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I have been so lucky to get to meet the most awesome people through my own kiddo. I have met and made some of the best friends of his school friends'mom and also my stage mom friends and now his violin teacher. I would like to introduce Miss Amber. She is an amazing teacher AND person. We got her info from my friend Tara, who also happens to be an incredible boss lady. I have written a few blogs about her and you can find them here. Her son take piano lessons from Miss Amber, and when I mentioned to her in passing that Brody was wanting to take violin lessons, she immediately told me who I needed to contact. 

Miss Amber is a recent graduate from Baldwin Wallace, and I am pretty sure that she has been playing the violin for what seems like half of her life! She is so kind and caring and she has what it takes to be a teacher of young people. She is patient, but firm. Firm is what my kiddo needs to be able to learn. Brody started taking lessons from her last March. We were testing out the waters with a borrowed violin and lessons just every other week, but by May he was playing Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle for a community service event, Miss Amber encourages all of her students to use their musical gifts to entertain the community. My husband and I were so impressed with what she was able to pull out of Brody in just a few lessons. Needless to say, we love her and think she is a gem of a teacher. 

Then Miss Amber came to me and asked me to update her head shots. I was so excited for the chance to work with her. I love getting to photograph new and different kinds of photo sessions. Some of my absolute favorite photo sessions are for fellow boss ladies. I really love being able to show off other business owner's personalities as well as their professionalism so that they can use their head shots confidenty to represent who they are and what their businesses are all about. So, I asked Miss Amber what she wanted her photos to say about her. She told me that she wanted photos that showed that she was a professional violinist, but also show off her fun, energetic, happy, loving life person that she is. She said, "I don't want the cookie cutter head shots." Good! I got you girl! Hahaha 

I never want to give anyone just a cookie cutter photo. I want your photos to show off the person you are. Not only in my work with children and families, but also when I am photographing you for your business head shots. I want your photos to show your clients or potential employers who you are. That is what all head shots should do. The person that you are should jump right out of the photo at them! 

Miss Amber decided to do a combination studio and outdoor session. So we did about 30 minutes in my studio and 45 minutes outdoors. Just take a look at how awesome she is! 







































These are just a few of the gorgeous photos that we got in the studio. Then we decided to head outside to one of my most favorite outdoor locations, Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve. Since I am an approved and permitted photographer to use these grounds, I knew that this would be a perfect place for Miss Amber to show off her fun and energetic personality. 

Not only were we at my favorite place, but also at my FAVORITE time of day. GOLDEN HOUR! Seriously guys, when I tell you that golden hour is worth the late session time, I am not joking! 

I had a total blast photographing Miss Amber's head shot session. If you or someone that you know needs some head shots for their business or profession, let me know! I want to help you and make sure that you are not a victim of the "cookie cutter headshots".  And if you or your kiddo wants piano or violin lessons, hit me up. I will get you Miss Amber's info. 


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