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In the world we are living in, the way you present yourself on social media is so important. You want to have images and photos that send a clear message about who you are and what your business has to offer. Recently I had a client send me a message asking me if I could help her with some new photos. She said that she was changing up her brand and needed some new images that represented her new style and professional mission. 

Before photographing a personal branding photo session, I go over a list of questions with my client so that I can have a clear picture of what their vision is for their brand. Here are some of the questions that I ask:


1. What kind of business/brand are you building? What does your company offer? Who is your target market?

2. What will you be using these photos for? Social media, print, advertising, website, email signature, etc.

3. Are there specific colors that represent your personal brand? 

4. What outfits are you planning to wear? Do you need help styling and coordinating your wardrobe?


These are just a few of the questions that I run through with my personal branding clients to make sure that their photo sessions are a success. I always work hard to represent the individuality and true personality of all of my clients. I want to make sure that your photos show who you are, especially with a session like this. Often, these photos are the first thing that potential clients come into contact with. It is so important that when they see your photo, that is shows what you and your business is all about. 




When I asked all of my questions to this client, one of the first things that she said to me was..."I LOVE purple! It is one of my favorite colors AND it is one of the colors for my new business logo." YAY was one of my first thoughts, because I love color. I think that it can be one of the best ways to keep continuity with your branding images. 

When I asked her how she would be using her photos, she basically told me all of the above! If you can use a photo for it, she was doing it. Social media, website, print ads, mailers, and more. So when photographing her session, I took all of this into consideration. I made sure to use a white backdrop in addition to this purple one. Why? White backdrops are great when choosing photos for your website. It makes it easier for your web designer to cut the backdrop out if needed. Same goes for mailer and print ads.

Discussing your styling and wardrobe choices with your photographer is one of the most important parts of planning your personal branding photo session. Your wardrobe can make or break your session AND your clothing and accessories are one of the best ways to express yourself!

It is important that you choose pieces that scream out your personality, but is equally important to make sure that what you choose looks good on camera. How do you know what looks good on camera? That is what I am here for. I have been behind the camera for almost half my life and have photographed tons and tons of individuals. I can help you choose the best outfits for your body type and help you choose things that will help you stand out. 

Accessories are often forgotten about when people are choosing their wardrobe for a photo session. I always tell my clients that accessories give you a chance to further express your personality and style. I recommend changing your accessories with each outfit, right down to your shoes. It doesn't have to be jewelry. Scarves, fun scoks, cuff links, glasses or sunglasses, the perfect pair of shoes, or even a hat can be a great way to make your personal branding photos stand out from the crowd. 























I always suggest bringing at least three or four different looks for a personal branding session. Even with an extensive consult, you sometimes can't always predict the way certain fabrics and patterns will show up on camera. So if you have three or four different outfits to choose from, you will be safe with a few backups. 

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It's also a good idea to bring a couple of different layers that work with several of your outfit choices. In the case of this client, she brought a cardigan and a blazer that was interchangeable with a few of her looks. This gives you even more variety to choose from. 

I know that my clients are using these photos for a wide range of things. So I try to capture photos that I know will be engaging on social media and that will pop off of the page of their website. I want to make sure that when you see their photo at the bottom of their email that they sent you that their personality and professionalism comes through. When you get their mailer in your mailbox, I want you to feel like your best friend just dropped you a post card to say hello. That's what a personal branding photo session is all about. 

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Are you trying to update your brand? Refresh your business, social media presence, or your professional head shot? Are you having trouble finding the right photographer to help you get photos that represent who you are to your potential clients? I would love to be that person who helps you infuse your personality and style into the photos that represent your business and brand. These days, you are your brand and your photos need to show that. 

You don't have to go at this alone! I would love to chat about colors, styles, wardrobe and accessories. Give me a call or shoot me an email. Let's make things happen! 

I am currently working with a few friends that can really help push your personal branding above and beyond the competition. Tara, a copywriter and Rene, a web designer and email marketing specialist. We are calling it the 90 Minute Refresh.  Perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs on a budget, for $279 you get 30 minutes with each of them. You’ll walk away with a professional digital headshot that matches your brand, ideas to improve your website and tips on writing engaging and authentic content. The event will be held on Friday, March 27 at my studio in South Greensburg. Secure your spot and learn more at


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