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It's almost Mother's Day. I know you don't already have a gift planned for your wife, or even your own mom. How do I know that? I haven't even thought about what to get my Mom either! Dads, listen to me. I totally know what your wife wants this year. She wants a good photo of her and the kids. Again, you can ask me how I know that. How do I know that she wants a GOOD photo of her and the kids? I know this, because I am a mom. I know this because the only photos I am ever in are selfies, and off center blurry photos that someone else took for me when I handed them the camera asking for a photo of me and the kiddo. So when I say that I know your wife wants this, you can trust me. I know that she would love and treasure a photo session that is dedicated to getting a GOOD, no GREAT photo of her and the littlest members of your family. 













I know that she would love a photo session for her and the kiddos because I always hear the same thing from Moms when they call me to book a session. I ask them what they are looking for and they always ask if they can get one of just them and the kids. I know because I have gotten to see the joy and appreciation on their faces when they see the photos after their session. Believe me when I tell you that your wife wants this for Mother's Day.  

Moms! I know this is what you want. It is what we all want, but we settle for selfies and those blurry, off center photos that someone else takes for us. Don't settle, you don't even have to wait for Dad to hang you a gift certificate for your session. You can give this gift to yourself too! Treat yourself to photo session that will remind you why you love being a mom. We will capture memories that you can look back on when they are too big to fit in your lap anymore. 

We all say it, time goes by way too quickly, they are growing up too fast, isn't there a way we can keep them little forever. YES! Well, sort of. I can stop time and freeze these fleeting moments for you.













Don't wait. We can do a Mommy and Me session in the studio or outdoors. The only thing that matters is that you get in the photos with them.  Snuggle them, tickle them, kiss them, or read your favorite book together. Just get in the picture! 
Moms, I want to help you get some GREAT photos of you and your kiddos. Dads, I want to help you make your wives happy this Mother's Day. I will be creating an one of kind photo set with the amazing, Kassy from & Many More, for some Mommy and Me Sessions in April. I will be releasing more information on those next week. I am really excited about what we have up our sleeves for all of you. 

I want you all to start thinking about getting in the photos with your kiddos...I am so passionate about Moms being photographed with their littles. So much that I am going to offer special Mommy and Me Session Packages for the ENTIRE month of April. That's right, usually these types of sessions are only offered on specific days with specific sets, but this year I really want to encourage ALL of the moms to get in the photos with their children. I can't wait to see all of you soon!!! Contact Stacey for full details or to purchase a gift certificate for these special Mommy and Me session packages!  








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