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Every year, I get to photograph the kids that attend the preschool that I share a building with and it is seriously one of my most favorite things to do. These kiddos are just getting to know what school is all about and I just love documenting their first few steps into their education. They are super lucky that they get to start with Miss Lynette and Miss Patti at Growing Minds. Those two ladies are just the greatest! They love all of their students and work hard at providing them with a fun and educational school year! 

In a few weeks, I get to take their school photos. It is such a fun day, they all walk down the hall to my studio and walk through my door with such excitement. It makes my day to see all of their smiling faces.

Every year, I try to change up the set and today I got to try it out. I try to stick with a neutral palette so both boy and girl wardrobes will look great with it, plus I want these awesome preschoolers to stand out. I recommend that their parent's dress them in bright and fun colors, as well as to dress them from head to toe. These aren't your traditional school portrait, I take three poses for them to choose from for their package.














Always a full body sitting, a close up, and then a full body standing. I love to take this variety because I feel like it helps show off a their personality best. I just love this year's set up. Simple and fun, just the perfect compliment to any little one beginning their school journey. 

Miss Iyla was having so much fun that we took a whole bunch of different poses. Just take a look at her working it!





















If you are interested in having some unique school photos taken of the special student in your life and you just don't think you can rely on the school photographer, contact me for details on my Custom Back to School Packages



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