you will get around 15-20 photos to choose from with these shorter sessions. 
  • The session fee for these holiday sessions is $150, that includes your session AND 2 digital images with a printing licence. You can upgrade your session fee to include ALL of your photos from this session with a full printing license for $125. Prints, holiday cards, and albums will all be at a discounted price for these sessions as well. 

I am only offering a limited number of these sessions. You don't want to miss out on these, contact us today to reserve your family's session. 

These sessions will only be rescheduled if there is rain. I will choose a rain date based on the forecast that week, possibly November 18th or 19th. Hopefully we won't have to worry about that and it will be a perfect weekend for these awesome Holiday Mini Sessions. 

The time is now, I know these sessions won't last long. Call me, email me, send me a Facebook message...just reserve your Holiday Session with Stacey Louise Photography today! 

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It's National Mad Hatter Day! Let's Celebrate|Greensburg and Latrobe Family Photographer

"Have I gone Mad?"

"I am afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are!"

You guys, it is Mad Hatter day! What? Right, I know...every day is national something or other day, but is MadHatter day. So you all need to grab your best top hat and let all of your silly out! #NationalMadHatterDay 

Since it is National Mad Hatter day, I wanted to share with you some photos that I took last summer during my styled Alice in Wonderland shoot. One of my most favorite clients sent me a picture of her daughter dressed as the Queen of Hearts and that is how the idea for this styled photo shoot was born. Her son Will was our Mad Hatter and we have to give total props to his mom for styling him. His wardrobe was totally on point, she even did his make-up and created a unique Mad Hatter look for him.

"I knew who I was this morning, but I have changed a few times since then"

So, why do we celebrate National Mad Hatter Day? First, I guess I should tell you who the Mad Hatter is. The Mad Hatter is a character from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and also the sequel Through the Looking Glass. According to Wikipedia, Carroll never actually uses the term Mad Hatter, how the character is often referred to as, but he does describe him to be "as mad as a hatter." 

National Mad Hatter day was first observed by a group of computer technicians in Boulder, Colorado in 1986. They chose to celebrate a day of silliness Mad Hatter style on 10/6 because of the label that is tucked into his hat that reads, "In this style 10/6."

"Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?"

I worked with an amazing designer, Rose Lopez of Design by Occasion, she created the tablescape for our rooftop tea party. She really made my vision of an urban, rooftop, wonderland tea party come to life.  

"If you don't care for tea, you could at least make polite conversation!"

Take your cue from the Mad Hatter today! Be silly, have an adventure and break out from your regular every day routine. Tell riddles even if you "haven't the slightest idea" what the answer is, wear a crazy hat, or even play croquet with a flamingo (I would recommend using a plastic one, a real flamingo may not care that it is National Mad Hatter Day). Whatever you do, smile, laugh and enjoy yourself today on this amazing National Mad Hatter Day! If you are feeling especially crazy you can share this blog on your social media and don't forget to use #NationalMadHatterDay and #StaceyLouisePhotography 

I will leave you with one last photo and one last Mad Hatter quote...

"There is a place, like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily, I am."

If you are curious what other National Days you can celebrate, you can head over to the National Day Calendar, there are lots of fun and crazy things that you can celebrate each day! You can also take a look at the original blog from visual adaptation and styled Alice in Wonderland here.


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Halloween! It's my favorite.|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer You guys, it is almost October and that means that it is almost Halloween! Halloween is my most favorite holiday of all time. Like for real. I get so excited about Halloween that I start planning November first for the following year. Today I was walking and talking about Halloween with a fellow Lady Boss, and she said, "You totally need to write a blog about all of your family Halloween costumes." What?! I was so excited about the idea that immediately came home and started digging up all of our Halloween photos from the last 7 years.

My husband and I have always done Halloween big, but when Brody entered the picture things just escalated from there. Brody's first Halloween was only a little over a month after he was born, so I was in no mood to dress up myself but he had three costumes! 




















The chili pepper was and still is my favorite. I bought it while I was still pregnant because I couldn't even stand how adorable it was. Then after he was born I was driving by a second hand shop and that tiny skeleton was hanging in the window and I literally made a U-turn and ran into the store to buy it. The pumpkin outfit was a gift from someone that knew my favorite holiday was Halloween. 

