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Baby's First Year Photo Sessions

One of my most favorite things about being a family photographer is that I get to watch all of your kiddos grow up. I have clients that are now turning 16 and 17 years old and I have been photographing them since they were brand new. It is so hard to believe, mostly because I don't want to admit that I am getting older, but I just love getting to be a part of your family's special moments. 

This little lady just had her First Birthday and it made me take a look back at her newborn and 6 month photo sessions. Most of my clients like to order a custom designed album that showcases photos from the newborn photo session, the 6 month photo session, and the first birthday photo session. I love creating these, because then I get to take a look back and see how much these kiddos have grown and changed.  It's hard to pick a favorite kind of session when it comes to Baby's First Year photos. When they are newborns, they are all squishy and sleepy and new. So totally sweet, right? When they come in for their six  month photo sessions, they are just starting to sit up on their own and finding their voices. I love a sweet baby babble! At the First Birthday photo session they are beginning to walk and move around more, some of them have a word or two they are working on and ALL of them have their own personality to show off!  Documenting your baby's first year in photo sessions is such an important thing to do. We capture each of those milestones and then you can keep them forever. From squishy newborn phase to the babbling phase and right on through to the toddling stage. A few of my clients will bring in a special item for each of the photo sessions to be photographed with their baby. This sweet girl's mama brought in the most adorable elephant and we incorporated it into all three sessions. I love this idea because it really helps to show how she has grown and it gives a personal touch to her photo sessions. I love when you guys bring in special items from home to be photographed in your photo sessions. These milestone photo sessions aren't JUST for baby! No way! I love when we can add in siblings. Look how much both of these little ladies have grown in just one year.  I love when we get to the First Birthday Photo sessions and we can show what big kids they have become. Their personalities really start to shine around this age and it makes for some really gorgeous photos! I always try and get them standing up, either on their own or holding onto something to keep them steady. 




















If you or someone that you know is having a baby, I would love to chat! Let's talk about setting up your newborn photo session. Or if your sweet baby is older, let's talk about 4 or 6 month photos, or even that first birthday session. It is never too late to start documenting their first year. You can hit me up here. I can't wait to hear from you!  



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