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Branding and creative shoots are some of my fave sessions in the studio. I’ve done a few recently and wanted to share a blog about how I can help you (even if you aren’t sure what your brand is) from start to finish.

Consider me your brand consultant. Whether you’re a real estate agent (like Amy) a writer (like Tara) an owner of a coffee shop or a fitness trainer - you have a brand.

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Amy and Tara both came in wanting photos for their business. Amy needed the standard headshots, but she also wanted some casual shots she could use in her marketing.

Tara is in a creative business and does a lot of social media posts, so she wanted visuals that covered not only headshots, but fun shots to use in her marketing efforts. She collects vintage typewriters and she wanted some of those ladies on display!

2021LetsMeetForCopy-1412021LetsMeetForCopy-141 Now, Tara is one of my closest friends, so I know a lot about her and her business from our friendship, but we can be perfect strangers before your session and through my consultation, questions and chats before you ever even come into the studio, we’re totally leaving as friends. We are partners and I’ve heard every question, so please bring yours! Just a few of what we cover before you even come in include: 

Outfits and styling

Hair and make-up

Colors and backdrops

Your business and brand identity

Poses you want

Photos you need (headshots) versus photos you want (for social media, casual, etc.)

63262038700__0E0576B2-D8E3-44DF-B101-2289306C4C4763262038700__0E0576B2-D8E3-44DF-B101-2289306C4C47 IMG_0596IMG_0596 I actually sketch out posing ideas before ALL of my sessions. Check out the one I did for Tara and then the actual photos that came from it. Pretty spot on, eh? I love when a vision comes together. 

At the beginning of my career, I worked inside portrait studios and I had a fixed amount of time with clients. We can spend as much time as you need together, no pressure. No one is coming in to shorten your session or tell you the next person is in line. This is YOUR session.

Want to book an hour? Want two? It’s up to you. Tara booked two hours because she had multiple outfit and backdrop changes and with the props she brought, we knew there would be set up involved.

Amy only needed an hour. She changed up her outfits, but mostly just top changes and added and changed accessories. This is a great tip. A different shirt or necklace makes all the difference. 

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Tara brought a hat which changed up her look, too. A simple prop or addition of an accessory really changes the whole look. 

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When you get to the session, I want you feeling relaxing and prepared. And don’t worry, I’m not going to put you on a backdrop and tell you to go. I have extensive posing knowledge to present you best. Every time I would tell Tara to put her chin down or turn her head a certain way, she’d laugh and say, “This feels weird but I know it’s going to look great.” I always say if it doesn’t feel weird then it doesn’t look good. You are the star of your session, but I won’t make you feel awkward or ask you for ideas. I will have a list of everything you want and ideas of my own to get you a huge variety of photos you can use for anything and everything!

2021LetsMeetForCopy-792021LetsMeetForCopy-79 This action shot of Tara with the typewriter was in my mind and when I brought it up to her, she loved it! And can I just tell you how much fun we had doing these? We were trying so hard not to laugh, as I was climbing over a couch to get the perfect angle and Tara was trying not to pop a heel as she was leaping into the air. 

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Think about what you might need photos for. Tara does a lot of posts with words on them, so she wanted to use the typewriter and paper as her canvas. She can now pop this image into Canva and write right on that paper and use it in marketing. We took a lot of her pointing in different directions, too and she can put words all over her image. 

Amy wanted poses and photos that made you feel like she was inviting you into her home. She is a realtor and her clients need to see that she is approachable, someone you could see yourself working with. Fauth-74Fauth-74













I can help you determine what shots you might need and how it will work for you.

My studio has a vibe. We play music (your playlist or mine). We talk. We laugh. Photos are supposed to be fun and I love making my clients feel super comfortable and at ease. Headshots are great and needed, but if you’re here anyway, why not get some shots you’re going to love. As adults, we don’t get a lot of photos of just us. Celebrate you! Your success, this time in your life. Get creative, bring props, do you. I’m here for all of it - including group sessions. If you need photos for your whole team, I’d be happy to work with you and create a consistent campaign that stands on brand with your company but also captures your team’s unique personalities.

If you want to get on my calendar, you can book online right now! Branding sessions are always available and I can’t wait to hear your ideas. Contact me today.  2021LetsMeetForCopy-1462021LetsMeetForCopy-146



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