The next year I had this idea that Brody should be Toad from Super Mario Brothers. I have a good friend who is an amazing crochet artist and she designed this amazing Toad hat for him to wear. If you are in the market for something crochet you should check out her shop, Raven's Craft Creations. I made his vest and ordered his pants from Amazon. Then I got the idea that I should be Princess Peach and my husband could be Mario. The family Halloween costume tradition was born! 




















As it go t closer to Brody's third Halloween, I started brainstorming about what we should be dress up as. I was inspired by his crazy curly hair and decided that we would all be Hobbits. My husband and I both really love the Lord of the Rings movies and the hobbits were always my favorite. I made all of our costumes that year and they really are some of my favorites of all time! 

Wasn't he the cutest little hobbit that you have ever seen? I love it so much!  

The next year, and probably my favorite of all time, Brody was a mummy. I made his costume out of tea stained strips of muslin and cheese cloth sewed to sweatpants and a sweat shirt. At first I wasn't quite sure what Brent and I would be to go along with his costume. Then it hit me. Day of the dead sugar skulls! I was so excited, but I knew that I never would be able to pull that make-up off on my own. So I called up my girl Jacki, she is a fab make-up artist that I work with frequently, I knew that she would totally rock it. 




















I loved these costumes so much that I had several printed on canvas and they still hang on a gallery wall in my office. 

After these costumes, I didn't think that we could really do any better, and then my husband came up with a great idea. He had just gotten Brody really into wrestling, and they both were (and still are) HUGE Hulk Hogan fans. I think I can say with great confidence that this was probably my husband's favorite year of family Halloween costumes. 

Here, I present to you, the Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, and a Hulkamaniac! We were so lucky that the owner of Under Ground Grappling allowed us to use their ring for a quick photo shoot in our costumes. Brent and Brody were in their glory, they had the best time!




















I have to say that the facial hair required to pull off these costumes has to be my favorite part. I mean, look at that mustache on Brody! It is hysterical! Brent's beard...I don't even think that I have words! hahahaha 

Again, I really didn't know where we would go from there. Those are some really amazing costumes and I was running out of ideas. My well was running dry and Brent, my husband saved the day again with a pretty fabulous idea. Grabbing inspiration from our childhood again, he managed to convince Brody to be Skeletor.




















I know that when Brody agreed to be Skeletor, my husband's nerd heart soared because that meant he got to be He-man! I can't say that I was too sad about getting to be She-ra either. Who doesn't want to be the Princess of Power and wear that fab headpiece? I was able to score mine and my husband's costumes, and Brody's mask on Amazon (thank goodness for amazon prime, right?) and I made Brody's whole costume!




















Sadly this was the last of our family halloween costume run. I can't be too upset, we had a good run, and I knew it was only a matter of time before Brody would take the wheel and start really deciding what he wanted to be for Halloween. Halloween of 2016 was that time. My little guy was totally Pokemon obsessed and there was no convincing him to be anything other than Ash Ketchum, the pokemon trainer.

Just because were weren't doing family Halloween costumes, don't think that I still wouldn't be going big! We grabbed some green gloves, a red backpack (I knew from a quick google image search that Ash carries a green backpack, but you try telling that my obsessed 6 year old who insisted that he had a red one), and Ash hat from good ole Amazon, and I made his outer shirt from and old polo shirt and some fabric. We tried to convince Brent to be a pokemon trainer too, but he just wasn't into it. I did dress up as Pikachu for Brody's kindergarten Halloween party to go along with him.


















I love Halloween so much,and I don't think that will ever change. Brody has totally picked up my love for the holiday and dressing up. He has had his costume idea for this year nailed down for months and is already planning for 2018. 
Which year of ours is your favorite? I think I would still pick Sugar Skulls and Mummy, I think those were our best costumes. Which holiday is your favorite? Do you have any cool family traditions? I hope that you have enjoyed a peek into the last seven years of Halloween with my family. 


Hobbit Family photos by: Elizabeth Alcorn

Day of the Dead and He-Man Family Photos by: Kari Fabri Photography

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2017 Fall Family Photos|Greensburg and Latrobe family photographer

2017 Fall Family Photo Sessions

It is that time of year again! The air is cool and crisp and the leaves are beginning to change. I know you have all been waiting for this exact moment to schedule your family photo sessions with me! I can't say that I blame you, it is a totally gorgeous time of year and it makes for some of the most gorgeous photo sessions ever! 




















Fall photo sessions are filled with the gorgeous colors of the leaves, and some of the most beautiful and flattering light. I also love the fashion that comes with fall, gorgeous jewel tones, boots, scarves, hats and vests! It really doesn't get much better. Well maybe a pumpkin spice latte comes close!

