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I know that I have said it a thousand times, but I will keep on saying it. My absolute favorite thing about my job is watching all of your sweet kiddos grow. I get to be there for all of the best moments! Miss Hera is ONE, and I have been photographing her family since her soon to be 3-year-old, big brother was brand new! 

I have gotten to watch Hera and her brother, Helo grow from tiny, squishy newborn babies because they have both been a part of my Watch Me Grow Plan. The Watch Me Grown Baby plan at Stacey Louise Photography offers growing families multiple sessions to document their baby's first year! Hera and Helo's family, much like many other Watch Me Growers, have chosen to use those sessions for newborn photos, 6 month photos, and for first birthday photos. With the Watch Me Grown plan, we capture all of those precious milestones within that first year.

Here are just a few of Miss Hera's newborn photos from her very first photo session with Stacey Louise Photography.

The Newborn sessions capture those first moments with that baby, soft skin, those sweet little lips, and those tiny, tiny fingers and toes.  

Just a few short months later, Hera was back for her 6 month photo session at the studio. She was sitting up all on her own, smiling big, and crawling! 




















6 month photo sessions are really so much fun! Hera, was on the move and oh, so happy!

Fast forward just a few short months, and Hera was back again! This time for her first birthday photo session. We headed out of the studio to one of my favorite spots to photography children with their families, Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve.

Happy First Birthday Hera! 













She wasn't so sure about that cake or the grass, but she sure did look beautiful! She also brought along her big brother for some photos, did I mention that he will be turning three soon? I had to make sure to grab a few photos of him as well! Check out those gorgeous blue eyes! 













He wasn't too camera shy and he didn't mind showing Hera some love either. I will let you decide if Hera minded all of the love he had to give.





















I just can't even stand how adorable they are! Those outfits, that tie, those toes, and of course those smiles!!! It really doesn't get much cuter! 

Are you ready for even more cuteness? I know I said that it didn't get much better, but how about this: 

A first birthday photo session wouldn't be complete without a tutu and a crown! 




















A crown, some tutu fluff, a crown and some feathers, and a bright pink chair! That's how we do things here at Stacey Louise Photography! 

I love being able to see all of the changes from milestone to milestone with all of my Watch Me Grow plan members. It is so fun seeing them change from a tiny, sleeping newborn to a crawling, sitting 6 month old and then into a toddling, babbling one year old! I just love being there for these moments that make up that first year!   

Happy First Birthday Hera! It has been such a joy to watch you grow!  

















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