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Meet Sofia! She is turning four, she loves unicorns, sparkle, and is a total sass-a-frass! Don't get it wrong, she is a complete sweetheart too! I had a

blast with her at her photo session, she was working the camera like a pro! 

I always like to prep for sessions with my clients by asking them what kind of outfits they are planning to wear. I usually ask for a few quick cell phone photos so that I can help with accessories or if there is going to be more than one person in the photos I help coordinate. Well, Sofia's Mommy did not disappoint. She told me she wanted her theme to be gold and she sent me a video of a few dresses and accessories that she planned on bring out to the studio.

GOLD! SPARKLE! Hey, that is right up my alley...you can never have too much sparkle. I don't know if you have noticed, but I kind of LOVE sparkle! I once did an entire photo project based on sparkle. If you haven't seen it yet you can check out a few photos from that project by clicking, here.  

Ok, back to the completely fabulous Sofia! One of my most favorite backdrops that I have at the studio is my gold sequin backdrop, so I knew right away that we had to use it for her photo session. I love the way it just sparkles around the subject. 

Another reason I like to see what outfits and accessories my clients are planning to wear for their photo sessions, is to make sure that I pull out props and backdrops that will compliment what they are wearing. This tiny couch is another one of my most favorite things that I have for studio sessions. I also have tons and tons of fun accessories at the studio like necklaces, hats, headbands, masks, and crowns. I knew that Miss Sofia needed a crown, and I found her a perfect match in this one.

Doesn't she just look totally perfect?!?! She sparkles right along with that gold sequin behind her. I LOVE IT! Not only do I have fun accessories for photo sessions, I have collected some pretty fun props along the way too! Check out this cake and cupcake, don't they look good enough to eat? 




















Can you believe these are fake? That's right, don't take a bite, I don't think that they will taste nearly as good as they look. I got them at this super, fab Etsy shop called Fake Cupcake Creations




















What is a birthday photo session without some cake, right? 

I love when I can totally pull a set together to make your photo sessions fun and unique. The next thing that Miss Sophia's Mommy pulled out of their bag was a bright pink tutu, some fun headbands, and wait for it...a unicorn mask! That's right! I said a unicorn mask! Wait until you see how completely amazing it is, but first check out this little cutie totally slay this photo session. 













Have you ever seen anyone wear a tutu better? When she pulled on this tutu, her BIG and BRIGHT personality just came shining through. Can you see her work? I love when kiddos come to the studio wearing something that makes them feel like a super hero or a princess. I think that this tutu totally gave her some super powers! 




















She really started to shine in this outfit. She was giving me faces, workin' the camera, and coming up with her own poses. My absolute favorite thing and my goal for every session is to make portraits of your family and children that let their personalities shine through. I LOVE when it comes together like it did here in Sofia's photo session.  













I mean, come on! CHECK. HER. OUT!

We had SO MUCH FUN during her photo session! I could have taken her pictures all day long. I know you think that she is so fabulous in all of these photos that it can't possibly get any better, am I right? Well, I know that it is easy to think that but just wait until you see her totally rock her unicorn mask. Remember that I promised you a unicorn mask? I won't make you wait any longer, just take a look at this!




















Have you ever seen anything more fabulous in your life? I don't think I have, and you know I totally want one of these for myself. I know you do to, we will have to check with Sofia's Mommy to see where we can pick up one of these totally, sweet masks. 

If you have your own 4-year-old at home that wants to come out to the studio and dress up in their favorite tutu, super hero costume, or unicorn mask...don't keep it a secret! Give me a call and set up an appointment for their own photo session, I would love to have a great time with them creating special, one-of-a-kind memories with them. These moments with them like this, rocking their favorite unicorn mask are so fleeting, we need to make sure that we set aside special time to document them, let me help you with that! 




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