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Last year I was lucky enough to meet Kassy of & Many More, a local balloon and party decor shop. Since meeting her, we have collaborated on a few projects and we have BIG plans for 2018 together. 

Before knowing Kassy, I had no idea that so many amazing things could be done with balloons. She recently opened my eyes to a popular new trend that is taking the world by storm, organic balloon arrangements. She has shared so many gorgeous and amazing ideas with me, and together we landed on trying out a bath time photo session with a twist!

I love this idea of creating "bubbles" with balloons. The pop of pinks that she used combined with the white and clear balloons make the set so much fun. Kassy created these beautiful, organic balloon arrangements for this photo session at my studio. She came with all of her supplies and ready to work! BTW did you know that you can hot glue balloons together? Yeah, neither did I! Working with her really inspires and charges up my artist's spirit and gets all of the creative juices flowing.




















How gorgeous is this set?!? I just can't get over how awesome the balloons look AND how they really look like bubbles. Bath time photo sessions are one of my favorite sets to use for babies that are anywhere from 6 months to 1 year old. They are a fun way to show off their adorable baby chub! 






































I have to brag a little about my model for this photo session! She is 8 months old, and the most adorable and fiery, little lady. I have the best friends that allow me to photograph their kiddos when I have a crazy ideas that I want to try out. Isn't she such a doll? She was the perfect model for this bath time photo session with a twist! 

I can't get enough of her beautiful blue eyes and red hair! Sometimes, I feel like I am the official photographer for ginger haired children. I swear that half of the kiddos that walk through my door have red hair! I love each and every one of them too, I am so lucky to have such gorgeous clients! 

If you have a little one 6 months to one year old and would love a bath time photo session with a twist like this one, I would love to hear from you. Contact me and we can get you on the studio schedule. If you are having a party, celebration, or just want some fab balloons to brighten someone's day, contact Kassy at & Many More. I know you won't be disappointed! 


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