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Smith(IT)-5Smith(IT)-5 I have the coolest clients! I got a text a few weeks back from a client, who also happens to be a good friend, with a link to another photographer's post that was a Halloween (the movie) inspired photoshoot and a message that said, "I would love to do something like this, but with a clown."

Her family, much like my own, is super into Halloween. When they do costumes, they really do costumes! So, I was super excited to work on a project like this with them. We texted back and forth for a while working on wardrobe and costume inspiration. If you haven't had a session with me yet, you should know that I love the styling part almost as much as I love taking the actual photos. We shot links back and forth from Amazon, thank goodness for amazon! Once she had found all of the perfect pieces, we picked a session date and waited. 

Usually, I am hoping for sunshine and just a few clouds but for this session I was wishing for a cloudy day. It totally happened and was PERFECT for this photo session inspired by Stephen King's It. I didn't want to totally copy everything from the movies, and we put our own little spin on it. Of course, the biggest difference being that the main characters in our story are girls! 

Smith(IT)-12Smith(IT)-12 Smith(IT)-6Smith(IT)-6 Smith(IT)-18Smith(IT)-18 Fun fact about the Clown in our session. He is Dad to these two and has 13 clown tattoos! So, this was the perfect Father/Daughter photo session for them. 

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When we were talking about where we should do these photos, I knew that there were a few spots in my own neighborhood that could easily mimic the look from the original movies. 

Smith(IT)-23Smith(IT)-23 Smith(IT)-27Smith(IT)-27 Smith(IT)-29Smith(IT)-29

I love that the cloudy day adds to the spookiness for this fun (and a little scary) Halloween photo session. 

Smith(IT)-36Smith(IT)-36 Smith(IT)-47Smith(IT)-47 Smith(IT)-49Smith(IT)-49 Smith(IT)-57Smith(IT)-57 I love getting to do something outside of my regular portrait photography box. I love it when my clients come to me with big ideas and I LOVE getting to bring them to life. Do you have a crazy, fun, outside of the box idea for a photo session? It doesn't have to include costumes or a theme. If it is your idea and you love it, I want to help you bring it to life! Call me, text me, send me and email. I want to hear about it. 

You can check out all of of my creative projects here. I try to do one or two a year that are just for me, to fill up my artist heart. 



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