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Family photo sessions! It is that time of year. When the sun starts to stay out longer, and the temperatures start to rise, and school is coming to a close. This is the time of year when lots of families decide that it is time to update their family photos. I can't blame them, I LOVE photographing families outdoors, and let's face it...we live in a place where it is overcast more than it is sunny, so when that sun is out shining...I am HAPPY to be out working in it and creating lots of memories for everyone. 

I have talked about photographing families in the streets and alleyways of Greensburg before, I have shown you some of my most favorite places to use as a backdrop for your photos, and today I am featuring this completely fabulous family.

Whenever I book a family session, I always make sure to discuss wardrobe with them. I encourage them to send me photos of the clothes for each family member that they are thinking about wearing, all laid out together. I even do this when I am planning to have my own family's photos taken. I usually pick one person's outfit first, usually either mine or my son's, and then I start styling everyone else based off of that one outfit. Once I think I have it all together, I lay everything out on the floor together, even accessories like jewelry, belts and shoes. This gives you the best idea of how everything will look together in the photographs. When I got the photos of this family's outfits, I knew we were going to have a great session together. These guys have such a cool style that is perfect for their session done in the streets and alleys of Greensburg. 













Check these two out! Both boys were absolutely full of energy and personality! I had so much fun with them. Just look at how great their outfits look together, right down to those most adorable shoes! 

So, I have to get personal here for just a minute. Their oldest son, Vincenzo, is in the same kindergarten class as my son, Brody. Since I have a flexible work schedule I am able to volunteer in the classroom a lot. I have really gotten to know him well, but I knew from the first day that I met him that he was totally cool. You want to know how I knew that? Well, he looked at me on that day that we met and said, "Mrs. Ross (that's what all the kids call me at school. YIKES! When did I become Mrs. Ross LOL), I like your smile." Smoooooooooth talker, right? I fell in love with him from that moment, and of course he and Brody are pals and they are already planning to hang out over the summer.  Not long after I met Vincenzo, I met his Mom at a birthday party that was being held at a local trampoline park. We started chatting like we had been friends forever and have totally bonded over being small business owners and Mom's to awesome boys. (I will be featuring her and her small business on the blog soon. But in the mean time, go and check her out at A Passion for the Pen!) I am so lucky that we have become friends this year. We have formed ourselves a little group that we have been calling the Kindergarten Mom's. From time to time we escape with each other and enjoy happy hour! We have pretty much told each other that this is it, from now until High School graduation, we are all stuck with each other! 

So now back to the regularly scheduled programming! Aren't these guys just the sweetest? You can really tell that they love each other. I mean, I know that they are brothers and I am sure there are some rough moments, but just look at them. 



















Come on! The love! The sweetness! The CUTENESS! I almost can't even handle it. And if I am being totally honest, I have to say that their outfits coordinating with the colors on the steps makes my heart sooooo happy! I just can't help it. That is the kind of thing that pleases my artist eye. They are perfect! 

While we are talking about things that make my artist heart skip a beat, let's go ahead and feast our eyes on these next few photos. 













There are few things that I enjoy more than creating soft, warm, and glowing images for families just like these ones. I love the light shining through their hair, the soft fuzzy feelings that I get when I see them, and I love that it helps create a unique family memory.

Creating memories, that is my number one goal during a family photo session. I want to capture your family's story, what's happening right now for you guys. Being able to stop time, pressing the imaginary pause button (If someone finds the actual pause button, please let me know. I have been searching for it for a while!) each time that I click my shutter is so special to me. 



















That is why I do my best to not only capture smiling faces looking into my lens, but also special moments of laughter and being together. In my opnion, those are the photos that will stand up to the test of time. Vincenzo taking the hand of his little brother, Santino and walking him along the sidewalk. I love their little hands gripping each other. I love their little boy legs. Most of all I love that photos like these show their relationship and how they are with each other.

Just like this next series of photos from their family photo session. I love the progression that happens here! 

You can just see how they really are with each other. Both of their BIG personalities really shine through here! 

There are so many photos from this family session that I want to share! The entire family just totally rocked it. 

Like I said, it is that time of year again...time to update the family photos. If you are looking for a fun, laid back photo session that can tell your family's story I would love to hear from you. You can schedule your session with me by giving me a call or sending me an email. Keep in mind that I want to tell YOUR story, we don't have to use the streets and alleys of Greensburg for your session. I am open to just about anywhere! I can't wait to meet you! 

P.S. This totally cool art installation can be found in the courtyard on Pennsylvania Avenue in Greensburg. It is directly across the street from Second Nature Art, Craft and Consignment Gallery. From what I could tell each square had the contents of a text that was never sent. It was really cool to read them all and I thought it really added some fun color and texture to the background for these photos. 


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