Champagne or Cake? 30th and 1st Birthday photo sessions!

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Champagne or Cake?


I love celebrating milestones in photo sessions. When this fabulous Mama inquired about doing a photo session to celebrate her 30th and her son's 1st, I was so excited! She came to me with a pretty clear vision of what she wanted, she sent me over this awesome photo of what she had planned for them to wear. So, I took her ideas and ran with them. You can see my session sketch below.

IMG_0664IMG_0664 IMG_0667IMG_0667

Right away I knew that I would be getting some gorgeous balloons from my girl, Kassy at & Many More. She totally came through with these adorable bunches to match their outfits. Gold, navy, white, and cream. They added just the perfect pops of color to their photos. How cute is this fella, with his mom and dad?

1stBdayKoronowski-91stBdayKoronowski-9 1stBdayKoronowski-101stBdayKoronowski-10




















I also love putting little people in BIG chairs. I decided to throw in the balloons to keep with the celebration theme. Seriously, I don't think it gets much cuter. 

1stBdayKoronowski-211stBdayKoronowski-21 1stBdayKoronowski-191stBdayKoronowski-19 1stBdayKoronowski-241stBdayKoronowski-24



















Then it was time to celebrate mom and her turning the Big Thirty! When we discussed this session we talked about how fun it would be to pop a bottle of her favorite champagne. She totally deserves it! She has survived the first year of motherhood, in a pandemic no less, AND is celebrating her own birthday as well!  1stBdayKoronowski-381stBdayKoronowski-38 Before she popped the cork we talked about how sometimes it is so hit or miss with how it happens. Sometimes it is super anticlimactic and there are no bubbles and other times it's a full on geyser of bubbles. Thankfully, we landed somewhere in the middle with this bottle, and that made for some pretty fantastic photos! 

1stBdayKoronowski-431stBdayKoronowski-43 1stBdayKoronowski-451stBdayKoronowski-45 1stBdayKoronowski-471stBdayKoronowski-47


































Of course Icouldn't resist getting both mom and kiddo in a photo together! First and thirtieth birthdays are a pretty big deal after all! 

1stBdayKoronowski-641stBdayKoronowski-64 Anytime I have a whole family together at my studio for any occasion, I make sure to grab a few "everyday" photos of them as well. I did a few casual family poses for them before we moved on to some more photos of just the little guy. 

1stBdayKoronowski-261stBdayKoronowski-26 1stBdayKoronowski-301stBdayKoronowski-30

1stBdayKoronowski-651stBdayKoronowski-65 1stBdayKoronowski-701stBdayKoronowski-70




















1stBdayKoronowski-721stBdayKoronowski-72 For all first birthday photo sessions, I encourage my clients to bring in their kiddo's favorite stuffed animal, toy, blanket, books...whatever totally describes them right at that moment. Right now, Carter loves to read books and snuggle with his giant stuffed puppy. Look how totally adorable he is with his favorite things. 

1stBdayKoronowski-781stBdayKoronowski-78 1stBdayKoronowski-801stBdayKoronowski-80 1stBdayKoronowski-841stBdayKoronowski-84












Remember when I said there would be cake? Well, here it is! most of my clients choose to bring along a smash cake for first birthday photo sessions. Carter's Mommy made this fantastic cake for him to dig into!  1stBdayKoronowski-1171stBdayKoronowski-117 He was very gentle with his cake smashing, but there was no shortage of yummy noises! LOL He was super into enjoying every little piece that found it's way into his mouth. 

1stBdayKoronowski-1151stBdayKoronowski-115 1stBdayKoronowski-1051stBdayKoronowski-105 1stBdayKoronowski-1201stBdayKoronowski-120 1stBdayKoronowski-911stBdayKoronowski-91




















If you have a big milestone coming up, why not celebrate with a photo session. We can totally customize your session to be exactly how you want it. Champagne or cake? It's totally up to you! Just give me a call, shoot me an email, whatever works for you!  I am ready for you! 










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