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Extended family photo sessions are among my favorite kinds of sessions to photograph. Most of the time, there is someone that is part of the group that I have been photographing for a long time. Then they send me that email or give me a call and ask if I could photograph their entire family. Their brother or sister and their kids, sometimes aunts and uncles, and even grandma and grandpa. The answer is always, YES. I really love working with large groups.

Just like with any of my sessions, I love to be able to show the personality of the family. Of course I want to also give them a great photo that they will be happy to display in their homes, but I want to also give them a photo that shows who they are! I love to get everyone snuggled in and loving each other. I tell them, "Get cozy. You all like each other, right?" It always gets a laugh and everyone starts to get comfortable. 

 Let's back up a step here. One of the things that I always tell my clients when they book their photo session (any type of session) is, "Please let me know if you need help coordinating and choosing outfits for your family." Maybe some of you are wondering why that is. The reason I do this, is because styling and outfit choices can really make or break your photos. Don't stress, I can totally help you find things that are in your closet to wear. You don't have to go shopping to have fabulous photos. I still want you to show up in what makes you who you are. Your own style, but let's choose something that will look great on camera too! The most important part of styling your family for an extended family photo session is choosing a color palette. You want to choose colors that compliment each other and work together, you don't want to choose colors that work against each other. This asked about doing black and white for their color palette. Black and white is an awesome color palette to work with. I just warned them that too many people in solid white or solid black could make everyone look like floating heads, so I recommended choosing a color pop and to not be shy about using patterns. They did an awesome job putting these looks together and I love how each person's outfit represents their own personal style as well. Cohesive, but not too matchy matchy. That is always the goal.

I have several Pinterest boards created ready to send over to you that can help you choose a color palette that works for your family. I will also encourage my clients to send me photos of their outfits if they are unsure. This way I can help you rearrange and swap things out that may not photograph well. My goal is always to make sure that you are 100% comfortable in front of my camera, and the first step in doing that is helping you feel confident in the clothing that you chose for your session. I do this for any type of photo session that you schedule with me.

Let's get back to some of my other favorite things about extended family photo sessions. Of course the main goal of this session is to get some great images of everyone together. That's why you are all here, right? I also like to break the group down into their individual family units and other special groups too.

That means, all of the kiddos together...

Each individual family...


Each kid on their own...

Granparents with the grandkids...

And of course, the two that are responsible for them all...

Extended family photo sessions are fun! They can be photographed in my studio, an outdoor location, or even in your own home. I have photographed extended family photo sessions in so many different places. As long as you are all together, that family portrait will be perfect. If it has been a while since everyone in your family has been in the same place at the same time for a photo, give me a call. Let me help you make some memories that you can put up on the wall. I can't wait photograph your extended family photos! 


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