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October 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

It has been so much fun photographing families with the beautiful fall foliage. I have to say that it is even MORE fun when I get to photograph some of my closest friends. I go way back with Mom and Dad, or Sara and Jared! We have shared so much together, crazy times, fun times, weddings, babies...You name it and we have probably been there and done that. 














I know that I talked about true love in my last blog, but these guys totally fall in that category as well. They are also high school sweethearts! They have always been such a perfect match, they fit together like puzzle pieces. Just like love does, they have created lots of wonderful from theirs. They are coming up on NINE years of marriage and have two amazing boys! 

This guy is just 6 months older than my son. We always joke that he and Brody will be in a band together someday just like their Daddies were.

Evan is sweet, kind and sooooo smart! Those bright blue eyes like his daddy too! I can't wait to see what he becomes as the he grows! I am secretly, or not so secretly pulling for a high school garage band with Brody. I really can't even begin to think about how cool that would be. Growing up together and having those same fun times that we all shared...well hopefully it won't be exactly the same...wink wink 

Then came along this fella. Alex is the strong and silent type and we love that about him. Going about life in his own way, loving solider guys and everything about the Civil War. I know I could learn a thing or two from this one. Maybe he will join Evan and Brody in the band, if not I know he will be doing something really great! 












I can't even tell you how much love I have in my heart for this family! They might as well have been a part of my life since the beginning of time. We don't get to see each other as much as we would like, you know because life gets in the way, but when we do find the time it is just like old times. OK, enough of all of that, I am about to shed a tear....Enough of me telling you how awesome they all are, you can just see it for yourselves! 




















You can see all of that awesomeness just jump right out of the photos, right? I mean, they are practically perfect! Happy, fun, kind, and fabulous family!


























I am so lucky that I get to call these guys my friends! I had so much fun with them at their session and it makes my heart so happy to give them these moments frozen in time. I have to give another high five for styling here as well! I LOVE this neutral palette against the bright, fall foliage. I knew that Sara would do an amazing job with styling her family...she is always looking fab! 

If Sara and Jared's fall foliage fmaily session makes you want your own, don't worry...I can help you with that! Contact me today and we can reserve your family a session! The fall leaves won't be hanging on forever, but I think that we can get another week or two out of them! 


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These pictures are so awesome Stacey!!!im so glad they did this.
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