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Have I told you guys lately just how much I love photographing kids and families around town in Greensburg? Yes? Well, I am going to have just keep on telling you because this session went so well and I can't wait to share all of the photos with you! 

Before I get into showing you all of their fabulous photos, we have to talk a little bit about their styling. Mom did an amazing job coordinating outfits for everyone. The first thing I talk to all of my clients about after booking a session and choosing a location is wardrobe and styling. Believe me when I tell you that your outfits can make or break your session. 

When photographing families, extended families, and even larger groups like professional groups, wardrobe plays a HUGE part in making the perfect portrait. I have taken the time to put together a "what to wear" Pinterest Board full of different ideas on how to put together a coordinating wardrobe for family photos. 

There are two main ways that I recommend in choosing what to wear for you family photo session. The first and, in my opinion, easiest way to begin is to find one complete outfit for someone that will be in the picture. It can be your favorite summer dress that your four year old has, or it can be you 10 year old son's favorite tee and shorts, or it can be your own favorite outfit. Once you choose that one outfit, you can pull inspiration from it for the rest of your group. 

In this family's case, you can clearly pick out the one outfit that pulls all the others together. The littlest daughter's dress dictates their color palette of creams, blue, and pink. Not only did this family stick with their color palette, they also added a few different textures ( lace, fringe, chiffon) and silhouettes that add dimension.

I love how all of the outfits compliment each other without being too matchy matchy and they still look great when being photographed individually.

The second way that you can begin styling wardrobe for your family photo session is to choose a color palette that you love and go with it. It is really similar to choosing an outfit and building off of that, but just kid of starting from scratch. If you love a certain color palette, you can choose to go with that and search your closets or head to your favorite store to find the right pieces that fit into your chosen palette. You can find a lot of different ready made color palettes in my "What to Wear" Pinterest Board.

Those are my two big tips on styling for a family, extended family or group photo. The very last step in all of that would be to lay everything out on the floor together, snapping a quick cell phone photo, and sending it over to me. This way I can help you fine tune any details so that you know you will be looking fantastic the day of your family photo session. 

Back to me gushing over how awesome it is to photograph all of your kiddos and families in downtown Greensburg. It really is one of my all time favorite spots. I even photograph my own kiddo there quite frequently. There are just so many different nooks and crannies all over that make for some really interesting backdrops. 

This ivy wall is the perfect combination of hard and soft and really complimented the color palette that they chose for their outfits. Aren't these ladies totally gorgeous? I also love how they fit together like a puzzle! 

Downtown is also great for finding super fun and reflective spots that can make beautiful images like these ones. 

Like I mentioned before, town has some really great textures and interesting backdrops that make moments like these seem even more magical. 

I love photographing kids and families in downtown Greensburg because no matter which way you go you can find a cool and interesting setting to make the perfect photos in.

If you have been wanting to update your family photos or even just photos of the kiddos, give me a call! I would love to photograph your guys and I know just the perfect spot for you!  


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