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March 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Saturday morning. It is one of my most favorite moments of the week. If I don't have to rush off to the studio for a session, we all spend most of the day in our jammies lounging around and enjoying time together as a family. Sometimes that means I get to learn all about Pokemon. Sometimes that means I get to play Pop the Pig, or Diggin' Dino Monopoly, or the Hungry Caterpillar game 12 times in a row. Sometimes that means I get to google, "How long to whale sharks live?" or "What is the biggest clock tower in the world?" or "Which planet has the most moons?" or countless other questions that come at me rapid fire from my 6 year old. 

But when you have just been given a stack of old National Geographic Magazines from your Great Grandma, Saturday morning means discovering new things from all over the world. We are so lucky to have such a curious boy who LOVES to learn and discover new things. He spent the better part of that Saturday morning perusing the pages of each issue. He would carefully remove the inserts and delicately unfold them. The excitement and wonder was completely endless.

I have to remind myself to set aside time to capture these memories. On this day, when I stepped out of the shower and saw him just completely absorbed by these old magazines, I quickly grabbed my camera and tried to sneak a few photos without him knowing. He has reached a point where he can't help but perform when he knows the camera is pointed at him. He will make crazy faces or start posing for me, a true photographer's kid. He just can't help himself.  
There are so many things about these photos that make my heart so happy. I love the way that the light is shining through the pages of the magazine. I love his small hands wrapped around the covers, I love that he is still small enough to be almost completely covered by the magazine, I love his jammies, and I love his little feet. I know that all of these things are fleeting. They won't be the same next week, next month, or next year. I am glad I thought to grab my camera and document the Saturday morning that was spent pouring over some old National Geographic magazines like they were long lost treasures.

  I love that our Saturday mornings are full of creating the solar system with plastic planets and a giant flashlight "sun", spreading out maps and diagrams on the living room floor, and playing games and lounging in our jammies. What are your Saturday mornings filled with? 


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