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Family portraits. I love photographing families together! I love showing the relationships, the smiles, and the fun that they all have with each other. 

Family portraits are awesome in any location: at the studio, in a gorgeous field, in front of a barn, or in a cool alleyway. Do I have a favorite location for family portraits? Of course I do! That's what I want to share with you today! I love to photograph families, kids, high school seniors, and just about anything else you can thing of in the streets and alleys of Greensburg. Why? Why are the streets and alleys in Greensburg among my favorite spots to work in? I love the fun colors, the amazing pops of color, and unique textures and backdrops that they offer.

This brick road alley is my MOST favorite spot to work in. I love how the brick road leads your eye all the way to the people in the photos. I love how the white brick bounces gorgeous light all over the alley. I just love everything about it! Take a look at a few more photos and I am sure that you will love it too!


  This Greensburg alley is perfect for any type of photo session. If you choose to have your session in the streets and alleys of Greensburg, we will likely begin it here. In addition to the lovely white brick, there is also a really awesome crumbling brick wall that is totally fabulous too. 






































These urban sessions, that is what I like to call them, aren't just for boys or families. I am telling you, they work for anything. I have used this same alley way and a few other spots for prom photos! Yes, Prom photos. I love the juxtaposition of the gritty alley and the fancy dresses and formal tuxedos. 

Am I right? These alleys are perfect for anything. Just to keep it clear, I don't exclusively work in the brick road alley way. There are tons of other spots that are within walking distance of each other that I LOVE just as much. Take a look at my second favorite spot in Greensburg. 

This gorgeous mural on Pennsylvania Avenue is the perfect backdrop for portraits! For families, kids, seniors...the options are endless!

Just to the right of that fabulous mural are these great colorful steps! 

Just around the corner from the mural and colorful steps is this amazing window! There are really sooooo many wonderful spots around town that work for amazing photos. I have highlighted just a few of my favorites.

Whatever you reason for a session I can find a cool spot in town for you to showcase your family's personality, your high school senior's unique style, or even your toddler's curiosity! The number one reason that I love sessions in town, is because they are something different. It's a step outside of the popular box of photographing families in the tall grasses or in front of green foliage and I really LOVE stepping outside of the box.




















The best part is that we don't have to wait for the leaves and flowers to start blooming because the color that town provides is always in bloom! So if you want to step outside of the box with me, give me call! We can set up an urban session for your family and kiddos. Believe me, you will be so happy that you did!  



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