I have been doing my research so that I can make sure we schedule your fall photo sessions when the leaves are at their best. According to the PA fall foliage calculator, the leaves in our area will be the most beautiful between 10/14 and 10/21. Because we have such a limited time with these colorful leaves, I suggest that you contact me soon to reserve your family's session time. These limited sessions will go quickly, so don't delay in booking yours. 

My favorite location to photograph families in the fall is Bushy Run Battlefield state park and a private residence that I have exclusive permission to bring clients. Both spots have gorgeous color in the fall and really beautiful foliage that will give your session a unique and beautiful look. 

You can't go wrong booking your Fall Family Photo session with Stacey Louise Photography. If you haven't had a session with us, now is the time to try it out. Stacey Louise Photography is offering an exclusive Fall Offer. Sessions scheduled on October 15th & 22nd will receive a complimentary 11x14 wall portrait (an $80 value). Contact Stacey today to take advantage of this special offer. This offer will be limited to 10 sessions only.


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Newborn Photo Session|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer Newborn photo sessions. What can I say? I LOVE THEM! Snuggly, sweet, little babies, I am not sure there is anything better than that. Then these adorable boys walked into my studio with their new baby brother. Three handsome fellas make for a pretty adorable newborn photo session. 

I don't know if you noticed, but that middle fella has an overload of personality and I LOVED every minute of it. He was all about posing and making sure that everyone knew that even thought there was a new kid in town, he is totally still the star of the show. Just look at that eyebrow! 

Aren't they the seriously adorable? I get so excited when I get to create some totally beautiful sibling photos, and these kiddos did not disappoint. Not only are the most handsome boys ever, they are also super in love with their new, little brother. They both couldn't wait to hold him and snuggle him. 

I can't say that I blame them, he is completely squishable and snuggly. This guy was born a few weeks early so he didn't make it in to the studio until he was about a month old. Usually newborn sessions are done best within the first 10 days after the baby is born, but when they are born early sometimes they have longer hospital stays and they can't get to me right away. Since this little guy was early, he came in right around his due date and was still pretty tiny and pose-able but he just didn't want to sleep. But, we totally made that work and I am in LOVE with his gorgeous eyes! 

He is completely and totally swoon worthy, right?  

I also love that since he is a bit older...and awake...we got to see some of his personality. Capturing personality in your photos is always something that I try hard to focus on in every session. I feel like it makes the photos that much more special when they show off who the person is and not just what they look like.

Newborn photo sessions are fun for so many reasons, but one of my favorite things about them is that I get to dress them up in adorable little outfits. I have so many different hats, wraps, outfits and props specifically made for newborn photo sessions. 

This grey and blue striped outfit is among my top 5 favorites for newborn boys that I have at my studio. I find props and things everywhere I go, but for little outfits and accessories I usually turn to Etsy. This little outfit came from a Etsy shop called, EmilyzEmbellishments. Se has tons and tons of totally adorable and perfect newborn photo session props in her shop. 

While photographing newborn photo sessions, sometimes the babies need a snack break and when that happens I use that time to photograph any siblings there individually. I like to make sure that they still feel special and have some time in the spotlight too. 

I couldn't resist showing off their beautiful blue eyes in a tight close-up shot, and those shirts! Hustle is my favorite verb! LOL I am always working that hustle! 














Remember when I said they were totally in love with him? I wasn't kidding at all! Can't you just see the love and pride shining off of them? I LOVE these guys and I hope that you have enjoyed seeing them. 

If you are expecting a new bundle of joy, contact Stacey to set up your newborn photo session! Newborn photo sessions are best when photographed with in the first 10 days after the baby is born, but don't hesitate to give us a call if you are past that. We can still photograph your baby if they are older than that too! 


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Who is in your tribe?|Greensburg and Latrobe Child and Family Photographer It is back to school time already! I can hardly believe it, summer really flew by so quickly. We had one of the BEST summers ever. We went to Mexico, swam for hours and hours, rode bikes together, read tons of books, hung out with our friends, experienced a solar eclipse...the list of fun things that we did this summer is really miles long. Now it is time to get back down to business, back to the routine of early bedtimes and early wake-ups, back to waiting for that yellow bus to arrive and take my little guy off to school . 

