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May 01, 2017  •  1 Comment

Today, I want to introduce you to someone that I have just recently gotten to know. This is Kassy, owner of & Many More. She is currently designing balloon arrangements for special occasions and is just branching out into event planning and decor designing.

I found her on Instagram when she started following my insta. When I realized that she was local, I hopped over to her account right away. She has created some of the most creative and unique balloon arrangements that I had ever seen. I knew that I wanted to collaborate on something with her. So I sent her a message on Facebook to let her know that I thought she was amazing and asked her if she would want to collaborate on some creative photo shoots together. I was so excited when she agreed, and we have some really fun things in the works to share with you all in the future. But, today, I am going to share with you our very first collaboration.

We did a creative, business head shot session for her. We wanted to showcase what she does as well as her totally fun and bubbly personality. So these aren't your everyday head shots. She brought three GIANT balloons and confetti to the studio and we went to work! We had so much fun!




















I thoughthat it would be really fun to do a short interview with Kassy so that we could learn a little more about her business and why she does what she does. Check it out.

SLP: When did you open your business, & Many More? 

Kassy: December of 2015! Started off doing New Years balloons for 2016

SLP: Why balloons? 

Kassy: I get this question a lot! My first job was at the Fun Party Store in greensburg prior to the business closing, I had so many ideas of what I would be changing or doing if the business was my own and went from there! I also thought it would be a great stepping stone into event planning.

SLP: Where do you want your business to go from here?

Kassy: As of now I work from home. I plan on having my own store front and to have more than just balloons as product. Bridal is something I'm very interested in. This year I am offering small bachelorette favors! In this area we don't have a store where you can go to find the latest decor for your life events, I would love to bring that to this area.

SLP: What do you love best about what you do? 

Kassy: I love helping people celebrate! Life is so short and in our lives we do have these monumental moments that we know we will never forget. I love that & Many More can be apart of people's celebrations big or small.

I have had so much fun with Kassy of & Many More, I will totally be calling her for our next celebration and I am excited to collaborate with her on more creative projects. You can take a look at her work on her Facebook and Instagram pages, you won't be sorry that you did. She does the most fun and creative things with balloons! 




















Hair done by Wyatt Shimizzi, London Salon of Latrobe

Make up by Jordann Rager, @jordann.rageer





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Beautiful photos, looks like you had a fun time. Love what the balloons add to the photos, so many uses for photos. Thanks for sharing.
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