2021 Holiday Sessions at Stacey Louise Photography - Greensburg Photographer

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2021 Holiday Sessions at Stacey Louise Photography

This year you have a few options for your holiday session. 

Option 1:

Holiday Studio Sessions - $249+tax

*30 minute session at the studio

* all of your digital photos with a full printing license

*TWO Holiday sets 

*Wardrobe Styling consultation

*These sessions are ONLY available 

November 1st through December 10th

2021ProudfitHoliday-152021ProudfitHoliday-15 2021ProudfitHoliday-6-22021ProudfitHoliday-6-2 2021ProudfitHoliday-20-12021ProudfitHoliday-20-1 2021ProudfitHoliday-342021ProudfitHoliday-34 2021ProudfitHoliday-482021ProudfitHoliday-48 2021ProudfitHoliday-422021ProudfitHoliday-42 2021ProudfitHoliday-432021ProudfitHoliday-43 2021ProudfitHoliday-612021ProudfitHoliday-61 Option 2:

Holiday Micro City Sessions - $225+tax

*Family Pose, Siblings Together, Kids Individually, 

Mom & Dad Together, a few Interactive Photos.

*Holiday Wreath and Banner available to add in as props.

*Photos taken in one of my favorite alleys in Downtown Greensburg.
*Wardrobe Styling Consultation

*all of your digital photos with full printing license

*These sessions are available for ONE day only! November 11th 2pm-4pm (rain date November 13th 2pm-4pm - you MUST be available for your chosen time on BOTH dates)


Either of these session options are PERFECT for your holiday cards and gifting! 

So, how do you schedule? Email, phone call, text, Facebook message? All of the above, or you can just click HERE! That's right, you can book your appointment online! Evening and weekend dates go pretty quickly and don't forget that I already have some scheduled. But don't worry too much. I have weekday day appointments available too! So what are you waiting for? Call me today and schedule those holiday photos!





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