Last year was our first year of elementary school. When I say we were ready for that, it is no understatement. My little guy, Brody (that's him on the right in his neon cheeseburger shirt), was more than ready to hit the ground running and have some independent time away from me, and I was ready to have some regular work hours. Yay, for not having to stay up all hours of the night to get editing and emails done. He had a fantastic Kindergarten year. I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say that. Kindergarten exceeded my expectations. A lot of that had to do with the fact that he had the most AMAZING teacher. She really got the kids. She embraced who they were and encouraged them all to take flight into becoming little scholars. I will forever be grateful that we had her for our first year in the elementary school. The other reason that we had the best kindergarten year ever is that we found our tribe. That's right, we found our people. People who are in it, hustling everyday the same way we are, trying to make it through the day and come out on top (or at least not on the bottom, somewhere in the middle will do too). 

When Kindergarten started, I don't think either of us knew what to expect. I mean, it was totally new territory for us. All day school. Brand new people. Lunch in a cafeteria. Learning to read. Trying to help facilitate the learning to read. Math. New rules. Everything was new. Brody took to school like a champ. He LOVED it. I don't know what I was worried about. He is a social butterfly and made new friends so easily. I was so happy for him. 

These kiddos and their parents mean to world to Brody and I. They are our tribe. These are the people that we are going to experience the next 12 years of school with. I have a client, and friend, who gave me some advice before Brody started Kindergarten. She said, "Get to know the kids, get to know the parents. Be in the school as much as you can." I took her advice and I am so glad that I did. Birthday parties, Happy Hours (just us moms, of course!), playground play dates, extra curricular activities...these are the people that we get to do all of that with. I am so lucky to call these families my tribe.  They are the ones that I text or call when I can't find the paper that the teacher sent home about an important project, they are the ones that tag me on Facebook in memes about hitting Happy Hour because our kids are driving us crazy, and they are the ones that are hanging in there with me on this journey into watching our kiddos grow up. I have this feeling that we are all going to be needing to lean on each other at some point. 

These kids. They are all such amazing kids. I think that they helped each other make it through that first year of elementary school just as much as their parents helped me make it though. I have to say, I think we all navigated those waters like bosses and now they are all ready to hit first grade confidently. 

They aren't all together this year, and we knew to expect that, but we made a pact to stick together. We hung out a bunch this summer and the kids were always so excited to see each other. 

As I am sure you can tell by this group hug or tackle...I don't know, boys. Boys are kind of weird, but we all love them anyhow. Of course they are full of crazy energy and are super loud all of the time. 

But watching them play and learn together all year inspired me to start a project. Each year, at the end of the school year, I want to take a group picture of Brody and his buddies. I want to document their friendship throughout the years, taking the final group photo when they all graduate. Just thinking about it kinda brings tears to my eyes. Graduation? I can't even think about that! But I know that I will get there, and I will make it through because I have my tribe. I know that Brody will get there and he will make it through because he will have his tribe. 

We had so much fun during this photo shoot. It was the perfect start to for project. Afterward we rewarded all of the kids with Ice cream from the Dairy Queen. The kids sitting around their own table while us parents sat nearby at a different one. They all seemed so grown up even thought their ice cream was melting all over them and they were collecting rocks from around the outdoor seating. While we ate we discussed how all of them were having sassy or back talking moments, how we were going to get through the summer homework packets, the never ending struggle of screen time, and the relief that we all felt that we were dealing with the same struggles. That is what I am looking forward to over the next twelve years. Having this tribe to lean on stand by all while trying to figure it out. I am glad that I won't be doing it alone. 

Another first this year, Brody declared this lovely lady his girlfriend. Her mom and I thought it was uber adorable that they both wanted to go on a date until we got a note sent home that they disrupted the whole class with their love. I mean, look at them, how adorable are they? I guess I can see how they could be distracting.



















I am so glad that I had the idea for this project. These photos and memories will be something that Brody can look back on after he graduates, after college, or after starting a family of his own and know that he had a tribe. 

I am so glad that we are heading into first grade with such an awesome tribe! I love you guys, thanks for being there and making this whole thing called parenting a little easier! 


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First Birthday Photos|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer I am a few days behind in posting this, but this little guy just turned ONE! I can't believe that a whole year has flown by already. You might have seen him before on my social media. I have also photographed his newborn and 6 month photos. In case you missed those, check him out. 

Here he is at one week old...

...and at 6 months old. I can't even handle those rolls, that grin, and those baby blues! Isn't he a cutie? 

