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Another personal post for the blog today. I want to share with you something that my family and I have been doing together for the last four years. That's right, four years! To be honest, if I would have found it sooner that would be saying the last six years. My family and I have been making Music Together at Every Little Soul Music, every week for the past four years. I know that sounds like a long time, but these last few years have just flown by. Like seriously, I must have blinked and we have gone from having a crazy two-year-old to a smart, strong-willed, funny, and sweet six-year-old. Well, actually, according to him he is six and quarter...but that is another blog. Back on topic, I want to share with you how much we, and I really mean it when I say we, love and enjoy Music Together classes. 

I found Music Together, when my son was just over two years old. I was looking for something to do with him that was engaging and fun, and if I am being 100% honest...somewhere that I could meet other moms with kids around the same age and make friends with them. I was a new-ish mom, most of my friends didn't have kids yet and if I am being honest again...I was a little bit lonely and going out of my mind. I know I am not the only one that has felt this way, so I was looking around for an outlet. So I took to Google, like any other new mom that is searching for answers to the many questions that pop up during the day when you are raising a toddler. I searched for toddler music classes in my area because Brody was OBSESSED (and still is) with anything music. The first thing to pop up in that Google search was Music Together. I called right away, left a voice mail, and then just a few hours later I was talking with the Candice, the center director. She happily answered all of my questions, there were A LOT (you know like any other new mom!) and we registered for a sample class that was happening about a week later. 

When we stepped into the room where class was being held, something happened. I looked around with a room full of parents with kids from tiny babies all the way up to pre-school aged kids and I felt at home. I felt comforted that I was surrounded by a room full of people that were doing the same things that I was everyday. Then class started. "Helloooooooooooooooooo! Hellooooooooooo!" The teacher began tapping her hands on her lap, and everyone, including my two-year-old who had never been to class, followed along. Everyone was smiling, and singing and clapping.

"Hello Everybody, we're so glad to see you! Hello Everybody, we're so glad to see you!" 

This! This is just what I needed! We signed up for the Winter Semester as soon as the sample class ended. Music Together classes provided me with a community. A community of people that I needed in my life. Toddlers walking around class, parents singing and dancing and being silly with each other. It was so refreshing to have somewhere to go every week with my two-year-old son that was engaging and fun for him AND me. I really do credit Music Together for getting through the toddler years relatively unscathed. We would sing songs from class in the grocery store to squeak out a few more minutes in the check out line, we would sing class songs in the car to get us through long (and even not so long) drives, we would sing class lullabies at nap time and at night to help start the process of quiet time/time to go to bed, we would even sing class songs or cues to get Brody to clean up his toys.

I am telling you that if you try this class, you won't ever want to stop. Now, I have just been going on and on about how much I enjoyed class and how much I have gotten out of it. Let me tell you what my son has gotten from it. Brody has been able to learn rhythm and tonal patterns through play, by just being there in the room while they are happening. Music Together classes are designed to teach the way that children learn. Children learn instinctively and constantly, and teach themselves through imitation and play, through being immersed in their environment, and through interaction with adults and older children. The family-like setting of Music Together classes creates an ideal learning environment. And it’s all based in research in early childhood and music development. These classes were developed based on extensive research, you can read all about it on the Music Together Worldwide website

When Brody started singing the songs randomly at home or trying to create his own rhythm patterns like he saw them being made in class my heart just exploded. I feel like Music Together has really given Brody a huge foundation of learning music, thinking creatively, and even learning how to be a leader. We have made so many wonderful memories over that last four years that we have been attending weekly class. I will hold our times in class in my heart forever. Brody has reached a point where we have aged out of class. We attended our final Almost Big Kids Class last night, and I would be lying if I weren't a little emotional while singing the good-bye song. 

If you can't tell, I can't say enough good things about Music Together Classes at Every Little Soul Music in Greensburg. Registration for Spring classes is currently open. Give Miss Candice a call and reserve a spot for your and your kiddos. I promise that you won't be sorry that you did. Tell her I sent you! With that I will leave you with a song from class..."Goodbye, so long, farewell my how about a hug for your mom or your dad. Or the one who takes care of you. And a hug or a handshake for your friends and then how 'bout a hug just for yourself, tooooooo" 


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