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One of the first signs of summer here at Stacey Louise Photography is when I get the call to schedule a session for these three, little ladies. I have been photographing them almost every year since the twins were born, and their sessions are always so much fun! Usually we photograph them at their home, but this year their mom and I decided to do something a little different. 

We headed to a local nature park for their session. We wanted to try something new and have some different scenery for the girls' summer photo session this year. This spot was perfect. It had gorgeous greenery everywhere, a swinging foot bridge, and best of had a small creek that the girls could wade into for a few photos. Perfect, right? 

Meet big sister, Evelyn. This is Flora, one half of the spunky twin duo.

Ella, the other half of the twin duo.

All three of these girls are full of energy, spunkiness, sass, and sweetness. They all run to give me hugs when they arrive for their sessions and I have even gotten some gorgeous art work from them that I keep at my studio. I love that I get to watch them grow and that I get to photograph these kiddos every summer. 

Just like all of my sessions, my main goal is always to capture their personalities and the true essence of who they are and their relationships with each other. 

These guys do most of the work for me. I give them some direction on where and how to sit and then they go and take it one step further by throwing their own personal spin on it. This is what I end up with, and I don't think that it could be any more perfect. 

They are just bursting with happiness and I love that it really shines through in their portraits. When I photograph these girls, I always think that they are real the definition of what a sister is. They are truly each others best friends.

Aren't they completely fabulous? 

This new spot I found is almost as fabulous as they are! I love all the little nooks and crannies that make the photos so interesting and unique. The best thing about this new spot is the creek! We had so much fun playing in the creek and it made some really beautiful photos! 

Oh yeah, even mom jumped in there for a few photos too! The girls thought it was a great idea to give mom a few splashes, and who doesn't want to jump in some water while wearing a fancy dress? Breaking a few rules is ok as long as it gets you some amazing photos, right? 






















Like I said, we had soooo much fun. I am in love with this new location and would love to get a few more families up there for some beautiful, summer portraits. If you have been thinking about updating your family photos, now is your chance to get something really special! Give me a call or shoot me an email and we can come up with something awesome together! 


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