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We have had sooooo many first birthdays this month at Stacey Louise Photography. I LOVE photographing first birthday photo sessions. They really are so fun, and they are kind of like the final chapter of a book that has been in the works for, well, a year! For most of these kiddos I have been photographing them since they were teeny. tiny, squishy newborns. I get to watch them grow from a tiny baby into a walking, almost talking, toddler. Like I have said so many times before watching all of your kiddos grow is the best part of this job and Levi is no exception to that. 

Before I jump into his first birthday session, you have to see him as a precious newborn. 

I can't lie, I think that I love newborn photo sessions just as much as first birthday photo sessions. How could I not? Those chubby cheeks, tiny toes, and I get to dress them up in adorable hats! It doesn't really get much better. Levi was a dream to photograph at his newborn session, he stayed perfectly asleep the whole time! And I can't leave out his big sister, Peyton...she always manages to somehow steal the show! I love this sassy girl and she is the perfect big sister. She couldn't wait to hold him and squeeze him for photos. 













I can't leave out his fabulous Mommy and Daddy...These guys are seriously among some of my favorite families that I get to work with, it has been so much fun seeing them so often over this last year! 

Mom always has a great theme in mind, and I am always on board when I get to break out my tiny cowboy props! As we move on to the Levi's six month photo session you will see that this little fella didn't jump too far outside of this box...

Not so tiny anymore, but still ready to jump on that horse and ride into the sunset! That cow print neckerchief...I can't even, and those cheeks again! 













I love when families choose to be a part of our Watch Me Grow, Baby's First Year package because we get to capture each important milestone for them. The Watch Me Grow package includes three full photo sessions over the course of your baby's first year. Most of my clients use those three sessions for a newborn session, a session at 6 months, and then another at one year old. With three sessions during that first year we are able to capture that itty, bitty baby with those tiny toes and pouty lips, we capture them sitting for the first time with some of their first big smiles, and then we get them standing and beginning to walk. The Watch Me Grow package is the best way to freeze all of these precious moments from your baby's first year.

Moving on, or I coming back to Levi's first birthday photo session. I think this is my favorite session of Levi from the year. He was full of personality and smiles and he really commanded the spotlight! If you aren't sure what I mean, just take look!

This face! That laugh and those two tiny teeth. There is nothing better than a baby, belly laugh! 

OK, well maybe this is just as cute as that belly laugh...I can't decide which I like best! A lot of families choose to bring in a smash cake for first birthday sessions. Remember when I said that Levi's mom is always on point with her themes? She didn't disappoint with the first birthday session. A few weeks prior to her session I received a text asking if I knew where she could find a GIANT tire and some orange hazard cones. We texted back and forth for a bit as we got on the same page for this adorable, construction themed, first birthday session. 













He didn't waste much time digging in to that yummy cake! 

I would say that even kind of enjoyed it. hahaha Happy First Birthday, Levi! Thank you for letting me share in watching you grow! 



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