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March 31, 2020  •  1 Comment

IMG_0922IMG_0922 Making the Best of Covid-19 Quarantine


Raise your hand if you have cooked more meals, read more books, binge watched more Netflix series, and crafted more projects in the last two weeks than you you have in the last year. 

This quarantine. This quarantine, it is something. I don't really even have words to express exactly how I am really feeling. The fist week of this craziness had me mostly in tears. Tears for so many reasons. The second week, I was like, I got this. I am just going to make the best of this. Stay creative, keep on going, FaceTimed all of my friends and family to stay connected, I even attended a Zoom birthday party! This week, we started getting real assignments from school, I am applying for government grants to keep my business a float, and all of my son's extra-curricular activities have moved to virtual classrooms. 

I am so grateful for this technology. It has been so great to be able to FaceTime and stay connected and to access zoom and log into a dance class or acting class. But every time my son logs into one of his Stage Right classes, I find myself welling up. Tears flooding my eyes. I miss all of the people. Do you miss all of the people? I know that some of us are introverts and maybe this isn't so bad for them, but I am an extrovert and I love being social. My heart gets filled up with each connection that I make while I am out and about throughout my day. A smile and nod at the grovery store, lunch with a good friend, running my kiddo to his many activities and chatting with my stage mom friends. I miss all of that so much! 

IMG_0924IMG_0924 We are keeping busy and doing our best to stay productive. There have been so many resources offered up, and that has been so lovely. My son is participating in a cartoon drawing class from a local artist, Joe Wos, and we are totally loving it! I have loved seeing all of the drawings that he comes up with. We also worked on a project, just the two of us. His talent show was cancelled, so we made a music video and did a photo shoot. If you are a fan of Little Shop of Horrors, you can check it out here. We have also been hanging out with the neighbors across the street, them on their side and us on ours. Nerf battles, chalk drawing, and good conversation, it was almost just like normal. My husband and my son are recording a song together, My husband is playing guitar and my son is singing and playing some violin. I do love that this has given us the time to fall back into doing some creative, passion projects. Today we decided to paint the front door. I saw on a Facebook post that you could mix washable paint with some dish soap to get a translucent look for your paint. I taped it off, and my son and I both painted it. I painted the top half and he painted the bottom half. 

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How are you guys doing? What are you doing to keep busy? How are you handling the transition to online learning? I want to hear all of it! 

IMG_0951IMG_0951 I am still running a sale on gift cards, if you are thinking about a late spring, summer, or even a fall photo session you can check those out here! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy! 


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love seeing urs and brodys daily adventures let me know there is still life to be lived right now.
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