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IMG_1032IMG_1032 Usually this time of year I am photographing gorgeous mommies with their adorable kiddos for Mommy and Me sessions. Because of the COVID-19 quarantine, that isn't happening. But don't worry! I would never skip out on some of my favorite sessions of the year. Once the quarantine is lifted...We. Are. Doing. Them. They might look a little different than in years past, maybe we can get outside with no fear of snow or cold temps. Wouldn't that be awesome? 

I am really missing photographing all of you amazing people and their littles, so I have been getting my guy in front of the camera a little more than I have been. When he was little, I probably took photos of him daily. I am not exaggerating. I would just follow him around with my camera and take pictures of him all day. Which is probably the reason he rolls his eyes and lets out a great, big sigh when I tell him I want to take some photos of him. I guess that you could say he is my original muse. Even though I was a portrait photographer long before he was around, he is the reason I started my own studio. 

When I saw this gorgeous, flowered tree down the street from our house, I knew that I had to take some photos with it. I knew that Brody had just gotten this awesome, gingham shirt from a Stitch Fix Kids that came right before the shut down. I had planned for him to wear it on Easter. But, that didn't happen because we all ate Easter dinner in our pajamas! I came inside from my walk, and asked Brody if he would let me take a few photos of him with this amazing tree. He jumped right up and said, "Ok!" This quarantine must really be getting to him. He got dressed and we walked a block from our house to where the tree stood. 

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These are some  of my favorites. I love that silly face he is making and those bracelets he insists on wearing.  It is the perfect snapshot in time of my 9 year old, my third grader, my little boy who isn't so little anymore. Usually he refuses to wear jeans. Stitch Fix for the win there, those jeans feel softer than sweat pants! He said that he would actually wear them again! 

IMG_1037IMG_1037 How about this face? If this isn't a pre-teen face, I don't know what is. His hair. Well. #quarantinehair is about all I can say about that. I will say that he pulls off this shaggy look quite well. 

IMG_0987IMG_0987 IMG_0988IMG_0988
















Usually he is pretty silly when I try to photograph him these days. Making crazy faces and sticking out his butt. He ends up giving me one or two genuine grins and smiles and they make my heart sing. My own child is the hardest for me to photograph. Give me your grumpiest two-year-old and I have no trouble, but trying to get my own kid to not stick out his tongue and roll his eyes is a challenge. 

IMG_0980IMG_0980 The are we done yet face. LOL Ok, just one more...and then he ran all of the way home. I am SO ready to be photographing your families and your kiddos when this is all over and we can safely be together again. We might miss out on these spring family blooms for your family photos, but it will be just in time to take advantage of more sunshine and for all things to be green again. If you are ready to get out and make some memories with our family, or need birthday photos, or want in on the Mommy and Me sessions that will be happening, let me know. We can get something on the calendar for late May or early June. I am also still running a special on gift cards. Grab one for yourself or the special Mom in your life. For every $100, I am giving your $50. You can get yours here!  


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