I love getting to see your kiddos though out their first year for their milestone sessions. Capturing each stage is so important as they are only squishy newborns for a short time, then they move on to being chubby sitters, and then to babbling and toddling one-year-olds. It happens way too quick, and I am happy to be there to stop time for you. Well, I haven't quite perfected my time machine yet (I am really trying to stop my 6 year old from getting any bigger!) but my camera skills are good enough to at least freeze some of these moments for you forever. 

Let's get back to this super cute fella's First Birthday photo session. When his Mommy told me that they were doing a red white and blue theme, I knew I was going to hit up my girl, Kassy, from & Many More for some fabulous balloons! Of course she totally knocked it out of the park with silver letters that spell out O-N-E and adorable red white and blue balloons with stars. They were the perfect patriotic touch for this session. 

He hasn't lost those baby blues. He is soooooo handsome! 

Aren't these balloons amazing? I am telling you that & Many More is the place to go for all of you balloon needs. She has EVERYTHING and is so creative. I totally recommend her for your special occasions, parties, and photo sessions. 

We couldn't leave big sister out of the photo shoot for long. She was dying to get in a few photos with her baby brother. I am so glad that she was, look at how cute they are together! 

And these ones...I die a little just looking at them. Aren't they the cutest? She just loves him so much! 

He might not have been to sure about it at first, but they have fun together. You can just tell. 

His Mommy brought a giant cupcake smash cake for him. He was a little reluctant to give it a try, but once he realized just how delicious it was, he dug right in.

We might have also enlisted the help of big sister once again to get him on board.

Then he was like, "Oh, this is yummy! Give me that cake!"

Smash cakes can be a super fun part of a first birthday photo session, or a super un-fun part of a first birthday photo session. Most of the time these little ones have never had cake before. So they get to their photo session and we sit a cake down in front of them and they are all like, "Ummm, what is this?" Then they get icing on their hands and they hate that and start to cry. So, what I like to recommend is that these kiddos try some type of cake at least twice before their session. This way they are at least familiar with it enough to know that it is food, and not only food, but YUMMY food. This works, MOST of the time. Then there are some kids who are just plain offended by the thought of getting messy and eating in front of the camera. 




















You can see that after a few minutes and some encouragement from his big sister, he was all in!  I don't think there is a cuter little guy with a bow tie and cake! Happy Birthday Cam, it has been such a joy watching you grow over that last year! 

Do you have a little one with a first birthday approaching, contact Stacey to plan your kiddo's First Birthday photo session! 




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Maternity Photos|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer Do you remember these guys? We did a gender reveal session just a few months ago with fab balloon arrangements by & Many More. They are expecting a little boy in October! I can't wait to meet him. But until then, I want to share their gorgeous maternity photo session with you.

Maternity photo sessions are really so exciting. These are the last photos that you will have taken before your family changes completely. You may be moving on from just the two of you to a family of three or from a family of three to four, but either way your family is growing by two feet! 

When I photograph a maternity photo session I make sure to get a variety of different poses to showcase your family as it is now AND to show of that gorgeous baby bump! I will do some photos of just mom and dad, photos of the whole family, just mom (or mom to be), and just mom with the kiddos. 













Just like any of my other sessions, I love to capture your personalities and your relationships with each other. I love showing your LOVE! 









































I always try to get a few photos of the kiddos alone too to celebrate their transition to a big sister or brother! 

Plus, who can resist all of this adorableness? I think she is going to be a fantastic big sister! 

If you are expecting your home to grow by two feet, Contact Stacey to schedule your maternity photo session! Maternity photo sessions are best done between 32-26 weeks of your pregnancy. I



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Senior Photo Season|Greensburg and Latrobe Senior Photographer With senior photo season in full swing, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to highlight one of my favorite senior photo sessions from this year so far. I have been so lucky and have gotten to work with some of the best kids.

This one was a little extra special for me because I have been photographing this girl since she was one! That's right! I have gotten to watch her grow up from a baby into a gorgeous, young woman. Michelina booked a custom senior session. We broke it up into two days, starting in her soccer uniform in the Norwin High School stadium and finishing up in the streets and alleys of Greensburg. She totally rocked it the whole way through. 













I loved photographing Michelina at the Norwin Stadium, we were able to really showcase her school spirit and he love for soccer. Check out those medals and rings, this girl is a champion! 

We didn't stop with the outside of the stadium, we went out onto the field and into the bleachers as well. She has spent a ton of time there over her high school career, so it only made sense to photograph her there for her senior photos. 














