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Dancer Photo Session with Holi Powder

FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-62FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-62 I really like to do at least a few photo sessions every year that are just for me, for fun, to fill up my creative heart. I try to come up with something that is relevant and interesting, but also give myself a challenge too. This year, I decided that I wanted to do a photo session with a dancer and we were going to throw Holi Powder at her! LOL 

So I gave my girl, Molly, a call and hoped that she would trust me enough to jump in (who am I kidding, pun totally intended) and go for it with me. Luckily, she and her mom always seem to be up for my crazy ideas! A quick back story on Molly, I have been taking her photos since she was 9 months old. She and her family have been with me from the very beginning of Stacey Louise Photography, and she has kind of been my muse ever since! You can check out my Creative Projects, Molly has been a part of so many of them beginning with my signature Glitter Sessions! 

I always start these creative projects with like one piece of an idea, and then I roll from there. This one actually started with the idea of body paint on a dancer. The more I thought about it, that just wasn't where I wanted to go. I wanted to convey movement in these photos, and the body paint just felt static to me. I thought of maybe throwing paint, but then I didn't want that mess in the studio (I really didn't know what I was getting myself into with the Holi Powder, IYKYK). So I landed on this idea of tossing the Holi Powder. 

Molly has been a dancer for quite sometime, so I relied on her to come up with some fun poses and movement to do. I had her mom and my studio assistant tossing the powder. Have you ever thrown a fist full of powder in the air? For some reason, I thought it would go up and then straight back down. That was for sure NOT the case. Even though I thought I was being proactive by covering a few areas with plastic sheeting, that powder coated everything in the studio! My assistant, Jillian, and I spent about two hours after this session trying to clean up the mess, and I am pretty sure there are still things that have a coating of Holi powder of them! LOL 

It was totally worth it though! We came up with some totally awesome images that I am super proud of! 

FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-3FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-3 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-18FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-18 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-26FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-26 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-31FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-31 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-38FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-38




















I likely won't be throwing any more Holi Powder around the studio, but I am so happy that I did it at least this one time. 

FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-39FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-39 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-36-3FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-36-3 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-53FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-53 FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-70FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-70

I am always down to try something at least once. Do you have a crazy, fun idea for photos? Call me up, let's do it! I am game! FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-74FEB2022MollyMcNealHoliPowder-74
















































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