After her session at the Norwin Stadium rocking her Lady Knight's soccer uniform, we headed over to the Winnie Palmer Nature reserve for the next portion of her senior photo session.

Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve is one of my favorite locations to photograph my clients. I am an approved photographer by the nature reserve to use the grounds for photo sessions. The reason I love to use this location is that it is like ten locations all in one. There are so many great spots that are the perfect backdrop for photo sessions. 














After a couple of outfits at Winnie Palmer, we headed over to downtown Greensburg to hit grab some photos in the alleys and streets. 








































There are so many interesting spots in downtown Greensburg for senior photo sessions. I love that it gives us both the edgy and contemporary looks that I love for seniors. I love the bright colors, the brick walls, and the unexpected foliage. 

Michelina's senior photo session was tons of fun! I loved that she chose a custom session in three locations that allowed us to get tons of really amazing photos for her to capture this awesome time as a high school senior. 

There is still time to book your 2018 High School Senior a custom photo session with Stacey Louise Photography. Contact Stacey today to discuss your session. 

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Downtown Family Photo Session|Greensburg and Latrobe child and family photographer Have I told you guys lately just how much I love photographing kids and families around town in Greensburg? Yes? Well, I am going to have just keep on telling you because this session went so well and I can't wait to share all of the photos with you! 

Before I get into showing you all of their fabulous photos, we have to talk a little bit about their styling. Mom did an amazing job coordinating outfits for everyone. The first thing I talk to all of my clients about after booking a session and choosing a location is wardrobe and styling. Believe me when I tell you that your outfits can make or break your session. 

When photographing families, extended families, and even larger groups like professional groups, wardrobe plays a HUGE part in making the perfect portrait. I have taken the time to put together a "what to wear" Pinterest Board full of different ideas on how to put together a coordinating wardrobe for family photos. 

There are two main ways that I recommend in choosing what to wear for you family photo session. The first and, in my opinion, easiest way to begin is to find one complete outfit for someone that will be in the picture. It can be your favorite summer dress that your four year old has, or it can be you 10 year old son's favorite tee and shorts, or it can be your own favorite outfit. Once you choose that one outfit, you can pull inspiration from it for the rest of your group. 

In this family's case, you can clearly pick out the one outfit that pulls all the others together. The littlest daughter's dress dictates their color palette of creams, blue, and pink. Not only did this family stick with their color palette, they also added a few different textures ( lace, fringe, chiffon) and silhouettes that add dimension.

I love how all of the outfits compliment each other without being too matchy matchy and they still look great when being photographed individually.

The second way that you can begin styling wardrobe for your family photo session is to choose a color palette that you love and go with it. It is really similar to choosing an outfit and building off of that, but just kid of starting from scratch. If you love a certain color palette, you can choose to go with that and search your closets or head to your favorite store to find the right pieces that fit into your chosen palette. You can find a lot of different ready made color palettes in my "What to Wear" Pinterest Board.

Those are my two big tips on styling for a family, extended family or group photo. The very last step in all of that would be to lay everything out on the floor together, snapping a quick cell phone photo, and sending it over to me. This way I can help you fine tune any details so that you know you will be looking fantastic the day of your family photo session. 

Back to me gushing over how awesome it is to photograph all of your kiddos and families in downtown Greensburg. It really is one of my all time favorite spots. I even photograph my own kiddo there quite frequently. There are just so many different nooks and crannies all over that make for some really interesting backdrops. 

This ivy wall is the perfect combination of hard and soft and really complimented the color palette that they chose for their outfits. Aren't these ladies totally gorgeous? I also love how they fit together like a puzzle! 

Downtown is also great for finding super fun and reflective spots that can make beautiful images like these ones. 

Like I mentioned before, town has some really great textures and interesting backdrops that make moments like these seem even more magical. 

I love photographing kids and families in downtown Greensburg because no matter which way you go you can find a cool and interesting setting to make the perfect photos in.

If you have been wanting to update your family photos or even just photos of the kiddos, give me a call! I would love to photograph your guys and I know just the perfect spot for you!  

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Sisters|Greensburg and Latrobe child and Family photographer One of the first signs of summer here at Stacey Louise Photography is when I get the call to schedule a session for these three, little ladies. I have been photographing them almost every year since the twins were born, and their sessions are always so much fun! Usually we photograph them at their home, but this year their mom and I decided to do something a little different. 

We headed to a local nature park for their session. We wanted to try something new and have some different scenery for the girls' summer photo session this year